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Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 5 - Brackets
« on: August 14, 2013, 06:04:57 pm »
Cullen's not around at the moment so I'm posting. Still not running things though: Bug Cullen with complaints, questions, complaints, comments, complaints and complaints. I'm busy!

-Match 1-
Semenovskiy Flot vs The Gentleguard
[Map: Labyrinth]

-Match 2-
Pastafarians vs Previous Winner
[Map: Canyon Ambush]

-Match 3-
The Raft vs Merry Men
[Map: Northern Fjords]

-Match 4-
The Paddling vs Black Flight Squadron
[Map: Duel at Dawn]

As a reminder: Pastafarians are up for elimination this time around against either the Flot or the Gents. That's gonna be a bloodbath.

Good luck to all participating teams. As usual, the event'll be streamed by whoever feels like doing it at the time.

Enjoy yourselfs and stay safe!

Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 1.5 (Break)
« on: July 10, 2013, 11:54:18 am »
Hey there. Short notice this time around... Due to time constraints and reality, I'm unable to run The Cogs for this week... Service will resume as normal next week.

Apologies for those of you looking forward to Week 2.

Community Events / "The Cogs" Season 2: Week 0 - Brackets
« on: June 19, 2013, 11:44:51 am »
We're back!

Sorry for the delayed post, I have to get back into the habit of typing these up in advance. Ah well, live and learn.

Welcome to Season 2. Those of you that participated in or spectated Week 8 back during Season 1 will understand what's going on, but for the rest of you, here's how it's gonna work.

Week 0 features two distinct phases to populate the third Cog on the board, the Upcomer's Cog. Six teams, three Season 1 veterans and three newcomer teams, face off within their respective groups for control over one of the five spots on the Upcomer's Cog. So who's playing? Let's take a look.

We start with the Season 1 Seeds. These are the three teams that fought their way into Week 9 but failed to advance to the Semi Finals to claim one of the guaranteed Challenger spots. While all three teams can claim a spot, all three of them are going to want to give it their all and claim the #3a spot... No one wants to end up in #3e or #3d at the very start of the season.

As a sidenote: Merry Northern Storm split into two teams during the break: Merry Men and Northern Air Fleet. A few days ago they faced off to determine which of the two teams could claim the single seed spot that MNS had claimed, and Merry Men came out on top. Congratulations to them, and we hope to see Northern Air Fleet later on during the season.

Joining them in the Season 1 Seeds matches, we'll see The Gentlemen and Black Flight Squadron. Now there's a lineup. But enough of that, let's get to the part that most of you care about. The matches and maps!

Season 1 Seed Games

Game 1: Merry Men vs The Gentlemen
  • Map: Canyon Ambush
Game 2: The Gentlemen vs Black Flight Squadron
  • Map: Duel at Dawn
Game 3: Black Flight Squadron vs Merry Men
  • Map: Paritian Rumble
Game 4: (IF NECESSARY) Lowest kill score vs Second lowest kill score.
  • Map: Duel at Dawn

After this, we'll see the veteran duck team The Raft take on two newcomer teams, Zac's Flying Ghuuu and the Rugged Men for control over one of the remaining two spots. With three teams, we're going to see the first elimination of the season... And it's not gonna be pretty.

Let's take a look at their matches.

Newcomer's Melee

Game 1: The Raft vs Zac's Flying Ghuuu
  • Map: Canyon Ambush
Game 2: Zac's Flying Ghuuu vs Rugged Men
  • Map: Canyon Ambush
Game 3: Rugged Men vs The Raft
  • Map: Northern Fjords
Game 4: (IF NECESSARY) Lowest kill score vs Second lowest kill score.
  • Map: The Labyrinth

That's yer lot for now. Be sure to drop by this Saturday 4pm EST to see all the action kick off between the Cogs veterans and the feisty newcomers.

As the old saying goes: Shit's gonna get intense

See you there, and stay safe.


Community Events / "The Cogs" Season 2 Newcomer Signups
« on: June 15, 2013, 11:35:19 am »
Right! It's that time again. Want to get in on the action of The Cogs? Here's your chance. Team signups are now open for non-seeded teams to snatch a spot on The Cogs.

...Snatch a spot... That sounds weird... Heh...

Either way, you know the drill by now. Fill out the fields below in a fresh post to claim your spot. It's first-come, first-serve and there's no limit on the number of times a team can sign up to enter a season, (A team can't sign up twice, of course. A team has to play their first match before they can sign up for a second slot) so the earlier you get involved, the more chances you'll have to break into The Cogs and prove that you and your crew can hack it in the toughest event of them all.

Good luck. You're going to need it.

Newcomer Signup Required Info

Team Name:
Team Logo: (Transparent 512x512 Lossless please)

Team Primary Colour:
Team Secondary Colour:
Please be sure not to claim colours that belong to another team. You can find a full list of Season 1 teams here

Captain 1:
Crew 1a:
Crew 1b:
Crew 1c:

Captain 2:
Crew 2a:
Crew 2b:
Crew 2c:

Claimed Spots

Week 0 (22nd of June)
Spot 1: The Raft
Spot 2: Zac's Flying Ghuuu
Spot 3: Rugged Men

Week 1 (6th of July)
Spot 1: Haven
Spot 2:

Week 2 (20th of July)
Spot 1: The Falconeers
Spot 2: Aurora Squadron

Week 3 (27th of July)
Spot 1: The Flying Dutchmen
Spot 2:

Week 4 (10th of August)
Spot 1: The Falconeers
Spot 2:

Week 5 (17th of August)
Spot 1: Semenovskiy Flot
Spot 2: The Gentleguard

Community Events / The Cogs - Season 2 Rules and Format
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:49:59 am »
The Cogs is a ten week competitive event of tournaments and matchups to determine the best captains and crews in the GoIO community. While skill and co-ordination are vital for a team’s continued survival, the true test of a team’s skill is in their ability to thrive and flourish under pressure. Pushed to their absolute limits, a team needs far more than a couple of good engineers and a half decent pilot to survive against some of the most painful enemies in the brutal one-chance matchups that The Cogs is renowned for. Welcome to Season 2. Are you prepared?

Based on the results of Season 1, positions #1 - #2c from the Finale are seeded automatically into slots #1, #2a, #2b and #2c. Teams that made it into the Finale quarter finals are seeded into Week 0’s first round robin event.

Week 0
Week 0 consists of two round robin events to seed the five slots (#3a - #3e) on the Upcomer’s Cog.

The first of these round robins will feature the teams from the Week 9 Quarter Finals placed against each other for slots #3a, #3c and #3b.  In the event that one or more of the quarter-finalists are unwilling to participate, an additional team will be added to the Newcomer’s robin.

The second half will be first come first serve newcomer round robin for the remaining slots on the third cog. In the event of a full roster, there will be one more newcomer team than slots. For instance, if there are two slots available for newcomer teams, three newcomer teams will be permitted to participate in Week 0.

Week 1-7
These weeks feature standard Cog matches, as described in “The Cogs Standings” below. At the end of Week 7, the team in the Champion Cog are crowned the Weekly Champions of The Cogs.

Week 8
Week 8 is a open qualifier tournament, in which any team in any standing may compete for a position in the week 9 finale. The overall format of this tournament may change dramatically depending on the number of participating teams, though. More details on each season’s Week 8 is posted on the forums in advance. Either three or six teams will advance from Week 8.

Finale (Week 9)
Week 9 is the Finale, the final week of a season. Set up to include either seven or ten teams, depending on Week 8’s format, teams face off in a single-elimination grand tournament, including a match for third place.

Seeds #1 - #4 will be claimed by the teams in the Champion and Challenger Cogs
Seeds #5 - #7 (Or - #10) will be claimed by those that qualified for inclusion in the Finale during Week 8.

The victor of this tournament are granted the Tournament Champion title. In the event of a team claiming both the Weekly and Tournament Champion titles, they gain the Grand Champion title.

The Cogs Standings (Week #1 - #7)
Currently split into three distinct 'tiers', plus two newcomer spots that aren't officially part of The Cogs, the Standings look a little confusing on first glance... But let's break them down.

Tier One is the simplest. The Champion's Cog; This is spot #1. This tier does not rotate and the Champion team play every week to maintain their position and assert their dominance against everyone and everything the community can throw at them.

Tier Two contains the Challenger teams. These are the top tier teams that are contenders for the Champion's Cog. Positions #2a, #2b and #2c are present in this Cog and rotate on a weekly basis to determine which of the Challenger teams play to advance or defend their spot on a given week.

At the end of the week a team's Spot is rotated along. (#2a -> #2b, #2b -> #2c)

The team currently at #2c will be moved to #2a

Tier Three is the Upcomer's cog, and features five slots ranging from #3a-#3e. This is the lowest official spot in The Cogs, but is certainly not to be sniffed at. Once again, this Cog rotates weekly to determine which two teams play that week.

At the end of the week a team's Spot is rotated along. (#3a -> #3b, #3b -> #3c, #3c -> #3d, #3d -> #3e)

The team currently at #3e will be moved to #3a

The Newcomer's slot is split into two positions. #4a and #4b. Both of these teams should be capable of playing on the week, and the position is granted based on a first-come, first-serve signup list in The Cogs forum.

Advancement and Dropping
Each standard week, four matches will be played. They are as follows:

Match 1: Newcomer's Proving Ground

Spot #4a vs Spot #4b. Winner plays in “Breaking Point Ejection”
In the event that #4a can't play, #4b advances
In the event that #4b can't play, #4a advances

Match 2: Breaking Point Ejection: Spot #3e vs The victor of “Newcomer’s Proving Ground”. Winner advances. Loser is ejected from The Cogs

In the event that #3e can't play, the victor of “Newcomer’s Proving Ground” advances. In this instance, #3e is ejected from The Cogs
In the event that The victor of “Newcomer’s Proving Ground” can't play, The loser of “Newcomer’s Proving Ground” will play #3e instead. The victor of “Newcomer’s Proving Ground is ejected from The Cogs.

Match 3: Upcomer's Advancement: Spot #2c vs Spot #3a. Winner advances.

In the event that #2c can't play, #3a and #3b will play for spot #2c instead. In this instance, #2c will be moved to spot #3a
In the event that #3a can't play, #2c and #3b will play for spot #2c instead. In this instance, the loser will be placed in spot #3b

Match 4: Champion vs Challenger: Spot #1 vs Spot #2a. Winner advances.

In the event that #1 can't play, #2a and #2b will play for spot #1 instead. In this instance, #1 will be moved to spot #2b.
In the event that #2a can't play, #1 and #2b will play for spot #1 instead. In this instance, #2a will be moved to spot #2b

Greasing The Cogs
In the event that multiple matches are dropped or there are deemed to be too many fractured or impotent teams within The Cogs, the season will be cut short and the Week 9 finale will be brought forward. Teams will be seeded with the positions gained within The Cogs. The tournament results will kickstart a fresh season.

Maps are randomly selected from the current pool of 2v2 maps. In the event of additional 2v2 maps being added, they will be assessed and if no significant competitive issues are discovered, they'll be added to the map pool.

A map may not be randomly selected more than once per week except in special circumstances. This means that Match 1 could be on any of the five current maps. Match 2 could be on any of the remaining four maps, Match 3 could be on any of the three not yet selected and Match 4 could be either of the two remaining maps. The maps are selected using a RNG and revealed three days before they are due to be played.

Match Specifics
Currently we do not enforce any ship or weapon-related mandates. A team is permitted to switch their builds and roles right up until the last second of the lobby's countdown timer. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN PERIL. If a ship is incorrectly fitted due to last second switching, the match WILL NOT be restarted. You have been warned.

There are currently no plans to include a time limit. This relies on the players and teams not exploiting this to ridiculous proportions. If it is deemed appropriate at a later stage, reasonable countermeasures to team-dickery will be put into place. Likewise, repeated use of areas, tricks or glitches deemed unfair by Muse consensus will have consequences. Play it straight.

Each match is played to five kills, standard deathmatch rules, on an American server. To prevent ghosting and ensure that at least one slot is free for team switching, the spectator slots are limited to unaffiliated Cogs casters and match referees only. This includes crew CAs and mods as well as non-refereeing Muse devs. You know who you are.

Crew and Substitutes
Failure to provide Swallow with a team roster a day before the match via Steam or Skype will lead to an automatic forfeit for that match.

The format is as follows:

Ship 1
Role - Nationality - Name
Role - Nationality - Name
Role - Nationality - Name
Role - Nationality - Name

Ship 2
Role - Nationality - Name
Role - Nationality - Name
Role - Nationality - Name
Role - Nationality - Name

A team must make its roster with a maximum of 4 substitutes a day before the match. A player is only allowed to play on one team per week. If the player is on the roster as a substitute, but does not play, then the player can be a possible substitute for another match. However, if the player does play in a match, then they cannot substitute in another regardless of whether they are on the substitute roster or not.
(Crew and Substitutes edited by -Muse- Cullen)

Note by Ataris: slightly edited by author's request

Community Events / The Cogs - Season 2 Announcement (And 'Other')
« on: June 05, 2013, 06:41:09 am »
We're back!

Well, we'll be back soon. Hold thine shit together, young grasshoppers. We'll be back in full swing very, very soon, better than ever.

Once again I'd like to thank all of the participating teams (Yes, even you Corvus) from Season 1 for their participation in what was pretty clearly a trial season. With constant graphical errors and virtually no advance warning for some pretty game-changing elements, it was a tough season for the teams that got caught up in the maelstrom of format changes and shoddy decision-making. So on behalf of all of us who casted, reffed and spectated those matches and enjoyed them so much: Thank you. You put on a great show and with Season 1 behind us, I plan to learn from my mistakes and make Season 2 far, far better than our first attempt. if nothing else, we have a format now!

You can check the updated rules post for more info if you're interested in the format... But for those of you returning from Season 1, things will seem VERY similar. But enough about all that, let's get to the good stuff.

The Time
The Cogs will be returning with Week 0 on the 22nd of June, at 4pm EST. Same time, same event. You missed us, admit it.

The Seeds
Seeded from the Finale of Season 1, four teams have earned the right to start at the very top of Season 2 in the Champion and Challenger Cogs. Let's take a look.

The Paddling
The Grand Champions of Season 1, The Paddling are easily the most successful team from the previous seasons, racking up an incredible undefeated record of 10-0 in their official Cogs matches. Having retained their roost at the very top in the Champion's Cog, they're looking to face some serious competition both from their old Season 1 rivals as well as the multitude of fresh, talented teams who have burst up and thrived during the break. Of course, the question on all our minds is, "Can they do it again?", "Can someone FINALLY beat the fucking Ducks?!". Who knows? It's going to be a fun season either way though.

The Brood
Yet more Ducks, The Brood started off as the third Ducks team during the halfway mark of Season 2 and quickly proved themselves as a serious threat to their cousin teams, knocking out sister team The Raft to force their way into The Cogs. While they didn't have much luck with the rotations, dropping their second advancement match to the Challenger Cogs to The Gentlemen, they didn't give up and fought their way through Week 8 to advance all the way to the Grand Finals... And though they couldn't quite bring themselves to smack down the motherduck, they gave it their all and earned a solid second place... The question is, can they hold onto their spot in Challenger and keep up the pressure. Can the ducks beat the ducks?

The Pastafarians
Be honest, how many of you expected PaFa to do what they did to Polaris? The current undisputed kings of the Labyrinth, PaFa are one of the few competitive teams to manage to both claim and reclaim the central point of Labyrinth, which is not easy at all against some of the moonshine-swigging speed junkies that participate in The Cogs, trust me on that one. A solid team that hovered between Upcomer and Challenger during Season 1, always just shy of a true threat, they've been steadily improving ever since they proved themselves a worthy opponent as the first team to win two of their three advancement matches, running straight from Newcomer to Challenger in as many weeks. With a whole lotta potential and more than a few hours of practice under their belts, PaFa have earned their spot as the 3st place runner-up of the Season 1 Finale. Here's hoping they make better use of their chance at the top this time around!

Polaris Company
The Russians. The juggernauts hailing from all across the eastern bloc, back with a vengeance. With one of the strongest showings of all of the Challenger teams last season, Polaris earned the final Challenger spot in the Finale despite a run of terrible luck during the finals. Despite soundly beating underdogs Black Flight Squadron in their opening match, they dropped their next two matches to the rising stars The Brood and the giant-killers PaFa to emerge with a disappointing fourth place finish. With a chance to up their game and improve their standing to prove themselves once again as a dominant force in The Cogs, I'm excited to see the redemption of the eastern giants as they throw down against the best of the best in Season 2.

In addition to our returning champions and their close rivals, we'll also be seeing the quarter finalists from the Finale of Season 1 duking it out in a three-way round robin during Week 0 to determine their seeding order into the Upcomer's Cog. More info on that in the official Week 0 posting... But expect to see hell raised as Merry Northern Storm, The Gentlemen and Black Flight Squadron clash to earn another shot at the Challenger's Cog during Week 1. With the remaining quarter-final teams getting locked into the Upcomer's rotation for the first three or four weeks of The Cogs, there's a lot on the line for all three teams!

Staff Call!
That's right, we're looking for willing players to help out with The Cogs. As a community event, it's fairly clear that we've been relying a bit too much on Muse... Which during Season 1 wasn't such a big deal since they were basking in the glorious glow of post-release. With the devs locked up in crunch to bring up Adventure Mode in all it's magnificence and glory, however, it's unfair and more than a little selfish to ask them to help out with The Cogs. Everything else aside, the competitive nature, the rage, tears and hatred surrounding the one-chance nature of the event and so on, it's still a community event... And who better to ask for assistance than the Community? Here's what we're after.

Graphic Design
It's been said several times before, (Thank you Helmic!) but my designs for the team cards, bracket previews and other visual elements aren't the best. Little more than boxes with text in them, we can do better for Season 2. To that end, I'm inviting all would-be designers to contact me to add a little jazz hands to our display. Idealy I'd love to include animated elements for the stream too, but that's probably going a bit far.

One thing's became clear during Season 1... I get sick. A lot. You could hear it in a few of the earlier weeks and it was both off-putting and outright disgusting in some places... Though I don't think I did much sniffing. I am far too disciplined for tha- I did? Shit.

Either way, it can't hurt to have a rotating set of casters to stream the Cogs events to mitigate potential issues such as a sniffy caster. If you think you've got what it takes to watch some airships bump up against one another and then fall out of the sky while making fun of the whole situation, feel free to add me and we'll see how good you actually are. Who knows, you might even end up replacing me. Imagine that!

Audio Engineering/Scoring
During Season 1 you may have noticed that we relied quite heavily on music during the intro to disguise the fact that we were still assembling everything and everyone even after the stream had started... And while that was fine for the first season, I'd like things to be a little more professional this time around. What we're looking for this time is someone capable of putting together a few understated tracks to improve the quality of the stream... A 30 second light countdown piece for loading screens, or a semi-relaxed loop to run quietly in the background before or during matches. Stuff that sounds simple when I say it, but is really, really not. If you think you can add another layer entirely to the streams, get in touch!

Last season's ref pool consisted of ATeddyBear for the first half and Keyvias for the second half. Not a huge, reliable pool, but we made it work when we could... And when we couldn't, I ended up reffing while commentating and organising. That didn't go so well. This time around, I'd like to invite members of the community to get involved. Want to oversee Cogs matches, come up with funny passwords and set up rooms? No? Well... Why would you...? Willing to help out anyway? Good, get in touch!

Got an idea to improve the event or the stream that you can help with? Perhaps you think that the casters would sound better with yodelling played on a loop while they analyse results post-match and you just happen to be an amateur yodelee? Or maybe you think that I should stop writing these huge posts because I'm so bad at it and you'd rather do it yourself? Well... I'll probably e-slap you for saying either, but it never hurts to share your opinions... So get in touch and tell me what you think we need... Who knows, I might actually agree.

Final Words
We're back! Stay tuned for the updated rules post, the Season 2 newcomer signup thread and the Week 0 preview. Ooh, this is gonna be fun. I can't wait.

Have I forgotten anything important? Of course I have, but I don't yet know it. if there's anything obvious missing from this post, be sure to leave a comment about it. I know some of you adore pointing out my mistakes and I certainly appreciate the help... Most of the time.

Well, that's it until the Week 0 announcement on the 15th. Stay safe and good luck.


Community Events / "The Cogs" Finale - Brackets
« on: May 12, 2013, 03:08:55 pm »
The final week... This one's going to be fun. Due to the overwhelming number of matches in comparison to a regular week, Week 9's maps are being given out today. Yes, really. Don't look so shocked.

Here're the maps... Don't expect a full writeup for each because that would probably take the rest of the week and kill me. However, I'll include each of the matchups in written form.

Quarter Finals

Match 1: Merry Northern Storm vs The Pastafarians [Map: Canyon Ambush]

Match 2: The Gentlemen vs The Brood [Map: Northern Fjords]

Match 3: Polaris Company vs Black Flight Squadron [Map: Battle on the Dunes

Semi Finals

Match 4: Paddling vs Match 1 Victor [Map: Canyon Ambush]

Match 5: Match 2 Victor vs Match 3 Victor [Map: Duel at Dawn]

Battle for "3st"

Match 6: Match 4 Loser vs Match 5 Loser [Map: The Labyrinth]


Match 7: Match 4 Victor vs Match 5 Victor [Map: Duel at Dawn]

You have the maps and you have your placements. Seven teams have qualified for the Finale of Season 1 of The Cogs... And any one of them could take it on the day. Are we going to see Paddling knocked from the top at the very last minute? Who knows...

EDIT: Hey guys qwerty here. Made an edit for Swallow; MNS vs PaFa are now match 1, Brood vs Gentlemen is now match 2. He told me he had to switch them. Cheers.

Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 8 - Brackets
« on: May 10, 2013, 05:12:07 am »
Alright! Looks like it's that time again. We're approaching the Finale fast, but how're things going to go down? First up, I have to say that I really didn't plan for five teams... And it's made things more than a little complicated, so blarg to all of you.

In Week 8, we're going to see two group stages featuring the five teams fast enough to sign up to the action. The teams have been randomly assigned into the groups... So who ended up with who? Let's take a look.

In Group A, we see The Brood, Black Flight Squadron and newcomers Destructoid set against one another in a classic three-team round robin. Each team will play against the other once and their victories will be scored. The two teams with the most victories will advance. In the event of a three-way tie, the two teams with the least number of ship kills will face off in a last-ditch attempt to qualify. In the event of a three-way ship-kill tie, I will cry.

Group B are in a far worse situation though. Due to the unfortunate number of participants, Group B only consists of The Raft and The Pastafarians. With so much on the line for both teams, there can be only one. It'll all come down to a single game to determine who advances... So both teams better bring their A-Game!

As usual, the maps have been randomly selected... However, due to the uncertain number of games, the limit on duplicate maps has been lifted. Here are the matchups for Week 8

Group A

Game 1: The Brood vs Black Flight Squadron
  • Map: Duel at Dawn
Game 2: Black Flight Squadron vs Destructoid
  • Map: Duel at Dawn
Game 3: Destructoid vs The Brood
  • Map: Canyon Ambush
Game 4: (IF NECESSARY) Lowest kill score vs Second lowest kill score.
  • Map: Duel at Dawn

Group B

Game 1: The Pastafarians vs The Raft
  • Map: The Labyrinth

Good luck to all the teams involved. Prepare as best you can, for tomorrow you fight for glory!

Too much, you think? Nyeh, I care not.

Stay safe.


Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 8/Week 9 - Update
« on: May 01, 2013, 09:08:54 pm »
Alright! This is another informal post, to let you guys know what's going on.

Yes, you read that right. Week 9. The Finale is going to be spread over two weeks.

Week 8 will feature the qualifiers: A round-robin event, styled in a similar manner to the Fjords tournament. The number of group stages will depend on the number of additional teams that sign up to play in the Finale.

Week 9 will be the Finals. This is the tournament stage of the Finale.

Specifics are under wraps because they depend on the number of teams participating. More info will be put out just after Week 7. The details will be locked in when the signups end, three days before Week 8.

Secrecy is over though. Got questions? Ask 'em here, rather than in Steam or Skype.

Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 7 - Brackets
« on: May 01, 2013, 07:24:19 pm »
Aah, here we are. Week 7. The final 'regular' week of Season 1. It's been a fun ride so far, with some upset victories and some surprising defeats. Giants have fallen, newcomers have astounded us all, and now we see the final rotation of the Cogs before our grand finale.

Now that we're underway with the new patch, "The Labyrinth" has been added to the map rotation, giving us a potential of five 2v2 maps for the matchups. With the new patch, we'll also be seeing some serious alteration in the tactics of certain teams as the recently buffed weaponry and airships are rediscovered and utilised. It's going to be a good week.

Here are the brackets for Week 7 (Click to enlarge)

Match 1 sees ex-hotshot team The Pastafarians in the blue corner, struggling to remain within The Cogs for Season 1. With nothing to play for save for the bragging rights associated with being a part of the final Season 1 standings, you can wager that PaFa are going to be bringing out their interesting builds for this one. And in the red corner, the greatly anticipated newcomer team The Whalers has finally set sail for The Cogs, aiming to take a last-minute spot within the standings from the challenger team that had the great misfortune of meeting the Russians in their upcomer match. With the match due to be played within Battle on the Dunes, there'll be nothing but dust clouds and the wreckage of the Leviathan to separate these two.

In Match 2, it's all to play for. Polaris Company and Black Flight Squadron both have their sights set on the final seeded position within the Challenger's Cog... And they're going to be fighting tooth and nail to get to it. The winners enjoys a 'bye' throughout the entire qualifying stage and a gaurenteed spot in the quarter finals. The loser has to claw their way up through the pack for a shot at the finale's champion title. With so much on the line, the match's setting, Duel at Dawn, will stretch the nerves and courage of both teams to their limit.

But if that's a tough matchup, Match 3 is a challenge unlike any other. This is the final chance to dethrone The Paddling, who are currently sitting pretty in the Champion Cog with a winning streak stretching over the last seven weeks. Undefeated within The Cogs, the main Ducks team has come a long way since going down twice in a row to the Gentlemen in the Fjords tournament... But can they hold out for the final week and secure the weekly title for themselves, to set a benchmark that others will struggle to follow? No, not if Merry Northern Storm have anything to say about it. One of the few teams to have held the Champion Cog in the past, the Storm are looking to regain their position and their honour. MNS lost their position to the Ducks in Week 1 after a long and bitter match, kickstarting their current winning streak. Since then, no team has been able to take down The Paddling.

With the final match of Week 7 set against the glorious backdrop of the Canyon Ambush, you do not want to miss this final match between the titan crews of GoIO. It's going to be intense.

That's Week 7. The final week. As a quick reminder to the teams: The new patch IS in effect now, as you should know. Adapt and survive. You're the best players the GoIO community has to offer: Prove yourselves and seize what's yours. You know how.

As a sidenote: Sorry for the delay with this post, and the lack of a Week 7 preview. Week 6 on the test server wiped me out. You have your maps, go forth and practice. For on Saturday, The Cogs are locked.

Good luck, and stay safe.


Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 8 - Signups
« on: April 28, 2013, 03:09:57 am »
Wait, what's this? Week 8?

Oh yes. It's about that time. At the moment Week 8 is still in the planning phase, but I'd like to get this out of the way as early as possible, so here's what's going to go down on Week 8.

Week 8 sees the ending of the first Season of The Cogs, which is a pretty exciting event to say the least. While it'll technically be Week 9 (Because of Week 0), Week 8 will see the best and brightest teams from inside and outside The Cogs facing off for the Season Champion spot. How're we going to settle this though? How else could we? We're gonna hold a tournament.

The teams in spots #1, #2a, #2b and #2c after Week 7 will be automatically seeded into the tournament, but how these seedings work, and to what degree they're seeded depends on the competition. Put another way, the details of the tournament will be hidden until a week beforehand. Sorry about that, we're still preparing.

As a quick sidenote, we're going to have three potential champion spots to claim. The Weekly Champion, the Tournament Champion and the Grand Champion. The Weekly Champion title has already been claimed by the Paddling. No question, their win streak in the Champion's Cog alone deserves it. The Tournament Champion will, amazingly enough, be the team to win the tournament... And the Grand Champion is the team that manages to win both. If a team earns both the Weekly and Tournament titles in a given Season, they get called Grand instead. It sounds more spiffy, admit it.

So regardless of what happens, the Paddling aren't going to lose everything if they get knocked out by Museosaurs in their first round. Calm yo' tits, Ducks. You're safe... Probably. Bubbles is on the warpath though, so you should watch your tail feathers.

Now, any team can enter the finale but only a select few will be able to fight their way through the masses to face off against the top 4 seeded teams. What this means is that ANYONE can win the Tournament. Anyone at all. We could see some genuinely surprising upsets from those that fight their way up to fight the Top 4... Indeed, there are some very strong teams not currently in a seeded position, so one thing's for sure, the unseeded competition is going to be cut-throat.

Now I probably shouldn't be typing all this... It's 8am and all of this is probably going to cause no end of headaches in the long run, but I'm tired of keeping this one quiet. (It doesn't help that Squash has been chewing my ear off every couple of days for the past fortnight) So that's that. Teams interested in participating in finale of The Cogs can put their names forward in the normal manner. Remember: Even if your team isn't an active crew within The Cogs, you're still eligible to enter the finale. Week 8 is for everyone. Who knows, our champion team might be one of the ones to fight their way up from the very bottom. Stranger things have happened.

Sign up form

Team Name:
Team Colours:
Team Logo: [Ideally this'll be 512x512 and have a transparent background but I know how much you all seem to hate me, so bring it on.]

Captain 1:

Captain 2:

Team Motto: [Yes, really]

Oh and before I forget I'd also like to announce the triumphant return of Museosaurs to The Cogs after the withdrawal of Corvus. I for one am glad to see that the devs somehow managed to wriggle their way back into the competition. Try as we might, we just can't get rid of them.

Remember: The teams still in the Champion and Challenger Cog do NOT need to sign up. You're automatically seeded into it. Signups will close three days before the Week 8 Finale. More info will be provided gradually, as we nail down the bits and pieces we need to.

And no, this won't happen on the test server. That was a one-time deal.


Community Events / A quick reminder
« on: April 27, 2013, 05:35:47 pm »
Hey, just a quick one. Teams that have been ejected from The Cogs can post in the signup thread to be placed back into the newcomer queue. When a team is ejected from The Cogs, they aren't banned. They can try to get back in.

Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 6 - Brackets
« on: April 24, 2013, 10:50:32 am »
Well, Week 6 is certainly a week of change. With the new patch fast approaching and Qwerty locked back up on the farmstead, things are certainly going to get interesting for everyone involved this time around.

Of course, this means that I needed to find a replacement for my hopelessly cheerful and chipper companion for the stream this week... But I couldn't, so we just asked Papa Paradox to help out. He'll be streaming live this week and commentating on the action, so be sure to thank him for stepping in. Trust me, if I had to stream The Cogs myself, it'd be more unwatchable than four field gun squids in a paddling vs gents match.

So, what've we got this week then? Let's take a look (Click to enlarge)

Match 1 looks set to be a true tragedy. It's unfortunate, but no matter what they do it seems that Museosaurs end up rolled against some of the most hardcore newcomer teams. We're rooting for them though, hoping all the practice and patience has paid off for the devs as they face yet another tough team. Of course, the newcomers themselves certainly aren't going to roll over and give the devs that elusive first Cogs victory. Black Flight Squadron are here to play, and as the first team of The Bully Boys, the name really does say it all. Our prayers are with you, Muse... But our money is on the Bullies. They'll be facing off in the Northern Fjords, a personal favourite of the casting team as you all know. Of course, time will tell whether this truly is Muse's last stand, or the site where our battered world-builders finally blossom in battle.

In Match 2 we see two of the most aggressive teams remaining within The Cogs duking it out. Sitting proud in the Challenger's Cog, Merry Northern Storm is one of the more established teams in The Cogs roster, having previously held the Champion spot before the Ducks set off on their current rampage. On the other side of Canyon Ambush, the Corvus Marauders ships lie low, waiting for their chance. Sound familiar? It should, this match is essentially a complete repeat of Match 2 from Week 3, where the Storm successfully defended their position against the Corvus menace while the Mercs struggled to break through the Storm's defences to return to the Challenger's Cog. With one victory already, can Merry Northern Storm maintain their position, or will Corvus be able to recover their honour by smacking down the Storm and evening the score? Same map, same teams, same stakes. Déjà vu!

Match 3 is going to be fun. We've seen The Paddling and The Gentlemen face off before. We all know what to expect from one of these matches by now. Twenty minutes of sniping followed by Smollett rushing forward and obliterating the Gents... But this time, things are going to be a little different. Very different in fact. A special thanks to the Muse team for letting us run this one on the Test Server, both of these talented teams are in for a true Surprise! Versatility and confidence are what both teams need, and what both teams have. I'm personally really looking forward to this one. It's incredible that the Muse Team are letting us do it at all, so thank you Bubbles!

A quick reminder for all participating teams. Week 6 is going to be held on the Test Server. A tutorial on how to gain access to the server'll be posted up later on, but make sure that your team representative has collected a list of your roster's player names and sent it on to Muse-Bubbles. If you still need to get this sorted, please hurry. This one is logistically tricky, but the end result'll be well worth it.

Yes, this means that the matches will be played with the new patch. Excited yet?

As always, The Cogs will be streamed on the official Cogs stream, Occasionally Effective. Since Qwerty's spending the next couple of weeks with the yokels and his favourite chickens, Papa Paradox has agreed to step in and help out. Thanks Para! We'll be on-hand to observe and commentate on the action.

That's all for now. Be sure to stop by this Saturday at 4pm EST to see all of the action. Once again, a huge thanks to the Muse team for letting us muck around on their Test Server. Those guys are awesome.

See you then and good luck. Stay safe.


Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 6 - Preview
« on: April 22, 2013, 09:41:31 pm »
What's this? Another Cogs preview, fashionably late of course. (Click to enlarge)

Sorry about the delay. The match between Occasionally Effect and Muse was arranged during the time I usually spend knocking up most or all of the preview. It'll happen again, but not too often.

Community Events / "The Cogs" Week 5 - Brackets
« on: April 17, 2013, 02:13:57 pm »
Aah, and here we are again. Things just got serious, guys. The Cogs are full. All nine active spots are now filled by the brave and the bold, the proud and the plucky... But they're worried, and they're right to be. From this point on, there are no second chances, no lucky breaks. The Newcomer's Proving Ground is now a graveyard, where the unworthy, the unfit or the just plain unlucky will see their loss rewarded with ejection and shame.

That's right, it's all to play for now. Match 1's consequences are now live and the punishment for a loss at this stage is ejection from The Cogs*. To those teams unlucky enough to have either joined late or fallen into the rotation of the Upcomer's Cog, I'll say this: Good Luck.

Here are the brackets for Week 5. (Click to enlarge)

Match 1 sees the stalwart roster of Corvus Marauders facing off against the latest Ducks entry of The Dover around the corroded metallic skeleton of the leviathan in the Battle on the Dunes. Will the practiced and drilled roster of Corvus maintain it's position within The Cogs, or will the unorthodox insanity that is Dover prevail through sheer versatility and willpower? One thing's for sure, Dover are bringing something crazy to the party, and both of us on The Cogs casting team are looking forward to seeing exactly what the latest offering from The Ducks can do.

Match 2 features the dapper excellence that is The Gentlemen sturggling to prove their worth after the humiliating defeat at the hands of the Ducks in their own domain in Week 3. In a cruel twist of fate, however, they must now defend their veteran position against the relative newcomers The Brood, who slaughtered their sister team in the previous week in a serious demonstration of the dangers of Duck-on-Duck violence to earn their shot at the Challenger's Cog. Defeat is not an option for the Gentlemen but with the sheer volume of Ducks within The Cogs at this stage, there's a real chance that the toffs could end up being compeltely overwhelmed by our would-be feathered overlords. In an even crueler twist of fate, guess which map this avian bloodbath rolled? That's right, the Gentlemen are returning once again to the site of their greatest triumph and their most recent loss. Northern Fjords. Excited yet? I am.

Match 3 is going to be a showcase to remember and potentially one of the defining matches within competitive GoIO as we know it. The undefeated champions with of The Cogs with a winning streak of five victories in as many weeks, The Paddling, are the undisputed masters of sniping tactics. Many have tried to take them down at pretty much every range imaginable, and all have failed. Even the pure aggression of Merry Northern Storm was parried and dispatched last week with a metaphorical backhander from the Ducks. They've systematically cut their way through almost every team within The Cogs and seized the top-spot. Now though, they face what could be their greatest challenge so far. Enter Polaris Company, the Russian powerhouse that overwhelmed the Muse team and sent the illustrious Pastafarians back down to the Upcomer's Cog with one of the most unorthadox and meta-breaking builds we've seen so far, the BlenderSpire. Now, they smell blood. The Russians are so close to the topspot and so close to doing what Pastafarians couldn't and rising to the champion spot in a single brutal combo. But to do that, Polaris will have to do what the entire community has so far been unable to do; bring down the Ducks. It's gonna be a brutal and unforgiving match for both teams as they're sent into the murky mists that surround the rubble and wreckage of Duel at Dawn. Will the Ducks be able to keep their bills firmly clamped around the Champion Cog, or will the merciless Russian onslaught prove too much for the community favourites?

Match 4(!?) is something of a special event. Veteran forum-goers will by now be familiar with the Museosaurs's regular and futile attempts to defeat a community-selected organised team. Picked by an open vote on the official Guns of Icarus Online Facebook page, Muse will thrown down the gauntlet to whomever the community deems worthy of the dev's fury... And this week, it just so happens that Muse have gotten desperate. You heard me, they've gotten bored of picking on their superiors within The Cogs, and have conspired to come up with an opponent that they feel might prove their equal, or even their lesser. Us. Yes, us. Occasionally Effective, the Casters. Set over a monsterous Best of Three, with the loser picking the maps after an initial coin toss, we here are Occasionally Effective would like to wish our counterparts within the Muse team the best of luck with the maps they will inevitably be picking.

Tune into the Occasionally Effective stream on Saturday, 4pm EST to follow all the action with our resident caster, Qwerty2Jam, and don't forget to stick around to watch us attempt to curbstomp the Muse team. How hard can it be? We'll see.

That's all for now. But enough from me, what's your view? With three Duck teams in the three matches of today, who are you rooting for? Will you clap for their rivals, the Russians, the Gentlemen and Corvus, or are you quacking for the Ducks all the way?

Either way, that's all you get until Saturday.

Good luck, and stay safe.


*Quick note for those of you who are worried about this: Teams are eligible to sign up for a newcomer spot immediately after their ejection. They're not permanently removed... They just have to prove themselves again.

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