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Title: Merchants, Pirates and the Flying Cantina.
Post by: Kaylin Spencer on June 11, 2014, 04:36:50 pm

Allowed Nations
Yesha Empire = Conquerers / Anglian Republic = Frozen Mountain people / Arashi League = Desert Warriors
Order of Chaladon = Nature protectors / Mercantile Guild = Mercenaries and Merchants
Fjord Baronies = Medieval Cast system of Kings lords nobles and peasants


At the dawn of the industrial age
The power of the machine granted us a great Abundance

but despite our prosperity, we desired more.
And our greed became bloodshed

War raged for decades
fouling the air and poisoning the land

light of our achievements faded

Now at the crossroads of a new age,
We must once again choose our destiny.

After Centuries of darkness,
The spark of Mankind Flickers once more.

It is a rather sunny and hot day in the dunes. A Promethean ship is slowly moving along the bottom of the sand just beneath the sand clouds. A rather young woman wearing a noble light pink dress with a light purple corset sits at the helm of a rugged deck. She takes a few deep breathes as she looks over at the crew managing the hull. Kaylin lets out a sigh as she mutters, "How long till we get to the market....I mean it is on a Mobula with a cantina right?" The captain looks over at her as he smirks, "Ah yes miss Spencer we have the coordinates for the meeting point and it is going to be around here in the next hour. My suggestion is we just relax and enjoy the scenery since no one can really sneak up on this point from the open area." The brunette would just slide her long hair back behind her head as she nodded to the captain and leaned back in her chair resting her eyes.

((Open to anyone...main focus of this rp room is for merchants, pirates, bandits, and tavern rp))
Title: Re: Merchants, Pirates and the Flying Cantina.
Post by: RedRoach on June 12, 2014, 04:16:21 pm
A young, flame-headed scavenger slowly hovered above the sands, with his jet-black jacket (impossibly filled with everything an aspiring stowaway might need, like crackers and gizmos), spray bottles filled with paint, his hi-power pistol from that one pirate, and that weird gadget he found on that one wreck on his wrists, hidden away in the most graceful hiding place ever: a now-empty crate of ammo stowed onboard a Promethean ship that very convieniently, thanks to overheard conversations, going to a market with a mobula. Or a mobula with a market, whatever, same difference. He just wanted to jump off and do something FUN. Unlike sitting in a damn ammo crate all flakkin day.
Title: Re: Merchants, Pirates and the Flying Cantina.
Post by: Samantha Vosh on June 12, 2014, 06:25:03 pm
Hovering quietly above the sands, using the wind to slowly drift along with the low hanging cloud. A ship, a Pyramidion, floated. It's view and the view of others on it almost fully obstructed by the brown floating sands. At the helm, a young man, doing his best to maneuver the ship along with the breeze. His eagle eyes had already spotted the Promethean ship in the far off distance. His expression worried by the lack of mobility of said ship. “Why is it just hanging there.” He wondered aloud. He took a deep breath then and glanced to his rear. “Lilly, hear anything on the radio?” The teen girl standing at the device shook her head. “I've tried all channels, it's as silent as dessert a beetle.” The answer didn't put him at ease. However, there were more sources that could give him the necessary clues. “Sam, have they seen us yet?” The gunner of the ship shook her head and slipped down the ladder. “No, not yet anyway. Worried they might be raiders?” She calmly asked as she stepped to his side. “Might be. Who would stay still like that in the middle of the dessert?” The pilot asked her. His voice slipping a few notes of concern. Without asking the woman took the spyglass of his belt and looked straight at the ship with it. “What are the chances?” He asked. Sam grinned as she answered amused. “We could take them, Fabian. Use the element of surprise of a preemptive strike.” The pilot shook his head. “I'm not asking that, I want to know the chances.” “Fine fine, very low. They certainly are not dressed for the occasion. There is one in pink I think.” The gunner answered slightly irritated. Figured her idea had been shot out of the sky before they could fire. Lilly gave up then and went up to them. “Nothing. I could try all day.” Fabian sighed and observed the direction of the wind relative to the ship and sighed. “What ever is the case, we have to pass them if we want to continue.” He then explained as he stared at the ship in the distance. Lilly curiously asked then. “If they don't seem dangerous, can't we just go up to them and ask them why they are there?” A rather crude approach to this situation, the pilot thought, but it would be the most effective in not being shot at. Fabian took a deep breath then. “Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.” He answered calmly, putting the ship in a shallow dive. The engines put to half speed as he turned the ship's front towards the Promethean ship. “Get Edison out of bed, I really hope they won't engage us, but if they do I prefer to have everyone at the ready.” He ordered then. Lilly nodded and hurried over the deck to get the engineer out. Samantha folded the spyglass and put it back on the pilot's belt, somewhat disappointed. She climbed up the ladder again and sat down on the upper walk way, watching as the Pyramidion flew ever closer to the strangers.
Title: Re: Merchants, Pirates and the Flying Cantina.
Post by: RedRoach on June 12, 2014, 07:35:33 pm
The scavenger sat in his little crate, now ultimately bored, and began fiddling with the things in his pockets. Oh, the wonders of technology. Taking it apart, piece by piece out of his jacket, then building it, he now held in his hands a tiny radar that would say how big something is and how close, He pulled out a parchment in his sleeve written by himself (which took him hours of painstaking and near-death moments of testing) that showed how each ship would look like on the radar. He smiled at the dot in the center. "The Promethean..." he muttered to himself quietly. Another large dot appeared. "Size... 23, length 46.2, cruising speed 35, directio..."

He stopped himself. That wasn't the mobula everyone was talking about. That's a pyramidion headed for the Promethean. Or maybe the mobula was headed for the Promethean... Eh. Must be some high-n'-mighty adventure-seeking retard or something. He heard some small clamor about the new ship by crew around him. Wonder what he could mess with using some of that "radio breaking" things that were supposedly installed in that wrist-device. He tapped the deactivated thing a couple of times. Nothing. No beep, heck, no response. The screen stayed off.

"Well, I pray to god that didn't detonate anything."
Title: Re: Merchants, Pirates and the Flying Cantina.
Post by: Kaylin Spencer on June 30, 2014, 12:27:21 pm
Kaylin would take a few deep breathes as she rested in the beach chair. The captain would look over noticing an engineer gesturing and pointing to a ship in the distance moving forward. "Relax son that is probably just another person waiting for the merchant ship..."  "But sir what if it's pirates?" Kaylin would sigh as she mutters, "Pirates are the least of our problems..." She looks at her radio now going off. "Someone here turn the radio on or is it just possessed."

The captain shakes his head, "How long has that thing been broadcasting?" Kaylin tenses up as she snaps, "Don't go scolding me like some overprotective father....god why is it always the noble's fault...I am just as smart as you."  She picks the radio up walking near the merchandise and places it on the hood. She kneels down as she starts messing with it, "Captain the device won't turn is as if someone else turned it on!" The captain would sigh as he lowered the ship and landed it on the sands. "Well let's not waste anymore air and fix it then."  The engineer Thomas would come over picking the radio up as the captain and him began messing with it more. Kaylin would sigh as she sat down on the hood and crossed her legs blocking a hole without realizing it.

Kaylin would notice the ship away from them getting closer as she mutters, "If that is a potential customer and we got technology not working properly then we are so dead for our trades."
Title: Re: Merchants, Pirates and the Flying Cantina.
Post by: Samantha Vosh on July 01, 2014, 07:31:15 am
Fabian was surprised by the reaction. The promethean ship landing itself in the sand. That was a first to him. No one would just land on the ground without a good reason. Seeing the condition of the hull, the engines, balloon. That couldn't be it. If anything else, it made Samantha's predictions come true. They're not bandits or pirates. At best ambush boarders, but he held confidence in his gunner. She could deal with anything and had never let him down on that. “Okay, we're moving in. Is Edison up already?” Lilly just returned from the rear balcony and nodded at the pilot. “Yes, he's getting out now.” A moment later a somewhat big and muscled man walked up the main deck and yawned. The engineer was awake although not looking too happy about it. “What is it this time?” He asked as he walked up to the pilot. Fabian cracked a smile at him. “Good morning to you too. We've got an odd behaving ship over there.” He points at the ship not too far away anymore. “Just wanted you awake if they were hostile.” An initial glance at the unknown ship made Edison frown. “Wouldn't it be easier to let Sam handle that? It's not like they're going anywhere.” Fabian carefully maneuvered so the promethean ship would be on the port side as he answered Edison. "Just in case, just in case." "Fine." The engineer gave in. The pilot then turned the engines off and halting just a meter away. Turning to the people there and asked. “Well hello there. Having a fine day? Or has something happened and you could use my help?” Meanwhile, Samantha had walked over to the Scylla mortar the Pyramidion boasted on it's front left side. Looking at the strangers, eying them over and trying to discern any hostile intent.
Title: Re: Merchants, Pirates and the Flying Cantina.
Post by: Piemanlives on July 02, 2014, 06:20:42 am
Wreckage was everywhere as usual, which was lucky, it was possibly the only shelter for miles. Their ship was part of the wreckage now as they hid it from sight, hopefully whoever tried to down them earlier had scampered off elsewhere, hiding in this heap was no fun at all. Captain Roland "The Eagle" Wilson sat in what seemed to be this vessels equivalent of a bridge, he hadn't seen hide nor hair of that vessel since dawn break. However just when he thought he'd go grab food he heard engines in the distance. Pulling out his spyglass he peered out over the dunes, he spotted two things, one was a mobula, which for some reason was landed in the sand. The other was a pyramidion edging closer to it, he hadn't heard gunshots so he assumed the two vessels were traders, having spotted no other vessels for the past few hours and with none of these resembling that, it was probably safe to leave their hiding place.

"Excuse me Captain," behind him the head engineer popped up through a rusted hatch, "repairs are completed and we're ready to lift off on your orders."

"Very good Jensen, return to the ship and be ready to leave once we finish searching the wreckage, there must be something here."

"Aye Captain!"

The young man saluted him and returned through the hatch. He pulled out his spyglass again and took a look back out over the dunes, the two vessels were still there. Maybe we should pay them a visit he thought to himself as he collapsed the spy glass. He climbed through the hatch and navigated through the rusted interior, their ship was nestled in an open area in the ships hull. On his return he found the other 5 members of the crew were loading a few crates onto their ship, a proud Galleon modification, it was neither as big nor as heavily armed, however it had fantastic cargo space and even though it only carried two medium guns on the cargo deck, they had a wide range of fire, though they were not as protected from enemy fire, but they made do. The top deck was occupied with 4 light guns and a front facing medium howitzer that most people found bizarre. It was a smaller cousin to the famed "Village Killers" that were employed by most armed forces as a defensive emplacement. The rear of the vessel held a tower like the Galleon did, however instead of an engine it held the crew quarters.

"Ah, Roland, I was wondering when you'd get back."

Behind him his helmsman and good friend entered their hiding place, like all of them he was young, though not really built for labor he was probably the smartest one on board and the scariest of them all. Considering the fact he pilots a monstrosity like their ship, best not anger the man likely to hold you through a storm, he might just make it so the rain ever so slightly enters through your porthole.

"Alan, what do we have here?" The crates were being loaded into their cargo bay as they spoke, they looked heavy though the fact they weren't using any equipment mean't they must not have been that loaded.

"A lot of stuff really," He motioned to one of the idle crates waiting to be loaded. He popped the lid off, they both took a look inside, it was filled with other boxes, many of them faced with numbers and counts, ammunition, and by the looks of it a lot of it. "Now the one that Jensen just loaded was filled with articles of fabric, some very nice ones as well." He pointed to were he was standing, Jensen noticed them and waved.

"So, a profit than?" He took out a notebook and jotted down some notes for later.

"At least it'll cover repairs, we might get a bit extra, I've been itching to replace that flamethrower we have, thing terrifies me."

Roland looked at him, "Terrified? You? Heh, I've seen you fight pirates off with the wheel, and a flamer? Terrifying? Oh that's a good one!"

He had a good laugh, Alan simply rolled his eyes at him. Before they knew it everything was loaded up and secured, with the afternoon sun overhead it was probably time for them to ditch this place. They'd been hiding for far to long.

"So, where to next?" He and Alan were standing at the helm as they navigated out of the wreckage.

"Well, home obviously, but I saw a couple of ships land nearby, we should probably introduce ourselves."

"Wait and you didn't tell any of us what you saw?"

"They didn't appear to be the vessel that we encountered, skies above, I don't even know what that thing even was." He drank from a canteen and passed it to Alan.

Alan shrugged, "Best not think about, something of that size couldn't have gone unnoticed for long." He took it gratefully and had swig as they cleared the wreckage. Roland took out his spyglass and peered out, the vessels, surely enough, were still there.

"Alan, deviate course, I've spotted them."

He sighed, "Roland if this gets us killed you owe me a drink."

"And if we don't?"

"You still owe me a drink."

He thought it over, "Fair enough."


Sorry for the deviation in format, this what I'm comfortable using.
Title: Re: Merchants, Pirates and the Flying Cantina.
Post by: RedRoach on July 03, 2014, 10:28:12 pm
The teen sat in his little crate, playing around with some more dials of the things that came from the last wreckage on the sand floor. Basic stuff really. Pipes, valves, spyglasses without glasses, trinkets and such. Feeling a bit annoyed that the ship hadn't docked yet, he checked the radar-something thing on his wrist again.

"What the hell?"

The Promethean was still sitting in the center, but the readings on the side showed the ship was... lower? No, on the sand. That was stupid, ships like these aren't supposed to sail on the endless sand, only on the floating dust. In addition, the Pyramidion floated way too close to be up to anything good. Sometimes people do stupid things, but pull right next to a ship on the sand floor? He sighed. If there was going to be another damn boarding run he would gut som-

"Don't go scolding me like some overprotective father....god why is it always the noble's fault...I am just as smart as you."  

Suddenly, the one light on the crate vanished, leaving the box a hell of a lot darker than it used to be. Great. Now some "Noble" was siting on the crate. At least the small conversation told him the radio broke. Which means the wrist-thingy worked. But now, some CHICK was sitting on the crate and he couldn't see anything. Maybe there was something in his pockets that could...

*silently rummages through pockets* "No... noo... can't have that, no, no... I don't want anything exploding yet... have to pawn this off somewhere... no... nope... Ah yes!"

The cramped scavenger pulls out a strange, pipe looking thing that clearly says "Warning - Potential Fire Hazard" and a small piece of glass shaped like an open pouch. He sticks the pipe into the glass and begins twisting knobs on the pipe. There's small flashing as he works. A small, but quite audible sound begins to emerge.

*click.... click.... click....*