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Title: Game Modes
Post by: Ice Blade on October 29, 2017, 02:24:19 pm
Hello, New to the game and it keeps putting me in novice death match.  Are there other game modes? If so how do we access them?  When I click on match list I occasionally see king of the hill and but it won't let me make one of those modes.
Title: Re: Game Modes
Post by: Schwalbe on October 29, 2017, 02:41:42 pm
This is because you are still considered by the system (and, no offence - rightfully so) as a novice. Thus it puts you novice lobbies first.
Considering that those should be the most of those as of now, it's not a big surprise.

The other game modes are king of the hill (one point control), crazy king (5 control points spread all over the map, each point is active for set amount of time - only in 3v3 and 4v4 matches) and VIP Deathmatch (top ship is a VIP, killing those grants more points toward the end goal of 15 if I remember correctly).

But back on the topic:

Trust me - you want to stay in the novice lobbies as long as possible. To have a chance to learn for yourself, get accustomed to controls and stuff like that - NOT NECESSARILY to loadouts, cause many new players I see has totally garbage, non-optimal loadouts.

Chances are, if you try skipping that part, that:

1) You will get a game against the veterans, who will most likely obliterate your butt under the duration of Slayer's Angel Of Death (4:30)

2) Get crewed on ship with veterans, and as of now - this is a russian rullette. General rule of thumb: show you communicate, show you care for what you are being told and asked to, ask questions about loadout, orders, etc. Considering you are not out of luck, this will gain you some sympathy and potential redemption and understanding even if things go south.

3) Or you can get crewed with veterans who are simply tired of novices, or even worse you will not show you want to cooperate with them - which will cause more or less severe consequences. This point takes into account both normal people simply tired and not really trustful after the years and utter assholes.

You will get out of novice status once you reach level eeeerm, 8 I believe? That's what it used to be at least months ago.

Another piece of advice: if you get crewed with people - check their match count. Compare it with yours. If the number of matches played is above 800 - that person most likely either knows or is aware of what he/she is doing.

Well. That's that.
Clear skies, and hopefully have fun. ^^
Title: Re: Game Modes
Post by: Schwalbe on October 29, 2017, 02:45:38 pm
Oh, and a word of warning.

Avoid GROX clan, in any way it's written.

It's a clan hoarding new players by literally spamming people sometimes, does not give you any opportunities to actually find any coherence, and more experienced players will most likely look down upon you, suspecting the worst of you.