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Title: Match ends are jarring
Post by: giupviecnha on September 29, 2020, 10:03:02 pm
When the final kill is successfully completed to bring about the end of the match, the Victory/Defeat screen comes in far too quickly.

It seems that the millisecond the ship is destroyed, you're yanked out of the match and into the result screen. This makes it jarring and often even confusing, since you don't even get to see the ship debris for context. This is amplified when the match ends in a brawl at 4 - 4 and nobody has ANY idea who won right when it finishes.

The suggestion seems simple: extend the match view for even one or two seconds so that we can SEE who gets destroyed. Even just a glimpse should be enough to assign context. As it is now, it's simply unpleasant and opens up the door for confusing situations.