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Feedback and Suggestions / saving ship-bound pilot presets
« on: February 25, 2016, 01:15:43 pm »
Ahoy! Not sure if this has been discussed before ...

However, I've got a simple suggestion to make a captain's life in GoIO a bit more comfortable:

I love the feature that you're able to preset gunner- and engie-loadouts for each of your ship-loadouts and recommend them to your crew. But I don't like that you're not able to save a pilot-preset for each ship-loadout aswell. Over the time I tried out quite a lot of ship-loadouts and for almost each one I prefer different tools (including ammunition and engie-tools). This sums up in quite a lot of different pilot-loadouts I'm using regulary, way more than the 3 or 4 presets you can save. So I end up way too often using just one or two pilot-presets and switching everything around depending on the ship-loadout I've chosen while my crew just sits there with the presets I gave to them, twirling their thumbs.

So what I'd love to see as a feature in one of the upcoming patches is the possibility to save a fourth (pilot-)preset for each ship-loadout which you can pick by yourself. This would save a lot of time readjusting one of your standard-presets.

There's only one bad thing I see about that ... it could make last second counter-picks a bit more easy, since you'll be quicker in readjusting your own and your crew's loadouts. But that's only a minor disadvantage in my opinion. What do you think about the idea?

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