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The Docks / Re: The Grim Reapers
« on: January 02, 2016, 04:02:05 am »
"I remember the battle if it were yesterday, or maybe it was yesterday... (For Reapers time is a hard thing to keep track of, as we count in eaten souls, not days) The moral among the crew was as grim as ever. The tension was high, as were the levels of the opposing sailors. Though low moral might have been a fatality for your everyday sailor, for Grim Reapers it means we are at our best. Ship after ship got eaten by the fire of our Manticores, the thunder of the cannons only surpassed by exploding engines of wooden airboats.

One thing occurred to me though. Among the cannon fodder ships, one preformed excruciatingly well. Every now and then brawling one of our ships to the bottom of the cold dark fjords. This ship was a thorn in our side and we knew what to do. This was a perfect moment to show the  power of the Soul Seeker mask. Without the slightest realization, we took possession of the soul of one of the best crew members of that ship. It turned out no decision could have been better. The next few matches were like harvesting. The souls of the damned poured into the underground. Never did we encounter such a feast and how better to celebrate with a night of Pigeon Simulator!!

In the end we decided to let the poor soul walk free around his deck a while longer. But who knows, maybe he will come in handy once more one day. When that day comes, at least we know were to find him."

- From the journal of the Lifeless Hatter

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