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The Pit / I understand
« on: September 16, 2016, 06:32:03 am »
In the beautiful letter that Atruejedi wrote, there was something that caught someone's attention.
Maps, in particular from games made by Paradox, like Europa Universalis, and that "someone" is the one that (to me) appears the person to be most prone to criticise anyone and anything: Mr.Disaster.
He said that he too LOVED things like that.
Woah there
Criticism incarnate isn't criticising something, but even praising it?
It MUST be worth a look then.

I had heard before the name Europa Universalis, a bit from EUball on Facebook, a bit on YouTube (as I'm always keeping an eye out for a good RTS) and a bit from Stellaris  (that is also a game from Paradox).
I loved Stellaris, even if I end up always finding a race of benevolent space-cockroach-jews that want to ally with everyone and is already in a good relationship with half the galaxy.
Recently there was a sale on steam, bought EUIV for 10€, and, Holy Maria Madre de Dios, it's beautiful.
Love it already.
Mr.D has good taste

Why did I even write this?

Castile forever, fuck Aragona

Ok, now I think I stole enough of your time

There is nothing here anymore! Move along!

Why are you even still here?

He's the best Emperor the HRE ever had.

World / GOIO factions: their troops
« on: April 18, 2016, 11:08:33 am »
(I know that most of my post degenerate in something idiotic, I hope not this one too.)

From an Alliance artwork we could see the design of some troops of the various factions, but I bet that they have multiple designs for the uniforms, especially the baronies, the guild and the order, since they have the flashiest and less useful designs for uniforms.

Discuss the probable outfit design and even post some images if you want.

This is how I imagine Anglean shock troopers during an ambush assault

The Pit / Idiocy ensues
« on: April 11, 2016, 03:32:56 pm »
Yes, indeed.
It certainly would be most fascinating the sight of Donald Trump as president.
I want this just for shit and giggles, I just want to see the world burn.

Either "Make America Great Again" will become real
We will see a state crumbling down and become filled by shenanigans.

General Discussion / Untouched fluff
« on: April 09, 2016, 06:07:25 pm »
Ok, now I found myself extremely confused: who did invent Moonshine?
There must be somebody who invented the Moonshine, it couldn't just be there!
The descovery of the creator of the Moonshine will also show which faction is most likely to get drunk to be more inventive.

General Discussion / GoIO Alliance
« on: March 17, 2016, 02:57:37 am »

World / Planes in the world: designs and inspiration.
« on: March 14, 2016, 05:17:16 am »
In some recent writing in the Cantina, a doubt came to me: that aircrafts in the Goio world.
Are they inspired more by WWI or WWII? From what nations?
Now I will annoy y'all with my opinions.

Angelan Republic:
since apparently Anglean cities are mostly underground, there shouldn't be a lot of space for aircrafts to take off. For this fact I believe that carrier-transported fighter could be more fitting, since they need reduced space to take off and land.
Especially something like the Sea Hurricane Mk II C.
That fighter craft was very stable, light and manoeuvrable, characteristics that would make it fitting to fly around the mountainous places of Anglea.
Also its weaponry fits perfectly Anglea: 4 Hispano cannons.
As one could guess, cannons deal more rough damage than a machine gun, but are also more difficult to fit in an airplane. So the Anglean Superior Engineering could be why this craft has this kind of firepower.
Manoeuvrability, speed, firepower- Anglea.

Yeshan Empire:
Always empires need something to scare eventual dissidents, so what better kind of craft could be fitting for Yesha than the German crafts?
I say that the models Yeaha would use are the Bf 109 F-1 and F-4 and the JU-88 "Screaming Death" Stuka.
AKA Flying propaganda and terror craft.
Yesha is an extremely big faction, with a lot of people, and so also a lot of soldiers.
While essentially the common pilot could be equipped with an F-1, elite pilots could have the F-4, that had better performances all around and could also carry extra guns.
"Why exactly these two?" You may ask. Well, I think both these craft are fitting for Yesha because they can reach high cruising speed, climb quickly and hit with surgical precision; all characteristics that fit perfectly Yeshan geography-> mountains and various flatlands.
The Stuka, with it's screaming sounds when diving can easily be used en masse to make a nice show of force to say "The Empire is strong!"
Also, ground assaults, Yeshan troops are many, but every infantryman likes friendly air strikes.

Fjord Baronies:
The fjords require capable dog fighters and planes that can readily turn.
Given that, and given the fact that the Barony territory is quite impervious too, I think that Japanese planes are the ones fitting this faction.
The famous Mitsubishi A6M Zero would be perfect for it, an extremely fast turn time, good energy retention, great acceleration and weaponry that could be easily mass-produced by a state like the Baronies.
The baronies value maneuvearvilityabove speed, beacuse, given their landscape, too much speed can make you crash either on a fjord or on a mountain. While if you have enough manoeuvrability and stability you could easily dodge them, and not crash.
Baronies: like the angleans, only with less.

Order of Chaladon

*uuhing intensifies*
I don't know, maybe something like the American XP-55 Ascender?
Or the Japanes Kyushu 7W?
"Muh peaceful people. Muh ingenious engineers."
Really, I have no idea about them.

Neither I have any idea about Arashi or Guild planes.
The Arashi shouldn't use planes in that sandstorm-filled land of theirs.
The Guild is so money filled that they could use every mercenary in the world and still have wealth to spare.
Maybe they would use beastly planes like the German Do-217J, or the American P-38 Lightning.
Both have enough forward fire power that an frontal engagement with them would be a free death sentence.
"Muh muny."

The Cantina / The Tale of a Crow
« on: March 06, 2016, 02:13:25 pm »
(Author's note: this story, written by my hand, will be used to build up a more explanatory and wide background for my RP character, so that I won't be annoying future story threads with my character telling the story of his life and main points, as it could result in being an annoyance for the other writers.
I dare to write such a piece since I have already seen examples of such throughout the Cantina.
I'll try to release as many chapters as fast as I can.
This awfully long story is to substitute the character bio that is in another thread, since I changed a lot of ideas since then.
(Maybe it would be my grammar's...)
Also, constructive comments about how to improve my writing are always well accepted.
Note also that this style of writing is precisely intended to tell a story by myself,
in "co-op" stories I'll try to use a less heavy and long-winded style of story telling (obviously).
About the clothes now, since I know I'll be too lazy to describe them later: in the first phase imagine the main protagonist with any kind of nobleman clothing from the XVI century. In chapter 3 he's wearing the armor presented for the Baronies in the alliance artwork, only withou the silly helmet. By chapter 4 onwards he has an armor like the one used by the NCR elite rangers from Fallout: NV, with the same kind of helmet and gas mask, all painted black, with a crimson crow emblazoned on the back of his coat.

Enjoy the text wall story!

The Lounge / I don't trust Google Translator
« on: February 23, 2016, 06:23:12 am »
You remember the sketch from Monty Python "The killer joke"?
It says in german
"Wenn ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!"

What the hell does that mean?

The Lounge / To think that I originally planned to post this in the Pit...
« on: February 09, 2016, 04:29:13 pm »

Ok, now, if you are European and know Europe's history as much as I do (that... Is not actually all that much) you can easily get goosebumps by really understanding what is sang in it.
Now, historical pride apart, I saw people shitting on this song because it's "plain bad, totally shit", I personally fon't think so, but I'do like to hear the opinion of well mannered people like you all.
Is it really shit? What does this lack?

P.s. I dreamed sometimes of drawing something to accompany the various events recalled in the song, but since my drawings are made of the same materials of the armor of a spire (hopes and dreams), I can't, and I actually find very pleasing to see that someone made a video mix for it.

The Pit / The stupid ramblings of a mad crow
« on: February 09, 2016, 01:49:12 pm »
*stupidly rambles*

I found that a clan called "Demons of Razgriz" exists, and I really do hope that in battle they set up the "Unsung War" soundtrack from the Ace Combat game where they take their name from.

The real motivation why we can't get rid of the newbies is because we need their commends to get some achievements.

I can't really understand why newbies don't do the tutorial, I mean, wanting to try in battle something, being a ship, a loadout, a class, is good, but if you don't know what it does or how it functions no one gains from it.

Don't know why but sometimes I fly my galleon as if it's the most command-responsive airship in the game, other times is just a bumpfest.

Since I'm an ignorant crow I don't know if really incendiary ammo doesn't have any effect on flamethrowers.

If you ever meet a guy named ALE drunken sailor, take him as a gunner if you don't have a higher level one, he's quite skilled with many weapons.
And will eventually make everyone hear the "What shall we do with the drunken sailor" song in voice chat.

You know that you are facing a not so original and skilled enemy captain if he instantly copy-pastes your setup, in a rematch, after you beat him.
Show him how that particular setup should really be used, make them pay.

I find that a lot, and I mean, A-FUCKING-LOT, of people has on their ship one of those... Statue-thingie on the front, how come? Gifts? Sales? Still, they all look beautiful.

The GOIO forum is really a nice place, I wonder why other members of the community don't come here.

I personally find that the female character model is better made than the male one.

Since Muse already had made an airship model before GOIO, The Icarus, why don't they just retexture it a bit better and put it into the game?

Even if I get rekt, I would really like to meet a clan doing a 4, or even 3 or 2, ship coordinated formation, where they move like a squadron...
Yes, I definitely wouldn't mind a bit being defeated by such a magnificent thing.

I can't stress enough the fact that the GOIO community, even with some noob-hate shenanigans, is one of the most welcoming and kind communities I have ever seen, especially if we try to compare it to like... any moba community whatsoever.

Really you guys are awesome.

Once I met a pilot who drove a galleon trough Canyon Ambush like it was a butterfly and the while being perfectly positioned; to make amend for the fact that I don't know how to drive that well, I only killed enemies by ramming for the entirety of that match as a sign of repentance.

If you try to ram a galleon on the side with anything less than a pyramidon, then it's not you who are ramming the side of a galleon, but is the galleon that is ramming your face with its side.

Captained once a Spire in King of the Hill, Lumberjack and 3 dragon tongues, enemies reached 430 (point less, point more) points, when finally my teammate managed to capture it. I stationed myself above it, and won, only after that match I found that the win condition was 450, making me tremble as I realized I literally snatched the victory from the enemy's grasp at the last second.

Only now, reading the Cake doctrine on the forum, I realize that that build may have already been tried by someone of those pyromaniacs.

Even if I love the ship, I still don't know where is the ramming sweet-spot for the galleon...

In a munker match in the canyon I met a squid pilot that was able of avoid my flying minefields, my whole ship was panicking, then he tripped in one of the most recent placed mines, that triggered the whole minefield.
My ship died too, but it was worth it.

Level 2 captains that go full retard in flying minefields just make me want to break a wall with headbutts.

Before starting to brutally murder my mobula, once, a gentleman of a captain said
"Consider yourself flanked"
My ship was aptly named "Don't flank me"

Once we had to enter a truce with the enemy team that lasted few minutes because all the captains, including myself, were too occupied insulting each other and were not focused enough to drive.

The Goldfish's main engine location is the worst ever, in my opinion.

Whoever designed the Mobula's weapon placement wanted to say a very big
"FUCK YOU" to multi-merc builds.

Once I managed to get lost on a Spire.

Me and another captain level ~14 were fighting against two novice captains.
In my strafing runs a crewman made me notice that a captain-less enemy crew was continuously jumping out of the ship.

The only thing that I find more annoying than a good squid pilot, is a good squid pilot in Paritan Rumble.
That plays peek-a-boo.
With a field gun.

If you see low level engineers that behave like gunners and take their place, you either are winning or your ship is full of morons.
If you see a gunner running around and doing the engineer's work, you either have the aforementioned engineer on your ship or you are in a pretty messy situation.

To the newbies should be taught, as first thing, before ANYTHING ELSE, that they are capable of reading.
Teach them again that they can read, and they may stop using the mallet to rebuild and the spanner to repair.

My galleon was previously called "Furiosa" (that means "Furious" in Italian and has a wonderful sound said in other languages), then changed to "Dies Irae" (The day of Wrath, from Latin), in fights I pair it sometimes with the Mozart's Dies Irae in the background.
It's all good, fine and epic, 'till some powder monkey wastes at random a full hwatcha or entirely misses a target a few meters away from him.

You know Coldcurse on the forum? From how I picture him, I imagine him flying with Davy Jones' theme (the one made for Pirate of the Caribbean, by Hans Zimmer) in the background, while laughing evilly and maniacally.

Russians, these representatives of the Slav people are overpowered in every game they play: in mobas they make people insta-ragequit, in MMOs they break the very limit of reality, on War Thunder they swarm every server, as they do it on DotA too.

Someone: "Gl hf"
Russki: "Cyka blyat"
Russki: ")))))))"

Someone: "Help me take that guy down!"
Russki: "I fucker yor muthar"

And now I just quoted the most memorable things.
And here is GOIO: are there any Russians at all?

I'd be using Lochnagar ammo all the time, but the fact that they one-shot light guns stops me: were they always so strong in terms of self damage?

I met once a long range spire, with a madman that used a Lochnagar lumberjack, my ship was stripped of its armor and hull a few seconds after we spotted them.

Once you play games like Dark Souls, dying in any other game is not as much as a problem anymore.

To make the final "Madness" build, one should equip his ship with only harpoons and Minotaur cannon, this combo will certainly be effective against the enemy crew's sanity.

What would happen if someone shot multiple targets with harpoon guns and then tried to move? Would the targets eventually impact among themselves?

If I knew a bit better how to define in English how many syllables are in a word, I'd b  doing haikus all day.

*the crow stops his rambling and flies away*

The Lounge / The silliest, most idiotic and hilarious build you used
« on: February 07, 2016, 05:13:56 pm »
While straying from the main topics and looking for more unusual ones, I found that there is no topic about
"The silliest, most idiotic and hilarious build you used"!
So... Why not create one?!


The Lounge / The First Ship You Flew In When You Came Out Of Novicehood
« on: February 07, 2016, 09:04:05 am »
I still remember it, after one of my last novice matches where me and some friends ended up against a full-Russian galLion, I took that exact same design (4lionguns and 2 gats) and started wrecking shit for some time.
I really fell in love with the galleon then.

The Pit / What' worse than a crewman that leaves? A Captain that leaves
« on: February 06, 2016, 04:49:04 am »
Ok, now, even if I think that I'm too low leveled to complain, I found in recent matches that even if a crewman left, it would be still be a manageable situation, someone else might join, or we'd would have to rely on the AI.
On the other hand, when the captain left, everything was almost totally screwed, in particular for the fact that only cap'ns have flight-helping tools, can command AIs
(we all know how AIs in "do as you were" mode are retarded), and activate respawns (before the the forced respawn anyway)
I think that after a crewman leaves there should be the possibility to change your class during the match, even more if the captain slot becomes empty mid-match.

Feel free to contradict me anytime

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