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Title: 1.4 Squid
Post by: Squidslinger Gilder on February 27, 2015, 05:04:30 am

Pretty clear everyone wants the hull HP buff to go away. I'd like a little more nudge up on the accel. I noted this in dev testing. It just needed more pickup to be perfect. But overall it has been a step in the right direction.

I'm shooting in some questions regarding movement and possible issues. Right now I'm questioning netcode. On multiple occasions I've seen this ship handling differently in 1.4.0. From 1.3.9 style to 1.4.0 style. Between testing in both dev app and regular I can't ignore it, I've seen it multiple times. Muse isn't sure what could be wrong. I've heard that much. They have been surprised I wasn't happy now when first tests I was.

I know on first day of action post patch the ship felt like 1.3.9. Just now when checking, it felt more like it did during testing. Why I'm wondering if the problem could be not the ship but some aspect of the netcode.

If anyone notices anything, post. Please only seasoned squid pilots. We're the ones most likely to notice changes in it's handling. I don't know how to replicate it so just keep an eye out while flying. I do know before the patch hit. I did some tests, and it felt like 1.3.9 in dev app. I then checked in again for something else maybe 30 mins to an hour later and the ship behaved at 1.4.0 speeds.
Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: Kamoba on February 27, 2015, 08:13:43 am
The squid right now is the current brawler.

Although I see the benefits to the gameplay the buffs gave, as mentioned the health buff was too much, now the squid and almost blindly go in brawl and run out, relatively effectively, gat banshee giving good dps bifecter... Gat flak for hit and run.

Mine launcher squid has never seen such success, it can survive so easily now, so I am in agreement, lower health a bit more and buff engines a bit for game balance. :)

However I want to note, it is nice to see so many other ships being used now.
Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: Indreams on February 27, 2015, 10:32:42 am
Hull buff allows some room for mistakes. That's nice for newer players to try out the squid.

But... scale that buff down a bit. Seriously.

It doesn't fit lore-wise. Squid is supposed to be a advanced ship of Chaladonian design, which lacks in stability and safety. Right now, it feels like a Yeshan ship, stable and strong. Feels like flying a lighter version of Goldfish.

Also, balance just got screwed. If you stick an engineer to tank the hull, the ship will survive almost every battle. Stick two engineers in the hull, say "screw you engine, balloon, and guns!", and the ship will tank like a Galleon.

I can all-flame squid 1v2. Get it in range, stop piloting, Tank the hull like a _____, and win most casual matches.
Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: BlackenedPies on February 27, 2015, 11:10:34 am
I like the maneuverability. Pyramidions don't stand a chance and squid is the new brawler. I need to fly against more experienced crews with buffs to determine if it needs more acceleration, but I think it could use a touch extra turning.

I've been using buff heavy clip gat with buff heatsink light flak. I used to always fly mine carro mine for CK which is quite easy now. I'd say reduce hull to 800, if not putting it back to 750.

As to the original post, post patch the squid felt new but I didn't use it until the second day. I've always questioned the netcode.
Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: Thomas on February 27, 2015, 12:11:16 pm
I partially like and dislike the squid buff.

Previously the squid was just fine. It was by no means an easy ship to fly and crew on, but with effort and practice, you could get it to work just fine. The spire was pretty much the same, and even the mobula was before enough teams started putting in the effort to use it effectively. Before the patch, I would need a full crew of people who were trained on the squid to fly it well; and there was some builds that were extremely hard to go up against, but still manageable.

Post patch, I'll even fly a squid with pubbies. The increased acceleration makes it incredibly easy to fly. Previously it was fast, but difficult to change direction, causing the inexperienced to run into a lot of things. Then with the hull buff, your crew doesn't quite have to be as efficient. This takes a lot of the pressure off of them; along with the increased acceleration to help avoid even more damage.

I did like being one of the few people skilled at flying a squid, but now it's accessible to pretty much everyone. With the right crew, this ship could potentially be near unbeatable in a lot of situations.
Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: HamsterIV on February 27, 2015, 12:19:42 pm
The squid I always viewed as the Lamborghini of GOI for the following reasons:
Not everyone is qualified to drive it.
   People who think they are qualified but are not end up in a wall.
It is used mostly to show off.
   Almost any task could be accomplished more efficiently in another vehicle, but doing it in a squid adds flare.
They break down a lot and are not considered practical for everyday use.
Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: MightyKeb on February 27, 2015, 01:16:03 pm
I agree the handling is pretty good with the accel. Previously I've found it tricky to keep good arcs while constantly flying back and forth a bit against a junker/galleon, getting my side flamer in would be a frustrating experience but now it feels like where it should be.

Now all we need is to give squid something that makes it better than blenderfish on a more obvious scale without making it infintely more similiar to it with something like, I dunno. A hull buff?
Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: Sonaes on February 27, 2015, 03:31:01 pm
I am really sad about the lower weight, making proper rams ridiculously dangerous. Its basically you either instantly lose your armor, your baloon, or worst your whole hull and die. Other than that the changes are amazing for squid piloting.
Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: Kamoba on February 27, 2015, 06:11:29 pm
I am really sad about the lower weight, making proper rams ridiculously dangerous. Its basically you either instantly lose your armor, your baloon, or worst your whole hull and die. Other than that the changes are amazing for squid piloting.

You're not squid ramming to the best of it's efficiency....
I had 4 ram kills in a 3v3 today, utilise the balloon! it does not matter it'll break, just warn your engineers it's going to happen, Gatling, hull strip, ram, reverse, rinse, repeat...

If you'r ramming with the hull, you missed. :)

Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: Serenum on February 27, 2015, 07:13:07 pm
I'm still undecided on these changes as a whole, but I will say that the hull buff was not necessary. It feels wrong to have the squid be so tanky.
Mainly a Squid pilot, by the way.
Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: Ruairi on February 28, 2015, 01:07:31 am
I'm all for the added acceleration the squid received, however I am against the hull buff like many others. The reason I'm against the hull buff is because it allows the squid to be misused. The squid isn't designed to ram, nor is it meant to be directly brawling with ships dedicated to such roles. (Pyramidion) It's meant to be used as a scalpel, with surgical strikes.

Having said that though, if it were possible I would like the extra hull strength in the buff to be transferred into the top two engines on the squid. The reason for this is that the squid effectively has 4 copy and pasted standard edition turning engines on it, despite being an "advanced" Chaladonian design... (Yes they built their own engines, it's just too bad they don't have any differences in design to other factions light engines...)

If the engines aren't to gain any added durability, then I'd be more than happy if the turning speed/acceleration was increased as seen in the Dev app prior to the update. (Or both... But that may be a stretch?)

Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: Squidslinger Gilder on March 06, 2015, 10:07:48 pm
So the problem I was seeing with the squid happened today with Watchmaker present during COOP previewing. Did 2 matches and in one, the squid handled slow and like 1.39 GOIO. I needed to leverage stamina constantly to do anything. In the other, it handled wonderfully. Not as fast as I want it, but I only had to use stamina for emergency moves or getting gun arcs fast.

Just still not sure where the problem is but Watchmaker was present when it was going down so maybe he'll get some ideas in time. Those that know the slowdown that comes in during 4v4s when large ships are in games, it felt closer to something like that. Problem is replicating it, which so far I have no clue. I wonder if it is serverside or clientside but I don't know how it could be clientside. If it was client, it would be fps issues or net lag. I can rule out both of those.

Keep your eyes out for this. You'll notice it. The problem is very visible. Especially if you get used to the faster squid. Also those with dev app access, worth a shot testing that off and on.

I'm gonna drop some notes for more speed and accel going into COOP mode. If we can't get engine changes then we need raw speed to be able to avoid losing them. I saw it very clearly in testing that this ship needed a bit more of a bump. Cut that hull back to paper thin, up the engine performance. Return the squid back to being an advanced ship to fly. Should be minimal to no room for error.
Title: Re: 1.4 Squid
Post by: Kieran Kindree on August 08, 2016, 12:30:24 am
I am a dedicated Squid pilot and always have been, and while I like the Squid getting some love, the hull buff was unnecessary, and actually serves to reward pilots who do't know what they're doing/use it wrong.

Before, if you didn't know what you were doing with a Squid, it was a guaranteed shitshow. Now, een scrublords can be successful with it.

I would not mind seeing the buffs stay...except the hull buff, which should be returned to what it was - or at the very least only slightly improved from that level.