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Feedback and Suggestions / Why did you work to become a veteran?
« on: March 30, 2017, 12:52:54 pm »
The biggest problem of this game, as I see it, is player apotheosis. I make the distinction from retention because it's not just about people coming back to the game. What we need are new veterans, people who grind to 45, involve themselves in clans, forums, and events. So I want to get a discussion started about what motivated you to stick with the game.

When I first played the game four years ago, I was enamoured but overwhelmed. As a novice I didn't find veteran mentors, but instead antagonists. Suffering brutal defeats with impatient and rude players. At the time I only played for a few hours but it was a bad enough experience for me to put down the game for a year, before picking it up again on a whim. I was lucky enough at that point to be able to play in novice only games, learn at my own pace, and to make friends. Once I got past the initial learning curve, I knew this game would be one of my favorites. So I started a clan to try and keep players like myself from quitting when the going gets rough. Growing and maintaining  the clan gave me a reason to keep coming back, and I've been a regular for two years now.

So that's what kept me here, what about you?

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