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Title: How does one pilot/build the Judgement airship in PVP (if at all?)
Post by: Machofish on January 05, 2018, 05:56:06 pm
Hey, relatively new player here. I've really fallen head-over-heels for GoIO, practically can't put the game down.
Since 'graduating' from Novice, I've been trying to learn how to pilot the Judgement, and I've played around with a few different weapon compositions. I've won some, I've lost some, but I've been getting mixed feedback: Based on what my teammates have said to me after a few games, I am apparently decent pilot and simultaneously the worst player that some people have encountered. Looking around the forums for advice, I'm also realizing that: A) With such a tightly-knit community, it's important that I avoid making a bad first impression, and B) There seem to be no detailed guides about piloting and arming the Judgement for PVP.

I was wondering if anyone had experience or wisdom they could share to a new player about piloting a Judgement in PVP - or if it would just be better to start learning another ship instead?
Title: Re: How does one pilot/build the Judgement airship in PVP (if at all?)
Post by: Naoura on January 06, 2018, 08:23:37 am
First of all, welcome to our humble and wonderful game, and we hope to see you stick around!

Second, however, is that I, personally, would say try a few of the other ships first. Judgement has had some mixed opinions about it, some absolutely love it, others are less enthusiastic.

As for piloting, I would learn some of the base ships first, such as Goldfish, Pyra, and Junker. These give a good baseline on piloting and are really good for beginners, and they keep current throughout your lifetime through the game. Goldie is the bread-and-butter of GOIO.

Easiest way to try and figure out a build? Try and find a higher level and ask if you can crew with them aboard a Judgement. You can get a build suggestion from anyone, but until you see it in action, it's hard to tell if it's the right build for you. Crewing one while in a less-than-critical role, i.e. Gunner, gives you some time to understand how the ship fits together, and how it works for your playstyle.

Other than that, trial and effort. That's pretty much how every single meta and offbuild that GOIO offers formed, through a lot of attempts, not a few explosions, and the wonderful Eureka moment when you finally piece that fun, efficient build together.

Good luck, and fair winds!
Title: Re: How does one pilot/build the Judgement airship in PVP (if at all?)
Post by: Long Max on January 06, 2018, 09:22:25 am
Yes, learning old good ship give you good base, but the temptation is great. Judgement is op in low level lobby now. Answer, how "piloting" it is simple - like pyramidon. Go forward, keep  you front and stardoard "front" gun on target, don't let somebody pass you, ram softed enemy if you want, don't ram if you afraid of lost gun arc.  Guns loadout - you can take it from any Spire guide +  one more heavy gun, its all about concentrate fire. Crew management is more complex, but let's look on it like on Spire again, in start all crew sit on guns and supress enemy with massive fire, if you take to much damdge engineer(s) go for his sector of repairing, "gunner" keep switching between survaved guns for shooting enemy back.
Title: Re: How does one pilot/build the Judgement airship in PVP (if at all?)
Post by: SteamBrains on January 10, 2018, 08:47:35 am
Once you've got a feel for flying it, you have a few options. The judgement as you know has 2 heavy bones, one facing forwards and one slightly aimed to the right (if you're on the ship looking off the bow) there are also 3 light guns, 2 adjacent to the captain facing forwards, and 1 off the back of the ship. If you fancy a little bit of good ol close range shooting, go and grab yourself a Halacha or 2, or maybe a Halacha and a heavy carronade for balloon popping. The 2 light guns I would definitely include a Gatling, and either a flak or banshee for when the enemy's hull is down for that extra kill power. As for the gun on you're aft, mine launcher, flamer, banshee whatever you want. There has been some really cool use of harpoon on the back of a judgement as well. If your going for some long range domination, toss on a lumberjack to pop their balloons, maybe a Minotaur to spin them around and strip hull. For light guns double Artemis has been prettty effective, but you could get cute and toss on a gat banshee for some close range potential if a situation gets sour. All in all, really cool new ship. Can't wait to see how it evolves. Let me know what builds you're working out!

Title: Re: How does one pilot/build the Judgement airship in PVP (if at all?)
Post by: SteamBrains on January 10, 2018, 08:48:13 am
Bones = guns