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Title: The Tale of a Disgruntled Engineer
Post by: WriterX on May 18, 2013, 09:07:31 am
Right, I am new to GoI-O, just about to get my 3rd Rank in Engineer (yes, now you all know why I came here) but among all the fun that I had with random crews I also had a few "less than fun" instances, and these I will describe here. Out of my Twelve games this has happened twice, so you might see where I am coming from.

The first time around I was on a Galleon, DM on Dunes. We had a small crew of randoms and to my staggering disbelief we began losing, harshly. At 3-1 (it was a 2vs2 game) our team mate surrendered and I promptly noticed that all of my crew left as well. So I took over the helm, a very disgruntled engineer taken away from his fun with the engine, and began, in essence, turning the tide of battle, bumping up our score to 3-3. Then a Pilot somehow spawned on the Galleon and I asked him to take the helm, to which he complied. That ended with the Galleon crushing and burning just a few moments later, and when our Ship respawned, and I tried to take control of the guns I suddenly noticed that our Galleon kept following enemy ships dead on. I wrote and spoke on the Crew Chat, trying to point out that the Galleon does not have any fore guns, but what I did not realise (and for some time) is that the Pilot disconnected and some invisible force was guiding our ship toward the enemy. I threw my hands in the air and took control of the Galleon again, eventually turning the 4-3 into a win for us. (Along the way one of the enemy ships also surrendered, but the one enemy ship still left had a full human crew while I had AI).

The second instance was far more sudden and unwelcome on my end. Another 2 vs 2, this time on Duel at Dawn. We were in a Goldfish, with an Allied Galleon, against an enemy Galleon and Spire. After maybe ten minutes of losing (though not heavily, I think it was a 2-0) we noticed that our team mate must had gone AFK, since his ship stood dead in the air, and barely did anything. Suddenly a message on our Crew chat: "Ally is AFK. BB." and our Captain, who was guiding the ship at full speed toward a wreck decides to disconnect, and the only other human crew member leaves a moment later. The ship without a pilot collides briefly with the wreck and I grab the Helm again, left with three AI Crew and an unresponsive ally. To make a long story short, we won, and once again due to a very, very angry Engineer.

These were the only two instances out of the 12 games I had, and most of the time the Crews I am with are very cooperative and welcoming. I thought I would mention this however because it happened twice in a row, and just today.

On one hand I am angry with the behavior of my ex-crews, because I am not a big fan of leaving at the start or mid-game because the odds seem to be stacked against us. Especially not in a manner that is on the level of rage quitting. On the other I am rather happy, because I found that using the AI Crew sometimes was more efficient than the human crews I had to work with, and with me behind the helm, even on a ship that I did not "Design", I learned a lot of new tactical tricks and useful weapon layouts that I am sure to use in the future. That is, if I were a Captain, not that I do not like taking control of a ship, but that is not meant to be the main job of the Engineer!

Hope you enjoyed this little tale. Perhaps what I wish to say is, you can still win, when outnumbered and left by your mates, as long as you know HOW, and believe in yourself.
Title: Re: The Tale of a Disgruntled Engineer
Post by: naufrago on May 18, 2013, 02:10:52 pm
This story actually highlighted something that's become something of a problem for me recently-  a lot of people (mostly people who only started playing recently) are just leaving the games early, and I'm pretty sure most of them aren't due to technical failures.

I actually think there should be some penalty for leaving a game early and not returning (sometimes I leave to change my loadout and jump back in). It could be as simple as being unable to join another match until the reconnect timer runs out. Consistently leaving early could increase the timer beyond how long the match will reserve your spot for you in case of a disconnect.
Title: Re: The Tale of a Disgruntled Engineer
Post by: Arnox on May 18, 2013, 02:49:41 pm
Class Leaderboard with match drop counting for the global ratio calcualtion should lower the matter. The quick join button destruction too. Just hope things will not get worst in the next weeks. It's always sad when you have a teammate ship leaving (even on the other team).
Title: Re: The Tale of a Disgruntled Engineer
Post by: RearAdmiralZill on May 18, 2013, 06:42:55 pm
It sounds like the common denominator here is the influx of new players. While unfortunate, it just seems like something that was bound to start happening due to people inpatient for wins, and the lack of drive to learn the game through losses.

The easiest fix for you is to get some friends and normal crew/captains. Eventually you will progress past the matches like that.