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Community Events / Re: Fridays at Five (new event)
« on: June 17, 2016, 06:37:33 pm »
Very interesting setup, will be fun to see how this develops further. A big thanks to mr Solidusbucket for takining the initiative to organize. o7

Sugar Gliders signing up and ready to rumble!

POC: Lord Scottworth and HungoverEngie

Community Events / Re: Back to Basics 3.1!!
« on: March 06, 2016, 09:11:01 am »
Allright, at the moment I've managed to shanghai a full ship +1 crew, possibly +2 crew. I'll see if I can make that into two full ships with no remainders.

Community Events / Re: Back to Basics 3.1!!
« on: March 06, 2016, 08:22:16 am »
I'll try to whip up some of my fellow smug... er, legitimate trade representatives.


Sugar Gliders signing up and ready to rumble!

POC: Mirwen and Hungover Engie

I would have, hadn't it been I saw your post more or less just now. x)

Terribly sorry, there might a have been a slight mix up.
Deadstone Trading Company and Les Moutons Braises are aiming to participate in the next week's SCS, not this one I'm afraid.
Sorry for any complications that may occur.

After a long and unpleasant journey, you find yourself on the Docks of Muse Bay. The harbour is busy with leathery stevedores and stern looking officials from the Tolls & Customs Office. Sailors on shore leave are lazing in the sun or boasting about their latest endeavor. Captains are dicussing travelling routes.

Through an alleway, a small shanty town on an unclaimed plot, littered about with caravans and canvas tents, creating a labyrinthine maze of fabric, wood and the smell of outdoors cooking.

A caravan wagon is serving drinks, and a stew with sinewy meat and fatty broth. A sign reads


A couple of longtables are lined next to each other, seated nomads and sailors alike are chattering and playing cards.

A lone figure with his naked feet resting on the endtable. His boots, dusty and unpolished are placed next his chair, socks stuffed in. The brim of his cap pulled down on the bridge of his nose, and his navy blue coat hanging over the chair.
He's gently snoring, and smells faintly of tar.

Anyways, enough silliness. This is the thread where I'll handle all the logistics and handling of new applicants to the Deadstone Trading Co. We welcome any and all able adventurers and brave buccaneers, my only requirement from you is a friendly demeanor and willingness to work with a team as a whole. Age or skill level is irrelevant, but a certain level of maturity and politeness is appreciated if you want to join, and will get you a long way in the game in general.

As long as you remember to have fun and make sure people around you are as well, everything will be fine, just fine.

We are currently not too into the competetive scene, but I have my ambitions to wrassle up a team for some of the bigger events and tournaments.

The Docks / Re: Current Available Clans
« on: January 27, 2016, 02:40:24 pm »
Clan Name: Deadstone Trading Company

Clan Leader(s): HungoverEngie
Clan Tag:[DdCo]
Members: Err... ten maybe?
Website: TBA
Location: All are welcome, but the Company is currently based in Europe.
Looking For: Again, all are welcome, skill level or age is irrelevant. That being said, applicants are expected to behave in a mature and friendly fashion. Saltyness will be frowned upon. Willingness to work with a team is, obviously, a must.
Other Assets: I cannot speak for all my members, but I'll try to make myself available for coaching and general teaching. Whithin limits, I am only human after all.
Recruitment Thread: TBA, thread is on the way.

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