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Title: Defense cooldown time. (global map)
Post by: Ijustwanttoplay on July 14, 2017, 07:19:56 am
Currently there is no reason in the successful completion of the Defense. It will reset just at the moment the faction completes it. But this is illogical. When a Faction completes the Attack mission they got a new territory as a reward. And when a Faction completes the Defence they only got their efforts wasted. And also in real life if for example one army is defeated, while attacking another one, they can not just start an attack again, because they have had loses during the first unsuccessful attack, and now they need a time to prepare for the another one. So here is my suggestion. Please make the Defence cooldown time (yes just like repair cooldown time) When one faction is succesfully completed the Defence of the territory, then the faction thats defeated can not to attack the same territory  for 3 hours (or must spend a large amount of money to be able to, just like the Attack unlocking, but more amount of coins). I think this will be a fair reward for the faction for completing.
Title: Re: Defense cooldown time. (global map)
Post by: GurasOguras on July 19, 2017, 11:54:41 am
Apparently, it is very hard for Muse to make "tug of war" system which would actually be good, more realistic to actual war and solves the problem :/ Besides "intended design" there is always also "unintended design" that players abuse. In this case, it is grinding fast until almost reaching a goal and then leaving the territory contested for as long as you can.
Title: Re: Defense cooldown time. (global map)
Post by: Ijustwanttoplay on July 20, 2017, 08:20:33 am
Yes i know how players doing in the game, just leaving it almost done. And thats exactly the thing making the Defence mission illogical. The mission that you must NOT finish in order to succed. And also thats giving another problem: noobs or those who just dont read Faction messages or who spawned by "default spawn location" and never changing it during the game. They WILL slowly push the Defence to its completion and that means reset. Just a delay in the possibility of next attack at the successfully defended territory will solve both, there is no need for any rocket science here.
Title: Re: Defense cooldown time. (global map)
Post by: Naoura on July 20, 2017, 11:05:32 am
Here's a suggestion, in that regard; Tug of War, as you mentioned earlier.

Defenders start with 75% Defense, attackers with 25% Attack, shown by faction colors on each side, on a single line in the center. As effort is gained, the bar would move slightly to either side, attackers taking down the enemy defenses, defenders pushing back the enemy's attack.

Upon full completion of the territory, it goes on cooldown, OR the faction can sacrifice a region in order to counter-attack said region. This requires a vote from the faction leaders, and could make for a very heated war between factions on one territory.
Title: Re: Defense cooldown time. (global map)
Post by: Ijustwanttoplay on July 26, 2017, 07:30:24 am
In that case (Tug of War)  it gives more opportunity to the defending side. As in real life btw you need more men to conquer territory than to defend one. But the main problem is the balance in rewards upon completing the global map battles, not the way that battles doing. While attacking you ll get a land, and while defending you ll get nothing.
Title: Re: Defense cooldown time. (global map)
Post by: Naoura on July 26, 2017, 10:37:47 am
That is kind of why I put it as a 75-25 split. It gives the defenders a chance to keep the territory as well as they can, but can be overwhelmed. Maybe 75-25 is a little overbearing. Maybe 60-40 defender.

And as Defenders, getting nothing is keeping your territory. In the War! mechanic, if you manage to get to the end-goal, and then can't hold it, you can't win. Defending the territory is just as important as attacking new. I wish holding territories *did* have a much more visible effect, as in you cannot deploy on the other side of an enemy's line, but we're not going to get that, because it's so easy to close off the escape routes.
Title: Re: Defense cooldown time. (global map)
Post by: Ijustwanttoplay on August 22, 2017, 06:28:00 am
This is  still illogical. 1. To be rewarded with something means to get something. 2. You can NOT to get a thing which you already have. (Only exactly the same, but another one in that case)  3. So If after the completing of the defence your faction got a time, in which this land can not be attacked again thats the reward. If they only got the same land with the defence counter resetted, they got nothing because to have exactly the same as before does not mean getting something.