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Feedback and Suggestions / Hey here's an idea
« on: April 26, 2017, 06:32:49 pm »
Since you guys decided to turn alliance (death be upon it) into a cash grab why don't you bring back the not-a-total-sack-of-vile-unusable-excrement UI to the real GOI?

General Discussion / Another Open Letter to Muse
« on: January 06, 2017, 06:25:15 pm »
So I did in fact receive a response to the letter I posted on here earlier this week, however I did not write it, so I will not post it. Since that was the third email I sent to Muse with no reply, and for reasons I explain in this email, I will be posting my response for the public again.  The suggestion that Muse reads and responds to all emails is totally false.  They have had months to show me examples of the "racism" I was banned for and refused.  It is disgraceful how my original thread was locked. If I wish to conduct this business in full view of the community you have no right to shut it down.  If Muse had nothing to hide they wouldn't seek to silence discussion on any matter.

The barring of language based on context renders any such rule prohibiting it moot. If a word (as you describe them) is profane and obscene then the situation that it is uses is nearly always irrelevant.  Prohibiting the context of it being directed at a person is arbitrary since you prohibit that activity regardless of the language used. In either case you have in no way cleared yourself of hypocrisy, and you can't possibly argue that what isn't OK for the players in informal situations is somehow acceptable when done by an actual representative of your company.  Likewise your subjective opinion as to whether something is harmful or not isn't a legitimate standard by which to judge behavior, I can hardly be expected to know what you consider harmful or not. One can hardly argue that saying "fuck" in a community relations event like a fireside chat is in anyway beneficial. 

I had absolutely nothing to do with the name "Sparkle Dust", I logged in one day to find my name changed to that.  Given the lengthy "discussion" I had with Grimmick  about the inherent flaws or your username guidelines immediately prior to logging out the day before it certainly isn't much of a stretch to figure out who did it.  I am incredulous that you are unaware of it, given that I reported him for it.  Even so when one of you does something in their official capacity, and receives no reprimand, you are all culpable. 

The shortsightedness of such an action is baffling.  Grimmick of course knows nothing about me, including sexual preference. Let's suppose for a second that I was actually gay, do you see how changing my name to Sparkle Dust might have had serious repercussions for your company's image?  It would be the equivalent of changing a black person's name to "water_melon_lover69".  Even with me being straight it reveals his bigotry, you can't possibly argue the intent was anything other than to embarrass me by being associated with something feminine.  So we can safely assume since Grimmick considers changing someone's name to "Sparkle Dust" is an insult he must consider feminine things to be inherently embarrassing. Perhaps rather than constantly telling me how intolerant and bigoted I am you should cut out some of the hatred that exists in your own back yard.

Speaking of your totally false claims of bigotry on my end, I was banned for 2 months for an act of racism that caused a lobby to reform. Despite the fact that I was the one who reported the asshole that was actually being racist!  Numerous time I have called out that kind of behavior in lobbies, and reported it, and my reward has been warnings and bans about how I'm a racist. Yet you expect me to believe there isn't anything sinister with your moderation? What a joke.  This is an obvious case of total bias on your end.  "Bigotry" is merely your catch all, you can always slap that on to any "disciplinary" action and call it legitimate.

I have in 2 cases sent emails asking for the chat log that demonstrated by "racism" and have gotten no response. I waited 2 days for a response to the email I posted on the forums, and short of calling out your misconduct in public I wouldn't have gotten a response to that (funny how your email was a response to my forum post and not the actual email).  As such this email will also be posted on the forum.  Considering the underhanded dealings I have had with your company it is in my own best interest for my exact words to be public, so as to not allow you to fabricate anything else.

General Discussion / An open letter to Muse
« on: January 03, 2017, 04:10:34 pm »
Given Muse's continued policy of ignoring my emails I have decided since they refuse to conduct themselves with any degree of honor I will stop giving them the courtesy of discretion.

My verbatim response  to their most recent ridiculous "warning" email, in which I was accused of "Reason: Violates Community Code of Conduct 1: Profanity/Obscenity 2: Trolling and Harassment

Angry conduct in voice chat towards new players."

Its funny, I watched the 12/30 fireside chat and I heard the word fuck multiple times. Care to explain to me why my saying fuck in game is "profane" and "obscene" but you're saying it on live streams isn't?  Or is this just another example of how the rules that apply to me don't apply to anyone else.   

What kind of bullshit is "angry conduct toward new players".  I'm not obligated to treat people like precious snowflakes. If you don't like how I teach people then you should stop demanding that I fucking teach them. 99% of this shit could be solved with a kick option, but once again no, you refuse to treat the actual problems and instead go after me.

Muse lost the moral high ground when grimmick changed my name (which, by his own admission did not violate the rules) to something which was obviously intended as a homophobic slur.  So go ahead and persecute me, you've shown time and again that the moderation of this game is petty and hypocritical.

Now as others can attest, the incident which has them so upset was me explaining to someone why their high level captain left when they refused to accept a load out. At no point in the discussion was the aforementioned snowflake actually insulted, in fact he even went so far as to ask if he could fly with me so he could learn more. As in so many of these cases the person actually involved wasn't even the one who put in the report, rather someone else in lobby chose to be offended FOR him, and proceeded to alert muse that someone was in danger of being treated like an adult and not a toddler. 

This is a continued theme where bystanders are the most upset by things that don't actually effect them, and rather then acknowledging  that life can be rough and minding their own business they immediately cry out for nanny muse to come save them from meanies on the internet.  It is utterly absurd that third party whining has any weight in the moderation of this game.

I know full well that the most likely response I will receive will be another several month ban.  Muse has shown that it's final solution for those who do not fit it's ideals is to get rid of them. One does not have to look far back in history to see the kind of company they keep.

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