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Title: Faction Lore Stories
Post by: Nerdhector on March 25, 2018, 05:30:07 pm
So Zennoch came up with this idea and asked me to post it on the forum, so here goes:

"I have 2 lore stories I have concocted:
1) I had the idea of an interactive campaign series of videos, which basically would tell the story of a yeshan scout team that went out to explore and find other factions. And they would have to fight a lot. It would mix in both PvE missions and PvP missions. Basically, the team would start by going down through arashi turf, then through merchant lands to chaladon, wraping around through the baronies and angleasns(where they would find blueprints for the detonator).

It is just an idea. Though it can be realised at some point.

2)A concept story about a group of chaladonian spies that had found out about the plan for a massive yeshan flagship under construction. They would have to flee back to the isles and inform them of the event and avoid the yeshan attack fleets, bounty hunters and more(Kind of like FTL). As the spies return, they are forced into a battle against the flagship's defenders(including a prototype sovereign with an auto-fire detonator) with little more than a small escort fleet and a vanquisher(Kind of like Rogue one:A SW story). The spies manage to blow it up and the prototype, but the remaining defenders would crush them"

So, what's your opinion on this? Are you interested to help out?

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Title: Re: Faction Lore Stories
Post by: Bookkeepper on March 25, 2018, 05:48:36 pm
I like the ideas. A video series would be’d need at least 2 pilots and a spectator to commit to it. But I want it to happen! Second idea sounds good for a story...

But not for me. I am not really a writer and I can tell I won’t be able to do a long story - my recent short story only came about because I had ait already finished in my head.
Title: Re: Faction Lore Stories
Post by: Nerdhector on March 26, 2018, 10:38:55 am
For everyone interested, here is a link to the Discord group:

It's only for the first idea though, the second one is even more in concept state and we got to start somewhere …