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Title: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: HamsterIV on October 28, 2014, 06:27:25 pm
Muse has given us a world with 6 factions. Each faction has to convinced its people that war with the other factions is justifiable. Enter the hard working propaganda minster, who through clever words and outright lies, justifies their nation's struggle against the outsiders.

As a fun writing project come up with some creative slander about one of 6 factions. Tell us about their secretive past. Why they are responsible for the fall of humanity. How their current leadership is unfit to rule. How their people are weak, cowardly, and deserving of conquest. As a bonus try to write from the point of view of one of the other factions and sign your work as that faction's propaganda minister.

We are not trying to establish any lore here, and are most certainly not trying to hurt anyone's feelings. Keep it fun and keep it silly. Here are some examples:

For all we know Chaladon could be ruled by a vast thinking machine that was created prior to the cataclysm that turned much of the the world to ash. Perhaps this thinking machine controlled a network of skybound vessels. A Skynet if you will. It recognized the feuding nations would one day destroy the entire planet and decided it would give the process a kickstart. All the while preserving an isolated island that housed its central core.

Sadly this machine miscalculated the durability of its physical systems and after a few decades was in sore need of maintenance. It tricked a small population of refugees that washed up on its shores into thinking it was a god and used their agile human fingers to clean and maintain its internal systems. The Skynet used its advanced knowledge of human psychology and agriculture to cultivate its people and its island into a garden of Eden.

Ultimately all Chaledonians are slaves to a homicidal machine god. They do not understand the technology which they serve, but accept its control because it has allowed them to lead lives of abundance. Without the influence of their mechanical overmind they are a weak people only suitable for enslavement and pillaging.

Sincerely Yours,

The Angelean Propaganda Ministry

Have you ever wondered how the Angeleans could survive in their vast arctic tundra? They say they harness thermal energy from within the earth, but that is a lie. No human could stand the noxious gasses and extreme temperature differences.

Any child knows all human life needs food grown in the light of the sun to provide the nutrients for good health. Yet the sun rarely shines on the Angelea's domain. I posit to you that the Angeleans aren't really human, but a race of Lizard people from the center of the earth. Our two races lived in blissful ignorance of one another until pre cataclysm man kind's greed for fossil fuel caused them to drill too deep.

Any records of mankind's contact with the lizard people have been lost but reputable schollars believe a cast of these Lizard people carry the Chamelion's color shifting ability. They no doubt  used it to infiltrate pre cataclysm human society with the intention of turning man on his fellow man. Ultimately this precipitated the great war that nearly destroyed this planet's fragile eco system. Were it not for the guidance of Chaladon's founding fathers and the lizard people's inherent fear of great bodies of water this planet would have been overrun by a scourge of lizard people.

Do not trust the Angelean's promise of shelter and meaningful labor in their underground cities, the lizard people look upon humanity as a food stock and nothing more. That is right, your friends, family, and neighbors who were taken in Angelean raids now rest comfortably inside the bellies of those forked tongued fiends.

Next time you see one of those lumbering brutes wrapped in their furs and armor look closely for scales and reptilian eyes. Then you will know the truth, Angeleans are not to be trusted.

The Chaledon Ministry for Truth.
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: HamsterIV on November 03, 2014, 12:50:12 pm
The so called Yeshan "Empire" claims to be a meritocracy where even the lowest born thrall can aspire to own land and title. Yet one must wonder what trait could merit such a rise in status? Could it be Loyalty, Honor, Compassion? No, it is the first of their "Guiding Principals:" Ambition.

Their culture is despite its outwardly ordered appearance is a seething mess of political backstabbing, corruption, and envy. Everyone from the lowest farmer to the grandest admiral has one eye coveting the position above them, and the other eye wary of the underlings yearning to unseat them.

With both eyes occupied acquiring or maintaining their status they are blind to the past and the horrors that brought the downfall of mankind. It was the ancestors of the Yeshan who forged alliance on top of alliance with neighboring countries so that they would not have to send their own sons and daughters to war. Yet this diplomatic house of cards could not stand its own weight and collapsed into the war that burned the planet.

Our ancestors bore the brunt of this war, serving with honor on the front lines. Their ancestors grew fat and wealthy selling ever more destructive weapons to both sides. In the end our ancestors realized they could only trust men and women of honor and not empty ideals spouted by the greedy and corrupt. By then we had turned much of the world to ash in our rage.

While the fleet and resources of the Yeshan seem great they are not a unified fighting force. Each soldier, sailor, and officer is fighting for their own advancement. Their engineers will not expose themselves to fire so that they can reach critical components mid battle. Their gunners will not target a hostile ship with an ally if their own ship is in immediate danger. Their pilots will not ram an enemy's guns off angle to rescue an injured comrade. Just like their perfidious ancestors the modern day Yeshan lack the commitment of true soldiers.

Stand firm with your lords sons and daughters of the Baronies. The Yeshan menace may seem as numerous as the waves of the ocean, but just like the waves of the ocean they will crash and break against the rocky Fjords of our native land.

For the Honor of our Ancestors,

Arch Herald of the Fjord Baronies
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Indreams on November 03, 2014, 05:05:46 pm
The Fjord Baronies pride itself to have come from ancient nobility, dating back to the Great War. They promise to be the lords and the protectors of their people. This, my friends, is a lie.

When you meet a Baron, ask him to prove his "noble" lineage. You'll be able to count his ancient ancestors in your hands.

And ask what is noble about his lineage. The scholars rummaging through the great Archive of our empires have discovered that these so-called "Barons" descend from cruel, bloodthirsty and insane power-maniacs and murderers and war-criminals. They promise peace, but they are living representation of violence and madness of the Old World.

The Barons promise to defend their citizens. Do not be deceived. You, the citizen of our glorious empire, live comfortably within the walls of cities, in good weather, under just rule, and with many opportunities. They, the citizens of the false Baronies, live in unprotected hamlets, freezing in the cold, beset by raiders and pirates, and with no chance to improve their status. Know this my citizens, you live in the best and the safest place the world can provide.

Friends, know that the seeming magnificence of the Fjord Baronies can only be false.

Stand firm with the Yesha empire. The treachery of Barons is a treachery only we can defeat.

May your ambition be rewarded.

碩虎, 偉大的學者 of Yesha Empire.
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: RedRoach on November 03, 2014, 08:10:28 pm
My friend,

I hear you find the recent pact with Yesha to be a most agreeable idea, and for the moment, I believe that too. But only for the moment, to get back at those who caused our losses. Do you really, truly, want to become a slave, a worker in the field for those oppressive rulers? I would consider your options carefully once our revenge is complete.

Being a scavenger is what they labeled me as, a picker of trash, he who goes and kills without discretion just to get the scrap off of their ships. They see me, no, our entire way of pushing forward with the technology of the past, as simply seeing if we can make the most grotesque death possible for our enemies. You know me, and my... ah, lack for sincerity. But I hinge on the truth when I say that death is not what we live for. We live to advance, to grow, to outclass these men who believe that sheer manpower could trump tech.

I have read stories from books of those in bunkers hidden throughout the Dusty Plains, and I've found what I think they work like. You wouldn't understand, and I won't lie when I say they don't exist anymore, but I think with their desire to become a strict orderly nation, they're beginning to wane with their decisons, letting a ruler dictate how they live. Maybe now, that ruler is looking towards our advanatage. But should we permanetly join with those... ugh, Yeshans, then they'll begin to attempt to push their authority over us. And soon, we'll all be underneath the heel of a single man who decides on a dime if you should die on a spike, in front of a gatling, or underneath the cannons of a Scylla Mortar.

From your friend in Anglea,

(The message stops there. Smudge marks lie where the name should be.)
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Indreams on November 04, 2014, 10:37:22 am
Our scholars have recently unearthed historic documents that mentions barbaric pillagers who pestered our ancestors. These savages were called Mongols.

Mongols were savage people, with no language nor civilization. They lived in inhospitable steppes of the North. They refused to make an honest living but raided villages for man-flesh to devour.
They said, and I quote word for word:
The greatest joy for a man is to defeat his enemies, to drive them before him, to take from them all they possess, to see those they love in tears, to ride their airships, and to hold their wives and daughters in his arms.
The evil barbarians! They deserve only the most abhorred death!

Our ancestors built a Great Wall to defend themselves. It was an architectural wonder, designed by the best masons and bureaucrats of the time, but it not enough to stop the savages. When the walls crumbled, the Mongols took over the entire world.

They brought about an reign of chaos. Murder, hunger, and rape became commonplace. They beheaded entire cities for "entertainment". They burned books and buried alive scholars. It was a dark age for mankind.

My fellow citizens. Let us learn from the mistake of our ancestors. It is not enough to the keep pillagers at bay. We must eradicate them, clear the danger from the face of the earth.

Arm your Galleons and fly north. For your Ambition and Empire's Honor, destroy the Angleans!

May your ambitions be rewarded.

碩虎, 偉大的學者 of Yesha Empire.
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: HamsterIV on November 04, 2014, 12:17:43 pm
Trade is the life blood of a humanity, and just like the blood that courses through our veins it carries what is in abundance to where it is in need. Be it Angelean Manufactured Goods, Yeshan Silks, Barony Fish Oils, or Chalidonian Foodstuffs, our fellow nations contribute something to the overall good of humanity. They are like separate organs they each producing a vital humor and we are the blood which flows between them keeping everything in balance.

Yet there are some who take and take with no intention of giving back. I speak of course of the cancer that lives among us, the Arashi League. They live like parasites stealing just enough to stay alive and scurrying for cover when ever the host takes notice. They profit by keeping the other nations at war with each other through a mixture of lies and false flag raids. It is only when the great nations are thus distracted that a cancer like the Arashi can grow and spread.

Considering the lifeless expanse in which they live, it boggles the mind how these urchins could find enough food and water to sustain life. In recent years a new theory has come to light. They eat the flesh and drink the blood of the dead. It may sound like madness, but ask yourself "Doesn't it take madness to want to live in so barren an environment?"

Fear not noble tradesman, for though the Arashi is without morals or even a human soul, they are poorly versed in the art of war. They do not need to be as their desert is a greater foe to an airship than any bullet, rocket, or shell. An Arashi ship may fire a rocket or two at a convoy, but it is just a lure to pull the escort into a dust storm. Once out of sight the Arashi go to anchor and let the savage winds and biting sand do their dirty work for them. So long as one sticks to guild approved trade routes and not venture after the odd Arashi Pirate traversing the desert sands can be a safe and profitable experience.

To a profitable venture,

The Guild Bureau of Foreign Affairs
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: RedRoach on November 04, 2014, 02:23:16 pm

I have seen your letter telling me your concern of your current alliance. I find such a thing to be a pity. Even if the nation I've grown to accept flies against you this day, there are others I worry far more than any other. The Chaladonians around me whisper rumors of Arashi fleets flying around, blowing up both of our armadas without mercy or merit. They live to kill, and destroy, and slaughter. I understand that is what you believe my job is, but my contracts are much more refined of an art than to mow down my foes with a gatling onto my enemies.

These Arashi members are the very core of barbarism, the ones that cleave through bone and bullet for the feeling they call bloodlust. Step but a hair into their space, and you will be obliterated where  you stand. If not by their gunners using rockets several kilometers away, then by the dust storms that they call home. Such a volatile enviroment has enriched their kind with the will to murder, to pass on their tradition of death forward onto the rest of the world. They seek to help spread the destruction they've suffered onto the rest of us, so that they themselves may feel redeemed. To put it simply enough that you can understand and spread; They're the embodiment of the very sandstorms they were born from.

No one can stand in the way of the Arashi League, who bathes in the blood of it's foes. Sandstorms, flying about, maybe even the one that has wrecked your poor squid on the simple practice run outside of the city airspace. There is only one way to truly make the skies safe for all, even a man of my expertise due to their unpredictability, and that is to crush these barbaric monsters under our heel. I feel your rage at the Fjiord Baronies at the moment, but a more pressing matter awaits us under the dunes.


Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Indreams on November 04, 2014, 03:41:41 pm
A report of the final words of a Arashi chieftain, as recorded by his son.


My sons, I've lived countless years, fought in countless wars, and defended my pride countless times. Now, as I lay dying, I'd like to pass down my wisdom. Listen well.

We are born with nothing but our freedom. We die possessing nothing but our freedom. Freedom is your innate right. Freedom is tied to your life. Defend your freedom as you defend your life.

To this end, do not be led astray by the Chaladon. Their mysterious utopia is like a mirage of a desert. It'll lure you to your death.

We are born on the sand. We die on the sand. The hardship of the desert is our lot. It is not a pleasant lot, but it is the righteous lot. Hardship tempers body and mind. Rusted metal must be scrubbed, heated, and beaten to become a bullet, a gun, and a ship. We must be challenged by the desert to become great men.

To this end, know that the Guild are pigs. Disgusting pigs. They are only loyal to wealth. They'd sell their mother for few bits of scrap. It is just that we punish these slime.


At this point, the chief went into a fit of cough. He spoke no more afterward.
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: HamsterIV on November 05, 2014, 01:28:23 pm
A wise man once said "To dwell upon the past is to squander the future." No where are those words more appropriate than to describe the backward conclave of the Fjord Baronies. Here ancient superstitions and barbaric customs have fused into a culture that can no longer function in the modern world.

Instead of laws and reason the people of the Baronies are bound to the whims of hereditary despots. Each citizen must swear an oath to a lord and submit to every craven desire of that individual on pain on death. To maintain legitimacy each lord must prove a familial connection to the ancient founders of the Baronies. This lead to a program of inbreeding so pervasive that the current crop of "Barons" are nothing but physically and mentally stunted homunculi more suited to the carnival freak show than positions of power.

Even the source material for the Fjord's nobility is suspect. Records show the first "Barons" were renegade generals bent on perpetuating an endless war for personal gain. It was they who scorched the earth and poisoned the sea to prevent the population from ever growing past the state where their personal charisma and bloody handed rule could keep humanity in line.

The soldiers of the Baronies act in constant fear of their lord's disapproval. Any hint of cowardice or disloyalty could mean death not just for them but their entire family. The military is so dependent on its cult of personality that entire fleets are put to route the moment the Lord in charge of it is killed. Under such circumstances we occasionally see Barony ships fire on one another. One can only assume that the Barron's sniveling offspring war amongst themselves to determine who will inherit the now vacant title.

May the shining path forever guide you,

Provost of Foreign Studies,
Yeshan Central University

Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: HamsterIV on November 05, 2014, 04:48:31 pm
Those who make their home outside the sacred Arashi desert grow fat and idle, but none more so that the corpulent denizens of the Mercantile Guild. They sit in their walled cities consuming food and luxury goods acquired by swindling those who are unfortunate enough to trade with them. Any who refused to be duped by these greedy mongrels are robbed at gunpoint under the pretense of "breach of contract."

The Guild's reliance on contracts, treaties, and other meaningless scraps of paper are an indicator of a people with no soul. Where a mother would demand compensation before giving her child milk. Where the wisdom of the tribes elders are locked away from all but those wealthy enough to buy it. The guild do not even bother resolving their own disputes, instead they purchase fleets of hired guns to impose their will on others.

These hired guns, like their masters, are loyal to money above all else. They can easily  be convinced to give up the chase if the air becomes too sandy for their delicate machines, or if the cost of fuel exceeds the bounty they hope to receive. They do not care to uphold the honor of their family and bring vendetta against those who have wronged their brothers or sisters. As far as a Guild sailor is concerned the man standing to their left and right are competitors for the post mission spoils.

The guild is incapable of surviving on its own. It needs to be constantly expanding its trade relations and spheres of influence. If for a moment it were to stop, the complex web of economic interdependency would collapse in on itself like a water starved pack animal. We need only wait a little longer for the guild's foolishness to doom itself. Then we can descend and pick the carcass clean.

May the desert winds be favorable
Elder Mott of the Arashi
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: RedRoach on November 07, 2014, 11:05:36 pm
Hey friend,

I just wanna let you know that there are other trading partners more wise than the Mercantile Guild. You think trading might be an excellent idea with their influence at your fingers, but Angleans here all agree with me when I say that it's not them you're using, it's them that's using you. You think that they're all trustworthy people, someone to fly with and expect to share profits simply because you hold their banner high? You don't know the wonders a tongue can spin.

Any merchant worth his salt, or hell, gold, considering that's all they care about, is gonna want to make a profit, and that derives driving a profit up with a silver tongue. The thing is, they don't stop at diplomacy. They have to be able to speak many different languages, be able to lie and deceive, undermine the competition, all in order to create their economic supremacy. If it wouldn't put them all in danger, I'd bet you they'd lie and cheat their way into the coffers of every single town, nation, and kingdom there is, even that small hamlet you call home. You simply just can't trust them.

Anyone who believes themselves safe should keep an eye out for a well-twisted lie. A Mercantile Guild member can easily influence himself into the realms of our privacy, stealing away all our money and commodities. I fear that, secretly, that has been their plan all along: not to gain a economic advantage, but to make us trade with them so reliably and commonly, that when they deny us trade, their installments through our nations will render everyone in disrepair. There is only one way to put them down, and that is with the gun.

From your friend,
(The name is heavily smudged, rendering it unreadable.)
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Indreams on December 10, 2014, 05:09:07 pm
"a divided power in the state is impotent and at odds with itself ... if power was delegated for short periods only, it was so uncertain as to discourage any prolonged undertakings or wide-reaching plans ... for a great nation the only salvation lies in hereditary power, which can alone assure a continuous political life which may endure for generations, even for centuries."

-fragmented document discovered by Fjord librarians-

(This is from "Napoleon's Reasons for Making Himself an Emperor")
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: ShadedExalt on December 10, 2014, 10:14:06 pm
Greetings, Mercenary.  I welcome you to the Guild, and I can assure you that you have made the right choice by accepting our contract.  No other power has as many resources and ships availible to them.  But you see, the filthy Arashi rats want nothing more than to take everything we've worked so hard for away.  Not only to use it for themselves, but simply because they can.  Do not be fooled by their 'Honor' and 'Freedom'.  No, they are lies designed to lure you in until they can scour away and snatch up everything you are, everything you own, and everything you stand for, like the storms of dust that rage over the hellpit they call a nation.  Remember, friend, that one must never trust an Arashi rat.  Now go, and wipe out as many as you can.  I hope you find our partnership to be profitable...

[Recording of a High-Level Merchant in the Guild talking to their latest mercenary.  Please hand off to the next member of our glorious empire's spy network.  May the Shining Path forever guide you.]
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: HamsterIV on December 11, 2014, 12:40:52 pm
Brothers and Sisters of the Fjords I am sure you have noticed a decline in the quantity and quality of fish being brought in from the great sea. Every day more fishing boats leave our harbors and yet our fish markets are looking more barren than ever. Clearly some perfidious force is at work and we have to look no further than our Chaledonian neighbors.

We have all witnessed or heard tales of Chaledonian tech sorcery making barren land fertile again, but at what price? Those nutrients they infuse the soil with don't come from thin air, in fact they come from the sea. Using some form of witchcraft the Chaledonian have been depleting our fishing reserves to advance their own agriculture industry.

As our population grows with the influx of refugees, Chaledon seeks to impose a lopsided trade relationship that will ultimately lead to our enslavement. We must strike now while we still have the resources to overwhelm these Chaledonian leaches. Every day we delay Chaledon grows a little stronger at our expense. How long before even our mighty king must scrape and beg for the table scraps of a Chaledonian banquet?

To the Honor of our Ancestors,

The Fjord Minister of Commerce
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Charon on December 26, 2014, 05:53:25 pm
Thought I'd leave this here for you guys.

"Here are five basic rules of propaganda, courtesy of Norman Davies in his extraordinary book "Europe: A History":

The rule of simplification: reducing all data to a simple confrontation between 'Good and Bad', 'Friend and Foe'.

The rule of disfiguration: discrediting the opposition by crude smears and parodies.

The rule of transfusion: manipulating the consensus values of the target audience for one's own ends.

The rule of unanimity: presenting one's viewpoint as if it were the unanimous opinion of all right-thinking people: draining the doubting individual into agreement by the appeal of star-performers, by social pressure, and by 'psychological contagion'.

The rule of orchestration: endlessly repeating the same messages in different variations and combinations."
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Indreams on February 11, 2015, 05:04:29 pm
Yeshan paper production is up by 120% this year, meat 25% up, wool, 17% up, rice 44% up, wheat 21% up, iron 16% up, ....
Barony's meat production is down 12% this year, wool 5% down, grain 12% down, iron 4% down, ...
Land of Plenty, Join The Yeshan Empire!

Pamphlet airdropped into Fjord's by a daring Goldfish pilot.
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Indreams on March 02, 2015, 04:01:35 pm
Chaladonians are deceptive, unscrupulous allies. Their science is the science of death. Their only concern is their twisted perception of balance. They massacre, pillage, and eradicate with aberrant technology in the name of the Order. They lie, manipulate, and mislead with honeyed tongues in the name of the Order.

Chaladonian witch-steel has now been widely reported. Chaladonians refuse to reveal the process of its production. Witch-steel I call it because Chaladonian witchery is involved. They take children and bleed them slowly over their smelters, so that the blood is infused into their witch-steel. It is evident in the way the witch-steel turns crimson when it is soaked in water.

With this witch-steel, they have reinforced their Demon-ships (Squid). And to cause more destruction to the world, they are supplying the Fjords with the same blood-steel. The Yeshans and Baronies were ready for a ceasefire; they were at a stalemate. By tipping the balance, the Chaladonians have prolonged the dragged-out conflict.

The worst and the most treacherous is an Arms dealer who deals on both sides. Chaladonians have done so. The new Minotaur gun, its heavy damage, incredible maneuverability, and unmatched range clearly indicated Chaladonian Origin. Only the order would invest their scientists to a death machine.

This Heavy gun has no Chaladonian use. They were created by Chaladonians to produce more mayhem in the battles between Fjord and Yesha. This is clear in the way neither Fjord lords nor Yeshan bureaucrats can explain the sudden appearance of this murderous weapon.

Yes, Chaladonians are behind both sides. Manipulating and dealing covertly. Chaladonians are more unprincipled than the Mercantile Guild, more savage than the Arashi League, more imperious than the Yesha Empire, and more tyrannical than the Fjord Baronies. They are the true evil, the real enemy threatening our World.

Sincerely Yours,

The Angelean Propaganda Ministry

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Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: HamsterIV on May 04, 2015, 04:17:19 pm
A wise man once said "It is a fool who uses an unread book as a stepping stool." There are none more foolish than our barbaric neighbors to the north. Despite sitting on one of the largest caches of Pre-Cataclysm technology, the Angeleans have done little to recover the priceless knowledge of our ancestors.

They huddle for warmth in the proximity of devices their puny minds could not possibly understand. Artifacts of immense power are crudely bolted to their airships and used in a manner for which they were never intended. When their bumbling hands destroy a priceless piece of technology, it is thrown on the scrap heap and substituted with another irreplaceable ancient wonder.

Archeological expeditions have been sent into the Angelean Wastes to preserve these ancient wonders. Despite their noble intentions, our academics were met with violence, enslavement, and death. The Angeleans jealously guard their monopoly on ancient technology and would rather see it destroyed than to allow it benefit he rest of humanity.

There are none more qualified to preserve and understand ancient technology than Yeshan academics. As such the vast technological bounty of the north is rightfully ours. The Angelean scum who currently infest this area have proven to be poor custodians of mankind's heritage.

The road ahead is clear, we of the Yeshan Empire must drive out these ignorant savages and secure what artifacts remain for the good of all mankind.

May the ancients smile upon your work,

Provost of Ancient Studies,
Yeshan Central University
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Carn on May 04, 2015, 04:34:24 pm
These Yeshan dogs are a menace to humanity. They believe everything under the sun is theirs. They have sent "archeological" expeditions into our sovereign land, without permission. They claim that these are unarmed and peaceful groups of scientists. But when approached, they fire without warning.

We all know what they are after. Our ancestral technologies must never fall into such hands. They call us savages? We are not the ones waging bloody war, after bloody war to take the land, lives, and freedom of others.

While our ancestors toiled in this harsh and frozen land, the Yeshans were safe and warm hidden in their mountains. They even have the gall, to have one family ruling them with an iron fist, and believe their lives better. They do not respect the principles of a senate. Their leader isn't chosen, he's just the lucky sap who was born into the right family.

Beware the Yeshans for they are masters of deceit. Beware them, for they always turn their hungry gaze our way. Beware, for they believe themselves to be superior.

Enlist today to halt the spread of the accursed Blue Veil
From the High Enlistment Office of the Republic
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: HamsterIV on May 04, 2015, 05:37:05 pm
Far to the south lies a decedent and weak people, the so called "Mercantile Guild." As the range of our raider class vessels increases so to has our contact with Guild vessels and people.

Outwardly their ships project strength with thick hulls and well maintained weapons. Yet if you look closer at the smooth hulls and gleaming guns you will notice a distinct lack of impact dents and powder burns. As far as most reports can tell their ships rarely see combat. During one ambush the doomed crew of a Guild vessel was seen frantically reading the instruction manual of the weapon they were supposed to be manning. The only thing a Guild sailor knows how to properly maintain are the engines they use for running away from battle.

This is unsurprising if you meet a Guildsman in person. They are fat from years of bountiful living, The hardest working part of their body is a silvered tongue, with which they will try to convince you to do battle on their behalf. While their promises of mutual profit may sound attractive, they are invariably lies meant to lead you into a trap. Never agree to a joint raid with a Guild vessel. They are more likely to shoot out your engines and leave you to distract what ever bandits they were trying to sneak past than to pay you at the completion of the mission.

Such pathetic examples of humanity make for poor slaves back in the mines of Angelea. Yet capturing these Guildsmen can be benefit an enterprising raider in other ways. Depending on their rank in the baffling hierarchy of the guild, our raiders have been able to extract sizable ransoms for the safe return of these corpulent slugs.

It can be hard at first to separate a worthless peon from a high ranking Guildsmen given their entire society's love for ostentatious clothing and tendency to exaggerate their personal wealth. By far the best way to tell if an individual will be worth a decent ransom is to check how winded they are after climbing a flight of stairs. The most successful Guildsmen hire porters to carry their over fed bodies up and down stairs. As such any ransom worth your time will find the activity most strenuous.

Sincerely Yours,

The Angelean Propaganda Ministry
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: HamsterIV on May 06, 2015, 03:10:19 pm
The world beyond the sacred shores of Chaledon is a desolate and unforgiving place. While all outsiders look upon our abundant farms and gardens with envy. There are non who cast a more covetous glare than the Arashi.

These desert vermin know nothing of agriculture or the delicate balance needed to keep the land fertile. The only thing their sun baked minds only understand how to loot from the dead. While there is ample water in the mountains to their north and in underground aquifers, the Arashi never bother with irrigation or digging more than the most basic wells. Their nomadic ways and loose tribal structure prohibits them from attempting public works projects necessary to turn their barren land into a sustainable ecosystem. Instead Arashi Chieftains provide for their kin by scavenging anything not strong enough to survive their desert. They care not if their next meal comes from a wild animal, from an unlucky merchant, or a wayward missionary.

This opportunistic approach to life explains why the Arashi venerate the vulture. They are both is a loathsome beasts that survive through the starvation of others. The Great desert which the Arashi inhabit is constantly expanding as a result of Arashi raids. By sabotaging irrigation networks and intercepting fertilizer shipments, the Arashi ensure there will be enough dessicated corpses for them to plunder.

The Order of Chaledon can not permit these Arashi scum to reshape the world into a dusty barren desert. While the other factions squabble over politics and territory they allow the Arashi to spread their corruption. Only The Order has the farsightedness to see the threat the Arashi pose, and thus it is up to us to put an end to that threat.

The Chaledon Ministry for Truth.
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: HamsterIV on August 04, 2015, 04:12:37 pm
At first glance the Yeshan Empire look like stable trading partners. Certainly their appreciation of art and luxury goods put them leagues above the rabble of barbarians we have the misfortune to call our neighbors. However if you look closely into their so called "Yeshan Way," you will notice a underlying hatred of the free market values our society is based upon.

The children of the Empire are brain washed by the Yeshan Propaganda machine into blindly accepting whatever societal roll the ruling class has dictated for them. The "Yeshan Way" is a form of slavery more insipid than the chains and whips of Angelea. While an Angelean laborer will gladly hop a aboard an airship looking to find a better life, any similar offer made to a member Yeshan working class is met with a blank stare and an over repeated catechism.

Trading with the Yeshans can be a lucrative venture, but a wise Guildsman must be constantly vigilant that he and his crew are not enthralled by the honeyed lies of the Yeshan Propaganda Machine. Conforming to Yeshan society means abandoning the freedom and opportunity our leaders work so hard to create. While any citizen of the Guild may take to the skies and seek his or her fortune the Yeshan is bound to their land through invisible chains of dogma.

Even those fly Yeshan air vessel are not truly free. Each is bound to a rigid command structure which dedicates where they can fly and what they are allowed to do with their state owned ships. Such inflexibility prevents Yeshan captains from rapidly responding to the needs of their people. If one town had an abundance of grain and a neighboring town were in the midst of a famine, a Yeshan captain would have to fill out several forms in triplicate to obtain permission from high command to deviate from his patrol route.

To a profitable venture,

The Guild Bureau of Foreign Affairs
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Carn on August 04, 2015, 04:30:15 pm
Greetings fellow citizens, it is my deepest regret to inform you, that the Baronies have made another push and managed to take one of our bases in Firnfield.

These Fjordlanders, they know nothing of freedom. They are stuck in an ancient system that was being eliminated before the Great War even began. The family you are born to, determines your lot in life. The believe in hereditary power, an anathema to all free thinking people. They have no way to change their lot in life, yet spew vague and warped drivel about honor.

Honor? By that they mean pride. Can pride feed hungry orphans? Can pride selflessly research the ancient technologies? The answer is no. They talk of these vague principals, but when questioned what they are, falter and fail.

They call us ruthless raiders, and savage killers. Yet they did not live in as harsh a land as we. They all bow before a man they call King, knowing that none of them can ever gain the title, or any of their descendents. They know no freedom, and do not understand the principals of freedom. To save them, they must be exterminated.

For the Senate and the Citizens of the Republic.

Anglean Bureau of Foreign Interests.
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: HamsterIV on August 11, 2015, 07:54:48 pm
Recently a puffed up toad of a man came to our tribe and announced that the Barron Something or Other had annexed the watering station we know as "Dusty Springs." He further stated any ships that wish to resupply there must pay a tax to the Barron. We expect this minor inconvenience to last for two weeks, a month at most. The Fjordlanders the Barron dispatched to enforce his "tax" look painfully uncomfortable in their ornate metal uniforms. His men, like the ships they fly, are woefully unsuited for desert travel. While gleaming armor and tailored uniforms may look impressive on the parade grounds, they make the regular maintenance needed to keep ships and weapons functional in our desert next to impossible.

These weak coast dwellers know nothing of hardship, having spent their entire lives feasting on the bounty of the ocean. Their ridiculous pomp and ceremony attest to a civilization that has more free time than is good for them. Their constant soldier pantomime may give the illusion of toughness, but in reality an Arashi Grandmother could out last any of these Fjord "soldiers" in march across the desert.

Like all would be kings, generals, and warlords who encroach upon our desert I doubt the men of the Fjords have the courage and will power to survive away from the easy living of their homelands. The desert sands cover the bones of a million of fools who thought they could tame it. No doubt this Barron will make a million and one.

Elder Kain of the Arashi
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: snor-laxatives on September 06, 2015, 01:13:32 pm
"Merchant's; dressin' all hoity toity, washing their hands for haf'n hour, looking down their noses at the rest of us common folk.  But theres something sick tucked deep underneath all 'at glitter."

"So there we was, soaring' through the sky's, on the border of the Vast.  I was cooking the meals for the crew of The Sapphire.  One day, out of the great blue and by the blessing' of the Sky Whale himself we run into a herd a' Sky Cows.  Captain orders us to harpoon one 'n for dinner.  I skin the hide, I cut the stakes, I season, I grill, I make the best stakes my two hands and grill fork have ever made... Cap'n pulls me aside, looks me 'n the eye through his monocle, an' asks me to "prepare for him one of the finest delicacies'.... Sea Cow Tongue and.... Sea Cow Testies...."
*repulsive grumblings from around the table*
"Who would eat a sea cow's sea bag"
"You have all that money, and thats what you spend it on?"

"Foulest lookin' thing I ever put on me grill... Had to through away my good grill'n fork after that.  Merchant's got their grime just like the lot of us, they can just afford to dress it up."

Heard at a nearby tavern, from a grizzly looking man.
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Helios. on October 01, 2015, 10:27:39 pm
the chaledonians think they are so clever, with their farms, their 'science' (as if these farmers knew the first thing about the open sky) and their soft hearts.  i have heard them say that their farmers work harder than anyone, but we all know they spend half of their time working out how to do less work, these 'acedemics' are nothing more than petulant children, trying to make their comfortable life COMPLETELY devoid of all strain. we know of course that it is that hardship that makes men out of babies, that without the testing desert, noone would truely know if they were strong enough to really be free. THINKING you are free is simply not enough. only when you have felt the desert sun on your back, and laughed it off, can you say that you can survive anywhere, that you can survive anything, that no man can set you against something you cannot overcome, that anything is possible: that you are TRULY free. these green worshipers think that a comfortable life is a good life, they dont even know how to look

janis, instructor of boys
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Tylow Star on May 05, 2017, 07:15:16 pm
Mercantile Guild? Try Mercant-vile Guild. When you see one, what becomes apparent? Their lavish lifestyle? Their luxurious apparel? Their deluxe feasts and parties? All without thinking a simple question; where does it all come from?
You can't simply start a largish trade network and suddenly be grasping an empire!
I'm not here to think of any ridiculous theories about how Angleans are lizards and how Chaladonians follow are hive-mind. No, no, no. I'm here to state the obvious so that that which is hidden in plain sight is seen.
This "Mercantile Guild" is built upon paid criminals, slave-drivers and cold hearts. Vyshtorg looks nice in the eyes of a foreigner, or, indeed, a merchant. But once you enter without the prestigious outfit of a monarch, prepare to get beaten, assaulted, robbed and enslaved.
Anyone could get as rich as those merchants if they shared their moral code.
By which I mean the lack thereof.

To other litterate citizens of Abernathy, Chaladonians, or even the World,
Stay out of the Vastness.
Yours truly, Tylows Star of the Order.
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Tylow Star on May 05, 2017, 07:44:35 pm
The Angleans Republic is impressive. Why do I call it impressive. Because a rag-tag of barbaric, viking raiders managed to form a state.
They are all to happy to proclaim their ancient technologies from the Old World. But I emplore you to question an Angleans as to the purpose of these genius technologies that could be saving the world from another Cataclysm, helping us finally become one with the serenity of nature.
I'll tell you what they do with these masterworks, as an Angleans would inevitably fail to inform you. They use it to raid, pillage, destroy and plunder. Our fleets don't sail to Firnfield, occasionally making a reluctant accompaniment to the medieval Baronies. We sail to defend Hanat and other northwestern villages and cities from the barbaric Angleans.
Their excuse for these brutal practices last seen several centuries ago? They are to busy digging up technologies, so they don't have the time to grow food or gather resources.
That is truly miserable.
These berserkers can't, with all these hyper-advanced technologies that our scientists can only dream of, undergo the simple task of growing a carrot.
I would make a joke, to cheer up the mood, but it seems it wrote itself.

To Averna, Chaladon and even the World,
You should probably do all those things you said  a you'd do, because Anglea is the result of hell freezing over.
Yours truly, Tylows Star of the Order.
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Tylow Star on May 05, 2017, 08:09:08 pm
Besides some aforementioned issues regarding the ravaging Republic and the grovelling Guild, I should rather not inform you of humanity's failure, and instead gladly supply you with news of it's successes. Attached to this letter is a travel ticket onboard a new, beautiful traveller's ship by the name of Illion's Crystal, one that I myself have piloted a number of times, which takes you on a scenic route from most major cities to the Chaladonians capital of Averna, which directly proves all I say in this letter.

Long ago, humans sought complete industrialisation of the earth, casting aside every other living lifeform, from chick to sapling. They also sought control over this industrialisation, leading to a great catastrophe known as the Great War. This war sparked an earth-shaking event by the name of the Cataclysm.
We Chaladonians have recognised the error in the way of our ancestors. Luck has gifted humanity with a second chance, one that we will use as we were meant to; to let us become one with nature, and let nature surround us. As some misinterpret, however, this does not mean we want to become the hairy apes we were born from. No.
It is difficult to describe in words how perfect, serene harmony is like, but one must only glance upon our graceful capital to understand. Homo Sapiens has built a city that blends so naturally, so beautifully and with nature, and this we must celebrate. But we of the Chaladonians Order only see this as a beginning. We want it so that every city, from Kinforth to Vyshtorg, is one with the symphony of Earth, as Averna already is. That is our ambition. That is our goal. To make up for our mistakes and to love everything that lives once more. That is our hope.

To the citizens of the World,
I emplore you to visit on peaceful terms.
Yours truly, Tylow Star of the Order.
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Tylow Star on May 05, 2017, 09:55:55 pm
I just looked on my past three posts, and, I swear to God, I DUCKING HATE AUTOCORRECT!
Title: Re: Lies, Dirty Lies, and Propaganda
Post by: Tylow Star on May 05, 2017, 10:14:48 pm
Top 3 most hated factions, according to the replies in this post;
1)The Arashi League
2)The Fjord Baronies
3) Anglea/Chaladon/Merchants