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Title: The colors Duke, the colors!
Post by: Malarosa Agresti on May 08, 2013, 01:03:39 pm
I'm sure this may have come up, but a search yielded nothing so~

The use of some colors in this game often times makes some elements almost unreadable or unnoticeable.  Blue text in the top left corner is quite often set against a blue sky, making it very difficult to *quickly* figure out what it reads.  Likewise, when you bring up the map many of them are set against tones of orange'y red rock or blue water, and it can take a bit longer then comfortable sometimes to find your ship.

These problems could be solved if the text had drop shadow, or were adjusted in some other way to improve at-a-glance readability.  When I see "XBLUEX destroyed Hull Armor" I want to know instantly whether it was one of my crew or an allies.

It's a very minor gripe, but that one that comes up very frequently for me.  Thanks!