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Title: Does Muse lack skill to make an MMO?
Post by: Typhi on May 16, 2013, 11:26:14 am
Greetings awesome people!

Now this is a rather offensive title as you see, but I want to have a discussion going on and this is not an insult towards the developers in any form. (I love them actually!, they are very great.)

Anyways, let me say this, I have been playing this game for 6 weeks I think (Maybe longer) and the lag is sometimes really insane, even like days like today. (When the devs are saying servers in Europe are in top shape) Let me sum it up real quick,

- Hits are not recording correctly (Firing multiple shots, even more then a gun is allowed to fire, and hits simply not registrating)
- Suddenly time slows down and then goes ultra fast, which is pretty annoying (Ship warping?)

I think that is pretty much it, but I was just thinking, if this is already happening with a 2v2 setup (Yes I played 2v2 and there was lag, it's even worse at 4v4) how will they make an MMO out of this? Will they suddenly change all the netcode or something? If so, why don't they do it for Guns of Icarus Online without the MMO part already? (So for the base game we have now)

TLDR: I am concerned.

Anyways, I love the guys, I am just questioning myself how they could make an MMO if I see what the state of this game is at the moment.

Kind regards,


PS: I do play lag-free games aswell, so maybe it's not all about the dev team doing something wrong, maybe it's some servers are being old? I don't know exactly, I think on 2v2's it's a 50/50 case, seomtimes it lags sometimes it doesn't. On a 4v4 game it's a whole different story though, and I think the dev team could tell more about that, and what they might (if doable) do about it.
Title: Re: Does Muse lack skill to make an MMO?
Post by: Captain Smollett on May 16, 2013, 12:22:07 pm
Well, one of the major projects in constant development is the optimization of the game so it can be scaled up. All improvements made have gone into and will continue to go into skirmish mode.

That being said the way adventure mode has been described it doesn't seem to need much more than a current 4v4 requires and believe it or not I have played a lag free 4v4 before and I'm sure they'll get to the point where it's a regular occurrence as opposed to an anomaly.
Title: Re: Does Muse lack skill to make an MMO?
Post by: Dev Bubbles on May 16, 2013, 01:03:34 pm
Hi Leon! 
Ok, let me briefly address the concerns. 
1) EU servers are not in top shape, lol.  It's even in the News in game saying that it's not in top shape.  But!  We are deploying a load balancer patch today that will hopefully fix the last of this.  Going forward, we will be working on a re-architecture that will allow communications with DB more streamlined, so that will further help the EU case.  Hopefully, slow time will be a thing of the past, soon.  EU servers have been running better than last weekend, I will say that. 

2) We are not building an MMO.  If we do, we might as well just quit and go home right now, because we will not have the resources to build one.  What we are building in Adventure Mode will not be an MMO.  It will have everything that we mentioned in kickstarter, but it will not have the kind of campaign style quest lines or the kind of openworld that you'll find in MMOs. 

Thanks!  And by the way, like our new fb banner?  :D 
See you in game in a bit Leon!  Howard
Title: Re: Does Muse lack skill to make an MMO?
Post by: Typhi on May 16, 2013, 01:18:23 pm
Thanks for the heads up! :) Thought I was seriously reading that the EU servers were in top shape... hmmmm... should have been confused then xD I hope actually your MMO-ish adventure mode will be a bit of an open world.... or are you going to work with instances ala EVE Online/Star Citizen? (One big server which can hold then thousands if not millions of players, which is not realtime, and create thousands of mini realtime instances when people are coming together?) Anyways, I like to hear more about this, also you might want to read into this, since Robert Space Industries (Star Citizen) has a lot of experience and it's probably worth the read for you guys aswell. :)

Also if you will apply this form, it sounds like an MMO to me....

Let me get this real brief:

Galaxy/Icarus server = Not realtime, no physics etc etc or complex calculations
PVP/PVE Instance = Realtime, complex calculations, etc etc

All people are in the Galaxy/Icarus server, everytime a player meets someone in the Galaxy/Icarus server an instance PVP/PVE instance will be created. So you will actually have one big server with a lot of smaller instances on it. (This is just real brief, read more into the link I linked if you are interested in this method and if this is even the way you are going towards).

Also if you are doing something a whole lot different, please let me know, since I am kind of super confused at the moment :p (Seriously thought that you guys were making an MMO)

PS: The new banner is awesome!

PSS: I just finished playing the devgame (Which was awesome as usual!) and I you mentioned you guys did a lot for me, and why I am saying this now (Or something like that). Actually that is quite simple, I care about the product. Concering = caring, caring = loving. I want this product to be the best it can possibly be, and I know I can be very very very hard to pleasure sometimes, like the banner on Facebook etc etc, but I want to provide you guys with valuable feedback so you can do something with it. :) Don't worry, you guys are still awesome! ^^