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Title: Sunset Blitz 2 Gameday Thread
Post by: Lysanya on December 08, 2018, 01:47:43 pm
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Sunset Blitz 2 will be the first event hosted under the CoG umbrella!  Click here to join the newest events community! (

Don't forget the random drawings for participants and stream viewers!
Dyes, paints, figureheads, and more!

Game mode: Search & Destroy
Map: Drowning Wastes

Our teams will participate in the following order:
Up first: The Pomegranates
Up second: Chicken Coop Mine Magicians
Up third: Glowwater Thralls
Up fourth: Recovery Squadron
Up fifth: Iron Hell

Good luck to all teams involved!  The festivities begin at 2PM EST!
Title: Re: Sunset Blitz 2 Gameday Thread
Post by: Lysanya on December 08, 2018, 04:56:14 pm
Congratulations to Glowwater Thralls with a time of 3:23.15!!!

Here are the final results of Sunset Blitz 2:
1st place: Glowwater Thralls
Run 1: 5:03.34, 2 supply ships, time 4:03:34
Run 2: 4:23.15, 2 supply ships, time 3:23.15

2nd place: The Pomegranites
Run 1: 4:47.73, 2 supply ships, time 3:47.73
Run 2: 5:18.67, 2 supply ships, time 4:18.67

3rd place: Recovery Squadron
Run 1: 5:04.55, 2 supply ships, time 4:04.55
Run 2: 6:09.31, 1 supply ship, time 5:39.31

4th place: Iron Hell
Run 1: 5:21.51, 2 supply ships, time 4:21.51
Run 2: Failed run

5th place: Chicken Coop Mine Magicians
Run 1: 9:42.10, 2 supply ships, time 8:42.10
Run 2: 6:45.37, 1 supply ship, time 6:45.37

Expect the dyes, paints, titles, etc to be distributed by next weekend.

The map change requested by the winners will take effect next prewar.

Lore timeline is TBD.

Thanks to everyone who participated!  We're hoping to hold the next Sunset Blitz in January!  Stay tuned for more info!