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Community Guide / More Guides can be found in a different forum section
« on: January 23, 2015, 02:38:22 am »
As muse decided it was a great idea to have two sections for the same thing for reasons I can't comprehend, let me link you to the more active guide section on these forums Classroom -> Guides. And while we're at it, also check out our steam guides!

Q&A / What's the default class?
« on: December 28, 2014, 11:39:57 am »
What is the class people have got selected when they start Guns of Icarus for the first time?

Feedback and Suggestions / Competitive scene section on GoIOs website
« on: December 14, 2014, 06:56:27 am »
That section is horribly outdated (the most recent event featured there ended a year ago).
The competitive section on GoIOs website should be maintained properly, featuring all ongoing events at least. If that's not possible I think we'd be better of deleting it entirely. If I were new to the game and would see this this calendar 'featuring competitive activities' I'd assume GoIOs clanscene was dead. That impression is definitely worse (and more misleading) than no information on this topic at all.

So muse is working on a new impact-dmg based gun which will allow us to push our enemies around. While I like the weapon concept. I think the name Minotoar doesn't fit it at all and should be replaced with "Rhinoceros".
Lets have a look at the pros and cons of each name.

Pros and cons for nameing the gun "Minotoar":
- As Minotaurs are basically cows, everyone will think of the new gun as a milk-bottle distribution system. How misleading is that?
- Cows put aside, the only other thing that can be associated with Minotaurs are Labyrinths. Labyrinths are associated with "confinement" and "linear level design" which entirely contradicts "freedom of the skies"-atmosphere GoIO is advertised with.
- the name sounds silly

Pros and cons for nameing the gun "Rhinoceros":
+ Rhinos are famous for their charge and rams. This fits a gun which fires "ramming-projectiles" to bounce enemy ships around perfectly
+ Unlike Minotaurs which rot in their filthy labyrinth, Rhinos are known to inhabit the skies. How much better does this fit into an airship game?
+ There have been numerous reports of Rhinos invading Airships Throughout the entire world of guns of Icarus. Hence the name would add to the games immersion.
+ The name sounds awesome.
- none

That's a sum of 4 pros against a sum of 3 cons in favor of the "Rhinoceros". So based on this unbiased analysis we can conclude "Rhinoceros" is a vastly better fitting name for the new gun compared to "Minotoar". So I Hereby ask muse to change the name ASAP before the community make fun of the "milk-bottle-gun".
An interesting variation of the name might be "Rhinoroar", which would cause the name to be even more fear-inducing as it reminds the players of intimidating rhino battle-cries

Feedback and Suggestions / Search animation
« on: November 07, 2014, 04:03:41 am »

This thing really bugs me.
"Gears are appropriate to introduce,
if they look like they have a legitimate use"

That thing doesn't look like it has got a legitimate use. It's a glued on gear. Remove it or make it look like it does something, please!

Feedback and Suggestions / Clan chat
« on: November 05, 2014, 01:09:27 am »
Does anyone currently use the clan chat?
Personally I've never really used the clan chat in my SIR days - nor do I do so in Ryders now. While there's often stuff worth sharing the clan (e.g. lobby passwords) and the feature is interesting for cross-match discussions, I still never use it. That's mostly because the clan chat in its separate tab tends to be ignored entirely. I suggest to integrate the clan chat into the match- and perhaps also the global chat. That's where the action takes place and people usually look at.

Feedback and Suggestions / Problems with matchmaking
« on: October 20, 2014, 02:41:03 pm »
Matchmaking fills ships with more than 1 gunner
I just wanted to play as a gunner and used the match making system to find a lobby. The matchmaking system put me into ships which already had a gunner 3 times in a row. That's bad because you've designed GoIO in a way that having more than one gunner is not a viable option on any ship with any loadout. Hence I'd appreciate if you'd try to fill ships with 1 captain, 1 gunner and 2 engineers by default (unless the captain has set recommended loadouts in which case the classes suggested there should be used).

Its not possible to change the class after  a match started
with the 3rd re-try, the system put me into a match which started immediately after I've joined the lobby. Unfortunatly I've been a second gunner yet again.
Before the patch it was possible to change ones class after the match started by hoping out of the game and rejoining manually via friendlist or by searching for the match in the lobby browser. I'm not sure whether that's a feature or a glitch, but regardless it has been a handy tool to swap the class right after the match start in a situation like this. Unfortunately I didn't have friends in the lobby I've been in. Hence I couldn't change  my class and we had to play with 2 gunners on a pyramideon against flamers. That didn't turn out well.

Feedback and Suggestions / Recommended loadouts
« on: October 20, 2014, 01:48:26 pm »
Awesome feature! Thanks for implementing it!
I'm currently setting the load-outs for my ships and I've already got two suggestions:
1.) Recommended loadout for captains. I notoriously forget to adjust my own loadout to the ship I'm flying. Hence I'd like to be able to set ship-specific loadouts for myself.
2.) The default engineering tool for the gunner should be the wrench.

Another remark:
People tend to be really picky when it comes to which tool should be in which slot. This might be problematic... I've got no idea how to address it properly though.

Feedback and Suggestions / Competitive dev app events.
« on: October 04, 2014, 05:47:42 am »
It is my understanding muse currently lacks feedback for dev app changes. In order to change this we could establish occasional competitive dev app events (once every month or so or even on muses request) the format and execution could be similar to the SCS.
This would not only encourage experienced players to get into possible game-balance changes who could then provide the devs with solid feedback, but there would also be video material which could be analysed.

What are your thoughts on this? And more importantly what does muse think about this, as such an event would be an open violation of the agreement every user signs before starting the dev app?

Q&A / Is a shots damage applied simultaniously or sequentially?
« on: October 04, 2014, 05:30:15 am »
Shots have got a primary and a secondary damage. Is it applied simultaniously or sequentially? And if it's applied sequentially is the primary damage applied before the secondary damage?
My experiences with the heavy flak suggest the latter (I think I've occasionaly destroyed a damaged ships hull armor and perma hull with a single shot). However an offical confirmation of this thesis or a rejection + elaboration of what actually happens would be nice.

Feedback and Suggestions / Muse, give us a better wind simulation!
« on: July 17, 2014, 11:35:55 am »
Currently GoIs winds feel kind of dull - some static force pulling you into the same direction over the entire map. Usually we only notice it if we try to keep in a static position for sniping.
That's sad. Wind could make an awesome game mechanic: Imagine yourself using current peaks to burst through the gaps in canyons - or using the swirls behind rocks to decelerate quickly! It would add an entirely new layer to consider for strategical positioning as well because wind could make certain spots more (or less) attractive for approaches/escapes.

Now I'm not into game-physics-programming, but I figure any sort of live-wind-calculation is a no-go as it'll likely be to computational heavy. So in order to make this work precalculating the wind behaviour and generating some sort of look-up-table/grid for later ingame usage is probably a better approach. Here's an idea how to create and use such a table/grid with (hopefully) relatively low effort:
1. Export your maps to a file format a CFD-simulation software of your choice can handle.
2. run some simulations with a set fluid(air) entry and exit areas. Optional: run the simulation with different boundary conditions to generate data for winds of different intensity and direction (WIND SHIFTS FUCK YEAH!)
3. export the generated wind data in a format that's useable for you.
4. generate a look-up-table/grid from the simulation data and put it into the corresponding map
5. ingame check the position of the ship every second or so and look up the windspeed corresponding to the position in the table/grid.

Feedback and Suggestions / Captain Loadout Presets
« on: July 02, 2014, 03:07:09 am »
One of the major reasons why the Lobbies of Icarus last as long as they do are picky pilots who need time to convince their crew to bring a viable crew-loadout. Lobbies are occasionally prolonged a lot by that one guy who is neither responsive to voice- nor to text chat including pms. Sometimes these issues are language related as a player might outright not understand the requests made by the captain; Other unresponsive players might be tabed out of the game and miss a ship change and then there are those who struggle with the UI and think they have adjusted their equipment but didn't do so as they hit the back button instead of the customization complete button after changing their loadout.
I think all of these issues can be addressed by introducing a system which fulfills two requirements: 1.) Provide the captain with a more powerful and intuitive way to communicate their loadout suggestion than text- or voice chat and 2.) Make players actively disagree with loadout suggestions rather than actively agree like they have to now (by manually adjusting their loadouts in the crew menu).

Here's a concept for a system which fulfills these requirements:
- Let pilots to define crew-loadout presets for their ship builds (which can be set in the ship-building-menu). Ideally a short description for the role can be set here as well.
- If a player joins the crew, let him see a pop-up with up to 4 options: the suggested crew loadouts and a "join with own loadout" button.
- If a player picks a pre-set loadout, remove that option from the selection pop-up.
- If a player leaves the match add the role he selected to the pop-up menu again.
- Allow players to repick their role
- If a player adjusts their loadout in the crew-loadout menu add the role he selected to the pop-up menu again if 3 or more tools have been changed. This allows minor, matchspecific adjustments.
- If the captain changes the ship, let the crew re-select their loadout from the pop-up menu.
- If a player doesn't select an option from the pop-up menu within a given time span (20-30s?) select the option which is closest to the players current loadout and has not been taken by another player yet.
- Allow captains to remove crew-loadout options from the pop-up menu. This is to deal with players who have chosen the "join with own loadout"-option
- infrom the crew about loadout changes in text-chat

are the boni additive (e.g. charged&buffed: 1+.3+.2 = 1.5) or are they multiplicative (e.g. charged&buffed: 1*1.3*1.2 = 1.6)? Or is it more complex?

Feedback and Suggestions / Novice Lobby Presets
« on: June 21, 2014, 05:19:52 am »
It is my understanding that the novice lobby loadouts have not been updated for quite a while. Outdated Gat/flak combos seem to be present there and I've even heard rumors about the infamous flak-fish still being selectable. Anyway I'd like to suggest a couple of builds for the beginner ships (pyra, goldie, junker, right?) which are currently quite popular and have been proven to work fine.

1.) gat front right, mortar front left, carro lower side, beacon upper side
2.) hades front right, flak front left, artemis lower side, beacon upper side
3.) artemis front right, mercury front left, flamer lower side, beacon upper side

1.) Carro front, flamer right, banshee left
2.) Hwacha front, gatling right, carronade left
3.) Lumber font, flamer right, beacon left

1.) Beacon front, hades low left, flak or banshee top left, gat low right, mortar top right (side guns could be swapped as sets)
2.) Artemis front, artemis low left, artemis top left, gat low right, mortar top right (side guns could be swapped as sets)
3.) Mercury front, 2 gatlings on the lower deck, 2 gatlings on the upper deck

Just stumbled upon this outrageous poster stating art deco wouldn't fit into a steampunk world:

So wrong! There is no megalomaniac architectural era fits the theme better! Fortunately some muse-artists seem to have some sense left in and smuggled the queen of art deco itself, the chrysler building, into a concept art (bottom right):

Scrap Paritan and use it to build a city that features true 19th/20th century turn megalomania! (alter this one a bit and it'd make an excellent airship port for a city center!)

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