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Title: New Weapon: Javelin launcher
Post by: SirNotlag on July 09, 2014, 09:34:28 pm
I've decided to throw out some ideas that have been sitting in my head for new weapons. Frankly I think GOI could use a larger variety of weapons for more ways to build ships and dis out pain and destruction, which if your a little bit psychopathic MORE DESTRUCTION = MORE FUN!!!

You wont find any fancy art here or too much math from me as I am no artist and not a mathematician either I'll just post my ideas here in the forums and see what people have to say. Is it a good idea? is it bad? Why? Feel free to post your own ideas as well especially if one of mine inspired you.

Without further rambling finally my idea a simple javelin launcher.


arcs: 35 degrees either side, 35 degrees up, 10 degrees down
Damage: mainly flechette with some explosive
EX (direct damage: 80 flechette, burst damage: 30 explosive)

6 shots per clip
1 shot per second
9 second reload
accurate and moderate speed projectiles (handle like harpoon gun shots with lesmok)

reason this would not be like any other gun, it is a light gun that pops balloons at medium to long range instead of close, as well as being designed to kill by breaking the balloon and then shooting hull after they smash into the ground and lose their armour.

+effective at range
+decent damage against balloon
+ no arming time so still deals damage at point blank

-poor arcs
-cant disable enemy weapons
-long reload time can give enemy crew a chance to counter

Note* again all these numbers are pulled from the air i have no idea how well this would stack up to other weapons like the carronade, whether it has good dps or if 9 seconds of reload time is actually enough to time to be able to counter. Its more the ideas and niche role im focusing on.
Title: Re: New Weapon: Javelin launcher
Post by: Dutch Vanya on July 09, 2014, 09:46:27 pm
So it is basically a light lumberjack? Could be interesting.
The harpoon is already called the javelin.
Title: Re: New Weapon: Javelin launcher
Post by: Neithrantulre on July 10, 2014, 02:05:12 am
The harpoon is explosive, hmm. Maybe a big Ballista that shoots bombs-on-a-stick?
That would be badass. Javelin is taken though.
Call it the Squall Light Arbalest, or Cyclone Light Scorpion or something to that effect.

Also I want it.
Title: Re: New Weapon: Javelin launcher
Post by: SirNotlag on July 10, 2014, 06:30:40 pm
I don't really think of it as a light lumberjack... well it does the same job but i never imagined it to be able to lob shots as far as the lumberjack does and this would not be generating shattering explosions either. It would be an in between of the carronade and lumberjack cause one is long range and the other is short this would be medium. I figured the bolts would explode on impact to explain why they deal explosive damage but would not generate any AOE so you'd have to be accurate when aiming at the hull to not waste the bolt bouncing off one of the guns on the ship.

As for the name well Id have to agree a light arbalest or Scorpion makes more sense, i just named it javalin because it shoots big steel bolts and the only words i know referring to those are harpoons, javelins, and bolts and i didnt want to call the weapon a Bolter cause I dont think thats a word.