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Gameplay / Patch 1.3.6, balance issues and a hot fix required?
« on: April 28, 2014, 08:59:48 am »
Fire is doing far too much damage. Suggestion: Reduce clip size, lower damage to 1 and reduce ignition chance to 10%

Hit markers are disappearing mid game as is component destruction notification ticker - You were informed of this in Dev App.

Ability for Red Team to make their  balloon look blue and vice versa via ship customization.. could be that brown/green are too red/blue.

All in all, these were things you were told about by testers in the Dev App forum - We told you so. If you push a patch out without listening to your testers then what is the point in Dev app?

There are probably many more issues, but i've not had adequate time to test on live.

The Gallery / Lobbies of Icarus online
« on: December 22, 2013, 08:35:26 pm »

Just a little something I cooked up in 5 minutes. Guns community do your thing and create your own :)

The Docks / Overwatch needs you!
« on: August 28, 2013, 07:40:43 am »
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages. Pull up a seat and order a round of your favorite drinks as I recall the tale of the brave few who earned the right to call themselves 'Champions of the Flotsam Dynasty Campaign.' (OK, with a huge hand from the sportsmanship of Zil's Merry Men - You guys can scrim with us anytime!)

It all started just one day before the first of the Barony approved Sunday rumbles between competing trade alliances and regional police forces. A young pilot by the name of Miau had grown tired of the lack of an organized state navy designed to prevent piracy and took matters into his own hands. Flying between the various cities he took on mercenaries to test their mettle in the fiery hell we call combat. Over a short period he took the wheat out of the chaff and invited them to join him on his crusade. These men and women weren't necessarily the best gunners, engineers or pilots but they all had something in common, they enjoyed their work.

The Sunday Rumble went better than planned with Overwatch winning after a tense set of rounds. The Falconeers won the first with a flawless sweep but lost the second 5-4 after Overwatch somehow pulled off a charge. The final game saw some intense fighting with Overwatch emerging the victors and making new friends in the process.

By the second week, Overwatch had gained some new members and was looking to continue their meteoric rise from obscurity. After dispatching Haven/BFS for the second week in a row, their confidence was running high. unfortunately they would be knocked back a peg as the Falconeers took a 2-0 victory over them in the finale. Taking the time to regroup, they discussed the week ahead. Six long days, six titles up for grabs with the overall winners being named the Campaign Champions.

Having beaten a few of the better known clans, it would have been easy for Overwatch to go into the Campaign with a chip on their shoulder. This of course was not the case. Miau, Coughdrop and Captaineasy decided that they should aim to have fun, if anything else happened it would just be a bonus. After two days and two titles, their run would finally come to an end in the Labyrinth as Zil's Merry men crushed them '600 to Zil'. Again on the fourth were the Merry Men victorious, using the Canyons for cover, perfecting their ambush. On the fifth day over the Dunes Overwatch regained their composure, having the best of the pawns and awesome fire power. The series went to 3-2, it would all come down to the sixth and final day over the Fjords.

The sixth day progressed as the others until the final. Once again the Merry Men were to meet Overwatch  and this one was crucial. If the Merry men won this one, it would force a tie breaker, if Overwatch won, it was game over. The fight began and all seemed well. Overwatch scored quickly ad looked set for victory, but it all changed so very quickly. Zil's Merry Men regrouped and scored some great kills. Soon it was 4-3 and the hull burglar was wounded.

Then the strangest thing happened. As the hull burglar tried to make her escape, a medical emergency occurred. Coughdrop had to leave placing the match on hold. The Merry Men could have finished the match but their guns remained silent as the pilots discussed with the referees the best course of action. Redria transferred to the Hull Burglar as her captain whilst Ace filled his role as Puppy's main deck gunner. With the pieces in place, the game was restarted. The tension was so high that a knife could have cut it. Suddenly from the mountains, Overwatch made their charge, the 'Puppy Fur Stratagem' their last hope for glory. The battle was swift and result most incredible, Overwatch 5 merry Men 4.

Although Miau was gone, his legacy remained, under the care of Coughdrop and Ace the Campaign was won. However, Overwatch in their wisdom decided the day was not theirs to celebrate for they were outdone, by a display of Sportsmanship the likes of which esports communities had never seen. Overwatch felt themselves in eternal debt for the strength of character shown by Zil and his Merry Men. They lost the battle but won the war, the moral victory being most important of all. (Overwatch <3 Merry Men, their sportsmanship & comradeship.)

Overwatch is currently on the lookout for new members.

"But how do I join Overwatch?" you might be asking yourself. Well that's the easiest part. If you ever see someone with the following Overwatch tags ( [OVWn], [OVWo] ) online in your lobby, drop them a message asking about joining. They will play a few games with you and see what you are like. [OVWs] can also be used as a point of contact, though you will still have  to fly with an [OVWn] or [OVWo] before being admitted as an [OVWc]

Knowing how to play the game is less important to us than being a nice person and listening to the orders, requests etc of your captain. We (the current membership) are still relatively new to the game ourselves. Our ethos is to have fun and be nice.

Rank system:
Cadet [OVWc]
Someone on a trial period. This person is deciding if the clan is right for them.
Promotion Req: Must express desire to rank up; Attend 1 event; Accrue 1/4 of active NCO+ approval rate.

Specialist [OVWs]
This person has proven competence in one or more classes in-game. They are also of good character.
Promotion Req: Must express desire to rank up to an NCO; Attend a total of 4 events; Accrue 2/3 of active Officer approval rate.

This person is trusted with the power to recruit new members in to the clan. (Requires 1 NCO)
They may also motion to remove people from the clan. (Requires 2/3 NCO and 1 Officer approval.)
They are a good judge of character and will deal with any internal drama with tact.
Promotion Req: Unanimous Officer approval.

Officer [OVWo]
This person may amend the rules in the clan, schedule events, and is required to approve the removal of a clan member of ANY rank. They fund the Teamspeak 3 server and represent the clan to the community.

*Special Rank*
Assassin [OVWa]
This is a unique tag for Redria. It was a running joke after the clan had formed that Redria was always helping us out by subbing but wouldn't join the clan. He would wear the [OVWa] tag which at the time designated auxiliary. As time progressed and he played more games for us, we came to think of him as our Assassin and the tag has stuck ever since. As it stands this tag will always remain unique.


Overwatch <3's the following clans

Zil's Merry Men, for showing fantastic sportsmanship during the Flotsam Dynasty Campaign.
Cake, for trying to make everyone fear fire enough to bring Chem Spray. (<3 our flame toting brethren)
Falconeers, for being awesome.
SAC, for pretty much the same reason as Falconeers
Duck - Facilitating the Flotsam enabling all us other clans to have some fun. The Paddling will get all the titles soon :)

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