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Title: Remove coin limits.
Post by: Richard LeMoon on May 06, 2018, 05:52:09 pm
1. Remove the coin cap for all players.
2. Remove the faction bank restriction. Your coins go with you when joining another faction.

Argument against: People could strategically pool and then dump their coins to rapidly flip territories.

Argument for: People could strategically pool and then dump their coins to rapidly flip territories.
Title: Re: Remove coin limits.
Post by: Cookie Flava on May 07, 2018, 04:12:19 am
I don't feel Muse will implement this. It encourages exactly the playstyle they do not want on the world map.

1) It promotes a hoarding play-style as you identify. This is not exciting, its not dynamic and it does not make the world map and exciting place. I think it would actually result in stalling and slowing down the war.
2) It makes the world screen mean even less. If it can all change territory instantly and this is in no way visible there is no way to predict. A level of strategy is removed.
3) Muse wants us to feel our battles effect the world not our mass hoarding of coins. This devalues performance in matches over simply dumping coin at the right time right place.
4) Worst of all its awful for new players. One of the hooks of the world map is to make the new player believe and see themselves making a "difference". If caps are removed then the new player is robbed of this belief. "Nothing I do matters". It makes the classic problem in this game of experienced veterans overpower new players.
5) Its terrible for the whole concept of factions if faction bank is removed. There is then almost nothing that ties you to a faction. What is encouraged is not allegiance, loyalty and TEAMWORK but out of game scheming and much more highly individual play. Your fantasy of top ten anime betrayals to me sound like a nightmare.

Maybe not all of these are valid arguments but good luck trying to get muse to implement this.
Title: Re: Remove coin limits.
Post by: Richard LeMoon on May 07, 2018, 06:52:32 pm
Counter counter arguments.

1: I disagree. Current map play is very dull and machine-like with very predictable results and hardly any strategy. Play X matches, spend X coins. Repeat. Hoarding and spending at once changes this to trying to predict when the other factions will make their move, and trying to outplay them.

2. Disagree. It would make the map far more involving. As said before, there is hardly any strategy. The only way you could make less is making the map play itself.

3. Disagree. I feel right now that my matches mean nothing. Being able to effect the map more with hoarding coins would actually make me feel like I could make a difference on the map.

4. Disagree. New players could earn just as many coins as vets. Now, they can't. They max at 200, which buys them reduced effect items. The current system handicaps new players.

5a. Nothing should tie you to the Factions. We are privateers from an invaded land. You can't force everyone to play to your tune. If people want to be dedicated faction teamwork person, they can. If they want to betray their faction and sink them, they should have that option as well.

5b. It is confusing to people to lose their coins when switching factions.
Title: Re: Remove coin limits.
Post by: HamsterIV on May 08, 2018, 11:55:25 am
I don't see much point in getting and spending coins, and I don't think any change to the way we can bank them will cause me to gain interest. The whole "faction warfare" has no meaningful impact on the game play. At the end of the day I am here for sky fight not to redraw the world map.
Title: Re: Remove coin limits.
Post by: Corporal Ravioli on May 11, 2018, 05:05:25 pm
I agree completely with Hamster. The world map is dull and doesn't affect gameplay in any meaningful aspect. The most I can gather is that we want to turn blobs into other colored blobs. There's no explorable territory to alter or gain any sense of sentimentality for, no agency, and no stimuli.

I remember a fireside or q/a where the team was asked how they intended to enliven the conquest minigame, and I feel like they skipped three chapters and just started talking about "oh wood" and "oh oil" without touching on what any of this has to do with any sort of rewarding experience. It's like they started with the assumption that it is exciting and framed the question around how to tune what was already there.
Title: Re: Remove coin limits.
Post by: Naoura on May 12, 2018, 05:19:36 pm
Personally, I see the world map as being interesting, but ultimately pointless. It's fun to see the bars tick up, but nothing much occurs from it, including the wars. Sure, having your name mentioned is nice... but meh? I suppose that puts me in Hamster's camp, but there are hose who DO heavily enjoy the map gameplay and playing hard in Alliance.

I personally don't see, logically, why a player would lose all of the gold from their faction, but I certainly see them losing a percentage, similar if not identical to the Reputation loss. You've been with the faction for x amount of time, gotten to x rank, you lose y% of gold. Flavor it as you will, you're a privateer who had to book it, you only managed to withdraw that amount from the faction bank, what have you. But Mechanically, the rule would be simple enough, you lose a percentage.

Caps... Caps I'm mixed on. 1: They *do* allow another level of achievement for each level gained in factions. The levels are so distant and annoying to grind for. 2: They *are* a major way to influence the world map, especially for those who just stick to PvP and don't grind in PvE. In PvP, you always get a locked, basic cap on how much you can earn every match, 200. Alliance, I believe, is the same, or at least close. The cap may be there as part of the leveling process, giving something for the player to actually enjoy receiving, as well as to encourage spending early on. The thought is that newer players will do worse, and so may gain less in coins. As such, their cap is lower, making them pleased and encouraging them to spend it when they hit the cap. It certainly locks them to lesser ability to influence the map, but it also means that they have more in the way of instant gratification.

tl;dr: Lose a moderate percentage on changing faction rather than everything, unsure on the cap, but keep/raise it slightly in order to keep it as part of the leveling process.