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Community Events / Community Events: Contact Point
« on: June 18, 2015, 01:45:13 pm »
Need to sticky threads in Community Events, Edit an Original post, Change or Add an event to ingame Community Events?

Feel free to contact me at:
Skype: AbbyTheRat
Steam: AbbyTheRat
GoI Forum: PM
Discord Invite

More contact points:
This may seem odd to put here, but it's vital to remember that Muse looks at their feedback emails. Well written and understandable messages shot in this box will be looked at and strongly considered by the makers of Guns of Icarus. Don't sit around complaining, write them and tell the company how you feel!
For obvious reasons, the main figurehead for the community for Muse Games and the primary major contact for anything and everything that is the community at large. For when you simply don't know who to go to, or if something is of the upmost importance, this is your man.
Intern for dealing with all things Events. A good contact point for dealing with events.
Need help with starting up an event on GoIO, have any questions about Bureau of Competitive Affairs, Need Referees/Casters for your awesome new Events or want to be part of the available Referees/Casters, this is the E-mail to send all that to.

Community Events / MOVED: Verdun Tournament
« on: April 10, 2015, 10:33:22 am »
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General Discussion / Too sexy for my munker
« on: December 08, 2014, 09:56:27 am »
this.. this is a thing now..

General Discussion / MOVED: Totalclan in Guns Of Icarus
« on: November 19, 2014, 10:25:24 am »
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The Gallery / MOVED: Workshop items of interest.
« on: November 18, 2014, 09:24:05 pm »
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The Pit / The Wall, take [2], Killstealer edition - The OOC Discussion
« on: October 07, 2014, 09:17:27 am »
Okie, there were a lot of OOC discussion about the turn structure of the game. Normally I would have you guys research this but I don't want you guys too confused. The original idea was to follow the turn structure of The Wall[v1]

This went (roughly), everyone plays turn and then at the end of the week the turns are totted up and played out in order of being received. (The order you guy post is the init order) Including the KS, which my aGM will do when he is able.

Part of why I picked EoT being a week is the amount of calculation that happen and the size of the post required to cover everything. I can see this taking an hour or two to do, at least. Also, I wanted to give those who aren't really active in the forum a chance to play as well. There's a few exceptions to this structure, LOOK is a free action, and as Keon asked, you can use it as many times as you want.. within a reasonable limit.  As in you, can't look at something there's no reasonable way of seeing and it's not possible to see everything in between actions.

As about the research, Research is something I enviously as a way of letting you guys see the rules..  if you wanted to, it's very powerful, I planned to allow you to see everything with it, providing you pick the right topic. Such as, game rules, item research that give bonuses back for when building the item,  moon phases, the Killstealer weapon, GM motivation, stats of an item. It's kinda powerful considering what the characters could in theory do with it so just to balance it out a little, I set it as an action

This system has been built from the ground up and new for this Wall[v2] and obviously untested and I would love to hear feedback after a bit. It does seem that the Turn structure could have been more clear to start for next time but here guys go!

Any questions?

The Lounge / The Wall, take [2], Killstealer edition
« on: October 04, 2014, 01:13:41 am »
*tap tap, feedback* is this thing on? Oh Hello.

Listen carefully, this indestructible tape will self destruct 5 seconds after the message is played, so I will only say this once as the indestructible tape will self destruct after the message is played once.

There's report of a mass slaughter in this thread found in the pit, someone or something has escaped the pit and now we need player more than ever to defeat the unbeatable foe before it take on the rest of the forums. This is our last defense before the firewall, our last defense.

Nothing is more is known about this foe, but you can ask the GM to look at it. In fact, you can use look as one free action to look at anything. For example, look at this stupid tape, I'm not sure it's should be smoking like this but it's a indestructible tape, with a magnetic strip and a hole to allow the head to seek. Stop it GM, I didn't mean to look now, I just..

ahem, nothing is known about foe, it's a flying evil robot named Killstealer with stupid amount of power and damage. We are providing you with a base that has some top notch tech that will .. *whispers can be heard in the background*what? Er, due to budget cuts that  happened just this moment, we're providing you a basic base with some basic buildings.. .. er.. some basic buildings and a few tents. You'll find out when you spawn in, just don't forget your training in your class. We are sparing you one of our special tool that allow you to modify or create items of any size, got extra steam power and cogs.. they say the extra steam is fine and they put it through rigours testing, only one tester had their face removed, and only half had minor steam burns, this is pretty good records.

I have heard from QFP that GM may give more stats, or more details on the rules or tips if action is used for research. Remember, because we're such dumbasses and stupid Generals/Admirals/Whatever we are, stop making me say this shit GM, we made strict rules that everyone can only move once, and do one action.

Try praying, last thing you want is something, we smartasses call, Critical fails, so aim for the Natural Success! Don't worry about ammo, like the skies, Guns of Icarus Online, is unlimited but there are some rules about it.. which *crackle fizzzzzzzzzzzzz bob bob fizz* for use in weapons. I have no idea what Guns of Icarus Online is, but it sounds like some sort of skynet to me here.

Huh, what does this flashing light mean? anyway, we have one final intel to share, build arm....*beep beep beep*

The tape starts to let off a poof of black smoke, and doesn't stop.. than it changes colour.. soon it changes rapid thou all the colours of the rainbow then suddenly stopped smoking. Goddamn indestructible tape. The GM knew she shouldn't have used that kind of tape but it was so cute with the label "Straight Tape". Silly Labels.


To everyone spawning in for the first time:
You wake up to find yourself staring up at the ceiling, when you look to your sides, you see a couple of beds with lots of wires coming off the beds, you jump off to notice that you have a folder in your hand. It seems to be some sort of pad with cogs and soft puffs of steam coming from various corners. It seems to share data about what you know from the tape before you did the rather pleasant job of having your atoms scanned and then getting shot in the face. (Why the goddamn face?!)

On the datapad, it says
  • everyone can do 1 action and 1 movement.
  • Ammo is unlimited
  • This world is based on GoIO but not limited to it
  • You're up against the killstealer that appears to be even more overpowered than the The Wall.
  • Build arm....
  • Look is a free action that everyone can do on top of their turn if they so desire it.

As you reached the end, you noticed some more text appear on your pad that wasn't mentioned in the tape
  • GM is God
  • Hanger contains all flyable ship from GoIO

First Tip: building and modification and using Vehicle may get you far.
Second Tip: teamwork matters.. but I'm not stopping evilness from getting in the way of process cause, I, the GM, is also evil.

p.s. looking and researching is great.

You notice there's no more text on the datapad, so you try to head out and noticed a barrier with the text saying, "pick your tool". You look after and see that there's 3 tools on a table next to you. Remembering your training you reach to pick the tool of your selected class, Kero for pilots, Buff Hammer for Gunners and Steam Powered Research Computer for Engineers.

After picking up your tool, you noticed you can step out but when you tried, you noticed some weird control chip in your brain, when you look at your reflection, you see two tiny hose running into your head and back out. (it's run on steam power.. yeashhh, wouldn't want to be ya). It stopped you making a second action this turn.

(OOC: To make things easier on everyone, OCC should be in brackets, started with OOC: and made italic, like this one. Most game related question is best asked in game via research, however, for fourth wall breaking fun.  Respawn takes one action and this is a different system made from scratch, it actually has more rules and structure then Oliver's more free flowing Wall, I'm the GM, he's my assistant. If you're unsure about anything, you can ask in OOC or send me or Oliver a PM and we'll tell you either what is known, basic question confusion cleared up or that more research is needed.

Technically, everyone joining starts on their second turn although the games is on the first turn right now cause confusion and I'm evil like that.

I hope everyone enjoys this game and love the stuff me and Oliver have put into it

Have fun.

edit: p.s. OOC Discussion thread can be found here

Gameplay / MOVED: The Bards have Cracked Boarding
« on: October 03, 2014, 03:38:39 am »
This topic has been moved to General Discussion.

General Discussion / Clan Corners will be ending soon
« on: September 24, 2014, 04:59:07 pm »
Due to a number of factors, Clan Corner will be ending soon, if you want your clan to have a voice and face, please send me a PM/skype/steam on AbbyTheRat soon!

VoD can be found at the signal tower subforum.


The Lounge / Artwork showcase project and other things.
« on: September 09, 2014, 01:14:49 am »
I'm here to see if there's any interest in seeing a artwork showcase for Guns of Icarus! Similar to Summoner's showcase by Riot. Would you guys love to see this? Any suggestions or ideas you want to see for this showcase? I've been thinking about taking this on on a bi-weekly timeline (as Summoner's Showcase was)

Also, do you guys have ideas you want to see done for livestreams? I'd love to see what ideas is in our wonderful community :)

General Discussion / Clan Corner Suggestion Box
« on: August 27, 2014, 04:27:50 pm »
Heya! Some of you may know and some may not, I host clan corner every week (generally at 1pm EDT, 6pm BST) on Wednesday! You can see the schedule in the signal tower sub forum (link:,4648.msg77572.html#msg77572)

I've ran for a few episode and now I'm opening up to ask you, my viewers for any suggestions, is there anything you want to see? Any clans you like to see appear on clan corner? All critics (be fair, please!), compliments and opinion are welcome.

Also welcome is any stream ideas and shows you guys would like to see, artwork show? Whatever you want, I'm up for adding it as well!

The Signal Tower / Clan Corner with the Host, AbbyTheRat
« on: August 07, 2014, 06:49:44 pm »
Heya! I just wanted to share a little something I stated up on

Every Wednesday at 1PM Muse time(EDT), I host a clan corner, an interview with leaders and members from clans active in Guns of Icarus (and beyond). The first clan corner was run on 6th of Aug with Jacob Fii and Shadak Shademore from Cake. You can watch it here -

Take a peek below to look at the scheduling!

You want your clan to be featured in the clan corner, here's how!

  • You need at least two person with webcam (wear a mask if you're scared to show your face (...) ), preferably three, with one person able to representent your clan (Usually a leader, but it can be a PR Manager or a clan Officers)
  • Everyone to have skype, (add me at AbbyTheRat)
  • Send a PM to me asking to take part in clan corner, with your skype details (or steam) OR just add me directly to skype and we'll hash details out there.


Clan * Air Date * Guests * VoD Link
Cake * Aug 06th 2014 * Jacob Fii, Shadak Shademore *
The Grim Reapers * Aug 13th 2014 * GoldenGlade,  Grimick *
The Bully Boys * Aug 20th 2014 * Halogamb,  RethBurn, Brick *
Glowwater Thralls * Aug 27th 2014 * Skrimskraw, crafeksterty *
Muse * Sept 3rd 2014 * Keyvias, Schwerbelastung *
Storm Rydr * Sept 10th 2014 * Archriel, Hillerton *
Aerodrome Special * Sept 17th 2014 * Gilder Unfettered, Syco, Brick 'JT' Hardcastle *
The Gentleman * Sept 24th 2014 * Eisbrecher, Realdiculous, Crown Magician *
Wings of Daedalus * Oct 1st * Heldigris, Felkin * Cancelled
Wings of Daedalus * Oct 8st * Heldigris, Felkin *

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