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The Gallery / How to Hack Spectate
« on: September 30, 2016, 03:32:11 am »
Step 1: start spectating a game

Step 2: alt tab for a while

Step 3: come back to this:

Community Events / Event Organisation - Could it be Better?
« on: January 15, 2016, 01:42:30 pm »
In light of recent events concerning the Cronus League, we believe that there are some issues that should be addressed by the community.

To start with, we have some grievances with the current event. There have been many rule changes, most without direct notification via post. Lueosi has documented most changes and the lack of posts should be self evident. There was not even notification via post on the time change of the first event. Some of the rules changed could affect a ship's score. Losing points for something you never knew about is not exactly fair.

Another thing that is not quite fair is excluding people from participating just because they wear a clan tag, even though they are completely within the rules laid down for the event. Only Areus was contacted at first about the issue that lead to the disqualification of HelFyre. If more Ryders had known about this issue when it first arose, we could have provided information on all of our crews and properly resolved this issue. HelFyre is still not allowed to participate without penalty, even though he was in the rules and disqualified unfairly.

The last thing is that there is only one organizer. We thank you for creating this tournament, and we know it is very difficult work, but there should be additional organizers to help out with all of the things that have to be done so the event can happen, namely the last second issues that pop up for literally any event, e.g. finding casters.

We have discussed some possible solutions to these issues amongst ourselves, and would like to share them with the community. It would be great if the Bureau of Competitive Affairs could make some guidelines that community events should have to follow in order to be pinned and remain pinned in the official forums. But, in absence of such guidelines, and to help the Bureau if they decide to make guidelines, we propose this constitution:

Constitution for Community-Made Events

Article One: Organizers and Referees
Section One
A Community-Made Event shall have at least one Event Organizer. The Event Organizers make the first set of rules, bringing the event into existence, and chose a time for the event to happen. The Event Organizers shall also execute the rules as to ensure a fair, proper, and professional Event.
Section Two
If there is only one Event Organizer, he/she is required to post a Referee Recruitment Application thread and chose at least one Referee. If there is more than one Event Organizer, they do not have to recruit a Referee, but they still can. There is no limit to the amount of Referees an Event has.
Section Three
A Referee is to assist the Event Organizers with tasks relating to the running of the Event, such as updating brackets, finding streamers/casters, etc. A Referee will execute the rules laid down by the Event Organizers to ensure a fair, proper, and professional Event. A Referee must also act as an ambassador of the Event Organizers to the community. A Referee may play on a team in the Event, but must show no special service to his/her team. Doing so will result in removal of Referee status and, if deemed necessary by the Event Organizers, disqualification of the team. A Referee playing in a match of an Event will not referee for that match.
Section Four
Event Organizers may referee matches and appoint temporary referees who will oversee Event matches. An appointed Referee may appoint a temporary referee, but must notify the Event Organisers of this decision. The Event Organizers may block this appointment. Temporary referees must be documented somewhere that the community has access to.
Article Two: Event Rules
Section One
For any Community-Made Event, the Event Organizer must post all of the rules on the official forums (links to pages that contain the rules are acceptable and recommended) at least two weeks before teams start signing up for the event as to allow community review of the rules to help spot loopholes, unfair rules, overlooked items.
Section Two
Event Organizers must post replies containing their view on the proposals, along with acceptance or denial of part or all of the proposals to the rules, especially ones that are supported by a large amount of the community. It is not required that the rules be changed by proposals though.
Article Three: Execution of Rules
Section One
If a team is in violation of the rules, the Event Organizers/Referees must contact the team immediately and inform them of what exactly they are violating, what the punishment is, and allow a reasonable amount of time for the team to right itself. If the team does not, they receive the punishment. If the team is part of a clan and the offense more than trivial, contact other teams part of the clan, and if severe enough, contact the clan officers/leader as well (if they are not part of the team already) about the offense. If other people were contacted (or could not be reached in time before punishment) about an offense, report to them the situation, offense, and punishment.
Section Two
If a team is to be disqualified, a post is to be made that documents what the team did to deserve disqualification. The team that is disqualified can protest the disqualification in that post. Protests are a sensible argument for why the team should not be disqualified, not whining. Event Organizers/Referees will make a response to any protest, either validating it or countering it. The team can make one final protest against the counter. The community gets to make the final call on the issue. Members of the community can post their agreement or disagreement on the issue. A majority of community members can overturn the disqualification. The majority will be calculated by counting posts in favor of disqualification and against disqualification. Event Organizers and Referees replies count in the vote, but the replies of people on the team in question will not be counted in the vote.
Section Three
If the Event Organizers do not follow the guidelines outlined by this constitution to the point that issues occur and people are frustrated by the poor organization, the community is encouraged to not participate in the Event and voice their grievances in an orderly fashion on the forums.
Article Four: Amendments
Section One
The community can add amendments to this constitution as it sees fit. Amendments shall be added by posting a suggestion and having that suggestion gain a majority of approval from the community.
Section Two
Amendments shall be suggested as an additional article with as many sections as needed. No article may be removed, but a following article may edit or nullify a previous article.

Community feedback would be appreciated, be it critique or additional ideas, as this concerns the entire community. We are suggesting this constitution because we believe that if an event is made by the community, it is a direct responsibility of the community to oversee it run smoothly. If this gains enough support, we would like to make a fresh copy (possibly with some revisions) and pin it in this forum. Thank you to all past, current, and future event organizers, you put great effort and dedication into these events that we all enjoy.

Thank you for your time and for your consideration. Have a nice day.

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