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Feedback and Suggestions / Cloud Fix
« on: April 13, 2014, 09:54:59 am »
I know how to fix clouds and Muse must implement it ASAP: Make all clouds into Minecraft Clouds. Current clouds are crap. Erase them and replace them into giant solid white blocks. It would probably help with performance and it would fix spot issues, when one team can see the other team but the other one can't or one team thinks it is safely in the cloud and other tream can see them without any problems.

I'm tired of being shafted by the clouds every time.

Or at least make it and option to have clouds rendered that way.

Edit: I had moredated my post a bit, sorry about that outburst.

Guides / Quick Rreference for Rebuilding Components with a Spanner
« on: March 26, 2014, 10:25:40 am »
I have made a reference list. Spent some time in practice mode/sandbox. I have only counted spanner hits becouse it's the most eficcient tool for rebuilding components, and it's the tool you want to use for doing so (wrench requires 5 hits for every 4 hits with a spanner, while mallet requires 5 hits for every 2 hits with spanner).

Pyra Armor: 9 Buffed Armor: 10
Galeon Armor: 10 Buffed Armor: 12
Junker Armor: 9 Buffed Armor: 11
Squid Armor: 4 Buffed Armor: 5
Goldfish Armor: 6 Buffed Armor: 7
Mobula Armor: 8 Buffed Armor: 10
Spire Armor: 6 Buffed Armor: 7

If the ship's armor was buffed when it was destroyed it takes longer to rebuild, it's mostly intentional that way - rebuild time is tied to maximum armor value.

Universal components:
Light Gun: 9
Heavy gun: 15
Turning engine: 8
Main engine: 12
Baloon: 10

If spanner takes 1 second between hits (if you clikc, instead of olding - holding the mouse currently takes longer as the animation cycle is longer when you hold the mouse button to repair/rebuild or buff), you can now imagine how long it takes to rebuild stuff. If you loose baloon you want to be at leat 170M above ground to avoid impact damage (exact speed ships drop isn't known, but it's known ships chainge height with 16.97-17.01m/s with full baloon (pyra has the lowest and galeon apparently the highers, but both have horrible vertical acceleration when they have baloon).

Gameplay / Paritan Rumble changes
« on: December 11, 2013, 11:48:00 am »
Paritan Rumle has been changed to be identical to The Labyrinth - both have the globe in the middle.

I prsonally would prefer the bilding that was there before, the middle has a large coverless plazza now. What do the rest of you think?

Community Events / Random Restrictions Fun Event
« on: July 30, 2013, 02:27:37 pm »
Random Restrictions Fun Event

This event will be about random restrictions. Each match will have 4 random restrictions, 1 fixed (no more than 2 mercs& Lumberjacks total per team) and 3randomly generated with help of from the list below:

  • No Mercury Field Guns
  • No Mortars
  • No Light Mortars
  • No Lumberjacks
  • No Typhon Heavy Flak
  • No Echidna Light Flak
  • No Hawacha
  • No Carrorades
  • No Light Carrorades
  • No Heavy Carrorades
  • No Flamers
  • No Banshee Rocket Carosel
  • No Artemis
  • No Very Long Range (merc)
  • No Long Range (LJ, Hawacha, Typhon, Artemis, Banshee)
  • No Medium Range
  • No Short Range (Flamer, both Carrorades)
  • No AoE
  • All Aoe
  • At least 2 Mine Launchers
  • No Mine Launchers
  • At least 2 Light Mortars
  • At least 2 Light Carrorades
  • At least 2 Typhon Heavy Flak
  • At least 2 Banshee Rocket Carosel
  • At least 2 Artemis
  • At least 2 Flamers
  • At least 1 Squid
  • At least 1 Spire
  • At least 1 Mobula
  • All Goldfishes
  • All Spires
  • All Squids
  • All Mobulas
  • No Pyramidions
  • No Junkers
  • No Galleons
  • At least 2 gunners
  • No Shatter
  • All Shatter
  • All Explosive
  • No Explosive
  • No Piercing
  • No Flachette
  • All Flachette
  • All Fire
  • No Fire
  • All Piercing

Match restrictions will be same for both teams in the same match (but not across all the matches). The idea behind the event is to hopefully find new effective tricks and have fun.

It's will be a 2v2 tournament on all 2v2 maps (including labyrinth).

Captains can ready in the lobby only after ref gives green light to ready. This is so referee can check ship loadouts. Referee MUST check ships to make sure they adhere to restrictions.

Restarts can be initiated only before first kill or before 10 minutes mark.
Restarts should be initiated because of loadout error and one team brings restricted items to match. Ref must either initiate restart of consult with both of the teams. Second consecutive loadout error in the same match will be penalised with a loss. 
Restarts can be initiated because Captain DC (ref judgement).
Restarts can be initiated because extended team member DC.

Format will be either tournamnt with qualifying groups of double ellimintaion depending on the number of sign ups.
Time: 17th August 8PM UTC (4pm EST/ 10pm CEST) or  24th August 8PM UTC - either could extent to next Saturday, or both weekends if there is extraordionary lot of sign-ups (determined by popular vote).
Signups deadline: 11th august or 18th August - the later date, that is still before the tournament.

Despite this not being a full competitive tournament event there are going to be prizes in the form of costumes (+bragging rights).
Disclaimer: MUSE whale of approval has not been officialy given yet, meaning in worst case scenario, winners will be picking from my KS costume surplus (eric messed up orders, meaning I have my set + a bunch of random costumes --- latter being very appropriate to the tournament theme XD). I'll try my damnest to make sure the winners get their choice of costumes.

I'm still recruiting possible streamers -  first one to be recruited was Fade.

NOTE: I've been writing this post for so long, that I've lost track of what I've written and what I haven't written. If there is going to be something missing, I'll be adding it shortly.

Community Events / Tournament idea proposal
« on: June 14, 2013, 11:33:15 am »
I've had a really cooky idea for a tournament, that I'd be willing to organise, provided that there'd be enought interest.
The idea being: random handicaps.
Each match would have had a random handycap - it could be same or diffirent handicap for both teams (team A have handicap 1 and team handicap 2).
Handicaps would be for example:
  • No Mercury Field guns (merc's)
  • No Lumberjack Heavy Mortar's
  • At least 1 gunner per ship
  • At least 1 barking dog Carrorade
  • At least 1 squid
  • No pyramidion

The Docks / Random Silliness -RSS-
« on: May 18, 2013, 06:15:06 pm »
Hey peoples!
I'm hereby founding the Random Silliness clan, the team for trying new setups in competitive enviroment AND having fun while doing it.
The ship prefix is RSS (Random Silly Setup).
I'm allowing double-clanning (In fact I personnaly am fart of Corvus team, as the Chief Engineer on one of the ships), in fact it is more of an open thing. Flying under RSS flag is to declare I know I'm not flying a meta setup, but darn it I'm going to have fune while doing it.

Even if nothing else ever happens wit this clan I'm officialy claiming RSS tag in name of having fun and Random Silliness :)

Community Events / Outcome of Corvus VS Merry Northern Storm
« on: April 07, 2013, 07:45:39 am »
5-0 for MNS for those infortunate to have been just on a loo break :P

Anyway well Played Admiral Zill and Merry Northeren storm - obviously you got a better read on us than we had on you - the tactics we had been practicing were best suited against diffirent ships.

I wish we could have given you a better fight that we could, but we have had find some last minute replacements  (we had efectively 4 replacements) - wo got to a point of desperation where we have had asked Satchmo for help (of all the people). We have been lucky for getting help of Count Havelock, Phoebe and Vattic  - thank all of you. Don't think we are blaming you - it is just that we weren't fully used to one other and optimally synchonised (witch comes from constant practice together, witch you can't expect from last moment standins).

Blame is also partialy on me, for not comunicating the ammount of damage the Hawacha does to a hull without armor (something I've been noticing afor a while now, but somehow assumed captains knew - long story). If twin hawacha hits you without armor it takes about half permahull on pyra.

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