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Feedback and Suggestions / Re: My 5 Cent's On What should be added
« on: March 05, 2013, 07:51:51 am »
Oceania servers are fine but not if youre living in Australia. 250+ ping Isnt really fun when the ship freezes every so often same with the weapons, For it to be good it needs to be at 120~ 100~ even.

Feedback and Suggestions / Re: My 5 Cent's On What should be added
« on: February 27, 2013, 01:54:23 am »
Yeah, they mentioned LAN and id love to see it put it.

yeah I read how its a perfect size, but what if new ships were made that suits a larger crew? ATM 4 crew is good but because of lag its difficult nevertheless its a good crew size.

Oh , I didn't see they wanted to implement Steam Workshop , I'll keep my eyes out for it. Id like to see a few more things implemented but Ill wait and see what happens.

 The current dev team is amazing though just wanted to say You guys are doing a great job. 

Feedback and Suggestions / My 5 Cent's On What should be added
« on: February 26, 2013, 09:48:49 pm »
hey guys,

Well i bought the game a little while ago (4 pack) for my friends and I and we freaking love the game.

With this said i still think a few things should be considered allow me to list them and give an idea why?

- First off lets start with PING, As an Australian player i find it extremely difficult to play on 260+ Ping. Its hard to steer/repair/shoot. I understand AUS servers aren't easy nor cheap to come by but i thought this wouldn't happen unless a way larger aus player base joined the game. Then i thought why not try adding a LAN feature? I read the FAQ but Im still throwing it in or even better give us the ability to host our own servers. This would remove the need for aus based servers from you. this here would allow me to email a few hosts down here and ask if they would run the server so i can buy one and run a completely awesome aus server. This would really help in allowing you guys to reach a larger player not just in Australia but all over the world.

- Larger Crew Size. Ive read most the topics on the forums and asked people around but sometimes i feel like 4 is too limited well at least in SOME cases. EG. Allowing us to decide when we host a game what we would want per team (5-6 people to a team) With this said, I noticed how it could be hard to play when they have people spamming repair or all weapons are armed and ready so i thought about suggesting a new game mode, where only "larger" ships could be used thus would result in higher crew cap. Personally i would love to see more crew members to a team mainly because I've got 12 people who just wanna fit in one ship haha, but with a cap of 6 it allows more friends, More fun , more destroying , more repairing, more of everything! 

- Need help? Allow people to create and submit maps, give them certain rules or codes to follow while doing so but if this was possible I'm sure a lot of people would jump at the chance to be apart of the map designing stages, Giving them the ability to make maps which i would assume would be better if they were submitted to you instead of players just hosting their own map games but giving you the chance to review a players creation would help you guys maybe?

I know the game hasn't been flying out very long but i've noticed when devs take in what players suggest it actually helps the overall game, these here are my ideas to improve on a great game and i understand how this has been around the block already but whats the harm in just posting it up for all to read.

I wish the game ALL the best as I won't stop playing it regardless. Hopefully I'll stick around the forums as well and get to know everyone!

Thanks Guys,


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