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Character Bio List
« on: June 08, 2014, 06:24:46 pm »
Character Bios

This is where anyone can post their Character Bio.
Please use the rubric or one similar below
so that we can keep it organized
Happy Rping

Num.   rp Name    =  [Guild]  In game Name

001.   Kaylin Spencer  = [DAGZ] Kaylin Spencer

Character Sheet Template

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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2014, 07:13:44 pm »

Name: Kaylin Spencer
Age: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Occupation: Merchant / Transporter
Faction:   Fjord Baronies Noble House Heir

Personality: A kind and caring girl who tends to have a bit of a spitfire attitude. She often tends to become friends with most she comes across and is also known to buy a barrel of ale for her friends of the DAGZ Mercenary Pirate Crew that protects her on her travels to deliver material and goods across the skies.
Secrets: Heir to her house and is the twin sister to her corrupt traitorous brother. Her brother works as a privateer / Pirate on a goldfish for the Anglian Republic in the Northern Fjords.

Bio: Born and raised by a house of prestige and wealth known throughout the land. Kaylin wears a family locket and crest around her neck showing her family house. Her father and mother served under the ruling house as lords for a long time. They helped organize and run the kingdom's Merchant days on Wednesdays for the local villages outside along with aiding the king in the tax collecting.  This made her family a target for many who felt the kingdom was unjust along with making many approve of how they handle the politics of the kingdom.

Word soon got out when they gave birth to twins, Kaylin and Peter Spencer were well known and often causing commotion and issues for the kingdom's guards from running around and playing with the peasant children.

Soon when all started to work together during the industrial wars, Peter decided that he wanted more and wound up kicking the captain of the five person crew on a royal goldfish off the edge to his death. Peter and the smuggled in crew of the Anglian Republic robbed a local merchant vessel and escaped to the Northern Fjords.

Many heard of the young 17 year old's traitorous acts and it took Kaylin and her parents cutting deals and making pleas to show that this was not the actions of their family who has always been loyal to the king. Kaylin has now begun to hang with the DAGZ Mercenary pirate crew to be protected from her brother and other pirates trying to raid her family's trader goods.

When Kaylin turned 25, she soon began doing the trips on her own and taking over the transportation for her family. She has recently been hiring spies to keep tabs on her brother to attempt and avoid his paths along with any other conflicts which usually wind up finding her vessel.


Please note I did not realize after a certain amount of time you can not edit the posts. Therefore there shall be no updates on the sheets to link where your character is....please just copy the location of your rp character bio and place it somewhere you will not lose it.
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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2014, 09:52:00 pm »
(Apologizing in advance for not finding a smaller size)

Name: "RedRoach"
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Occupation: Freelance Scavanger
Faction: Suspected Runaway Anglean Republic Orphan

Personality: A friendly, comical but wary teen hailing from the middle of a desert, the young firecracker always has a prank or two (with potential negative or positive effects every time) in his pockets that many assume must have damn near everything. More often than not, he can be found over-exaggerating his exploits or actions, both physically and verbally, regardless of witnesses, evidence, or time of said action. Has been know to swear. A lot.
Secrets: Has several bounties on his head, forcing name change several times. Willingly has humiliated himself and looked like a complete idiot for the "lulz". Also carries a high-powered semi-auto pistol in those never-ending pockets. Can't fly a ship for his life.

Bio: Most of the time, if you're flying around a ship, you want to make sure everything you've got is in tip-top shape, like your engines, your crew, and your cargo. But this young idiot would do anything, backflip, hang off ship rails, sabotage, for attention. This young kid, at quite the measly age, hid himself on a trade ship heading for a small desert town. After arrival, he managed to sneak out. The ship sailed back for the Republic none the wiser, and fell prey to pirates, without the kid's knowledge. As time passed, the child began seeking out attention again in any way he could. However, not many a passerby was happy with his antics.

After a while, someone got real mad at the teen after too many "re-painted" walls, and put up a bounty clearly stating for the vandal to be brought to jail. The teen then had to stow away on another ship, bringing "Freeloader" to his list of occupations. He traveled from city to city, ruin to ruin, pirate battle to pirate battle on ships he hid on for several years. Then one day, after a particularly nasty run-in with a no-exceptions crew after "accidentally" blowing up a gun, he was stranded in a certain small village. Accumulating the standard notoriety and bounty again for theft and on this occasion, a major injury (Totally self-defense, would have been clubbed otherwise), he hid himself on a small ship flying away that day.

During that trip, a Pirate ship decided it would be fun to shoot the lonely travelling vessel, and the crew went into a crisis trying to keep the ship together. As panic ensued, the teenager picked up a hammer in a rapid pace and began to whack randomly at engines, almost instantly repairing them somehow like if it were out of a steampunk videogame, out of fear that death would be worse than a crew staring him down. Soon, with the engines being repaired by the teen, the pirate ship burned on the ground. Everyone on the crew stared at this random person who had suddenly appeared to them like some midget angel from the skies, until they realized this was the same teen who blew up their equipment about a week ago. They decided to pardon him for the moment, and kicked him off at a much more successful city known as Fallow.

As the teen wandered around the makeshift factories in the ruins, he came across three things that changed his life. A pistol that was absurdly powerful that looked an awful lot like it was manufactured before everything became dust, a blueprint in the dust for what seemed a new type of ammunition, and a community willing to allow scavengers who act like complete retards for the entertainment of others into their society. He finally had something to do that didn't annoy the heck out of people, places to go where he didn't annoy the heck out of people, and hey, if he did annoy the heck out of some people, at least now he had some friends to be at his side.

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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #3 on: November 19, 2014, 08:41:43 pm »
Name: Jester Schulz
Age: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mercenary/Outlaw
Faction: Protege to Armored Jack, Fjord Baronies scouting Commander turned outlaw/mercenary. Aligned to the highest bidder except for the Baronies. He refuses to work for them.

Personality:Bold and daring. Willing to do whatever it takes to win a battle. This includes sabotage and assassinations. Also know to not fight fair. Like using his ivory handled revolver during a sword fight. Like to get his hands dirty and will dive head first into battle. Not compassionate at all and is willing to destroy anyone and anything that gets in his way. Loves to take prizes from worthy adventures and enemies. Loves bloodshed and lives to fight. Grins menacingly while performing the final blow to an enemy, thus giving him the appropriate nickname, the Grinning Jester of Crimson.
Secrets: Came from a poor, unnamed village in the rocky hills. Showed little sadness when his mother was killed by Armored Jack. Knows little to nothing about who his father was and if he had any siblings. (Unknown to him is that he has a sister who is a high ranking office in the Fjord Baronies and his father is a noble from the Baronies. Thus, he is the bastard son of a noble)

Bio: His village was burned to the ground by Armored Jack. His mother pleaded that he be spared. Jack accepted and then put a bullet in her head. Jester was taken aboard the Hyena. For a few years he was taught the was of being a pilot. He learned old secret maneuvers only know to the old captains of the Baronies. Upon turning 15, Jack gave him a sword and sparred with him on the spot. Much to Jack dismay, he was bested by Jester on the first go. This is the same thing that happened when he was given an old revolver. He bested everyone on the ship in combat. Soon after Jester had his first taste of battle. Jack gave the reigns to Jester and Jester disabled the ships engine. This allowed for the harpoon to be shot and boarding to commence. Jest bested the captain and drove his sword into he. He claimed his hat as his prize. This was his first taste of blood and battle and won't be his last.

Throughout the years he learned more and more. He eventually became the captain of the Hyena (The reasoning behind this is to be explained at a later date). He captained his ship much like Jack would but focused a little more on firepower than Jack did. Jester at first took prisoners but one escaped and helped lead to his capture by the Baronies. This would be the last time he would take prisoners. His crew sprung him from jail in one of the most fantastical display of a shock and awe jailbreak ever witnessed. From then on Jester had a grudge with the Baronies and sought to destroy everything they stood for. He pirated most ships but focused heavily on ships from the Baronies. This would create a heavy feud between them and the Baronies would offer a reward for Jester's head.

When he turned 22 he took a break from pirating to adventure the word and seek different odds and ends. This would be how he would find most of the pieces to his unique outfit. He went from town to town looking for the man called the Tinkerer. He heard about the Tinkerer from Armored Jack. The Tinkerer gave Jack his mechanical arm. Jester sought items of power that would help him take down the Baronies. He would partake on an adventure that would last 3 years. He would find items that date back before the great war and even blueprints that show how to make unique equipment and weapons. After a year of building and crafting, Jester would return to the Hyena, with items in hand, and continue to rain lead on merchant ships and Baronies ships.

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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #4 on: November 30, 2014, 12:16:34 am »
Name: Kouhei Sakurai (suspected to be an alias)
Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Freelance scavenger
Faction: Fallow

Personality: Little is known about this reserved young man. He speaks little about himself, preferring to observe from the sidelines and act only when he has gleaned enough information (though he has proven to be pretty good at improvising). Generally disinterested in direct conflict, he prefers to sidestep such situations and negotiate his way out of things. Nonetheless he knows when he needs to make a stand, and often waits for the perfect opportunity for a decisive strike and put a swift end to a fight. A skilled marksman, he usually relies on a revolver, though he has on multiple instances demonstrated the effectiveness of a simple wrench in a fight. On board a ship, he usually serves as an engineer, tending to the machinery and keeping the ship airworthy.

Bio: Born and raised in Fallow, it comes as no surprise that Kouhei has an aptitude for working with machines and airships. It is rumoured that his mother was a navigator from a distant land, and he had inherited her wanderlust. Indeed, when he was old enough he left Fallow to travel the world on board a scavenger's ship; the captain was looking for a deckhand and he signed up for it without hesitation. Presently, he still crews for other captains, though he spends a considerable amount of time in Kian as well.

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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #5 on: May 04, 2015, 03:22:18 am »

*Only remaining portrait of him.*

Name: "Jack O'Connell"
Age: 27.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Occupation: Pilot.
Faction: None.

Personality: Lawful Neutral, with a tendency to true neutrality. He is a sensible, level-headed man, whose adaptability based off of his ability to wait and observe situations before acting, has proven to be the key to his survival. He is charismatic, from what is known, and often capable of being considered an idealist. He is not, however, a man who dwells in fantasy.

Secrets: Known only to him and those deemed trustworthy.

Bio: Unknown.

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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #6 on: May 13, 2015, 02:57:50 am »
Name: Cykas Ineron
Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Pilot/Clergyman
Faction: Ally of the "leader" of a small guild near the territory of the Anglean Republic known as The Iron Hand, and is a member of the guild's clergy, named a paladin by the leader of the guild.

Lightly tanned skin, high cheekbones and a strong jaw rest on a face with piercing green eyes and proud features with the slight creases of laugh lines. His long dark hair is usually kept tied back in a tail, and a carefully trimmed goatee outlines his mouth and chin. He's about six feet tall, and of a medium build. He is almost always wearing the dark grey coat of his guild and a small iron medallion embossed with an emblem of an open hand. Strapped to his legs are two military issue bayonets, found in ruins and reforged for use in his work of guarding excavators of the iron Hand

Personality: On the alignment scale, Cykas would most likely fall somewhere between neutral and chaotic good. He follows the (somewhat odd) beliefs of his guild with the fervor of a zealot, but knows that not everyone can, or even wants, to be converted. he leaves the evangelical preaching to others, but is more than willing to speak of his religion if asked. He is an affable man, ready to share a tale or a drink with others at a moments notice, as long as the guild does not require him for an excavation. For one of a religious sort, he has a remarkably even temper, and will respond to most taunting and prodding with a smile and a quiet chuckle, though prods at his religion might make him sober up a bit.

He will always try to help those who need him as long as he is able to do so, but is careful to avoid helping those whose ends might be outside of his own moral compass.

The Iron Hand: Led by an eccentric individual calling himself "The Old Iron Prince", the guild is obsessed with re-purposing the scrap of the old world into forms useable by all, by working the metal into new shapes; weapons, art, homes, anything that can serve a purpose. The guild itself pursues this work with a religious fervor, spurred on by the belief that the soul of the old world can be put to rest if its relics are found and used to create again. They generally do good work for people, though some of the members definitely have a more militaristic view when it comes to repurposing old world relics.

Bio: Cykas was raised by a family in the territory of the Anglean Republic. he had a rather normal childhood but when his town was visited by the first fledgeling priests of what would become the Iron Hand, he was entranced with the idea of the old souls and followed them, learning from them and rising up through the heirarchy both in the clergy and in the guild itself. Now named a Paladin of the Iron hand, he is often among the other clergymen as they do their work, keeping watch to ensure that they do not come to harm. he has even been called to act as a bodyguard to the guild's leader on a few occasions, not that the guild is well-known enough to be considered a threat by anyone. He was last seen on a scouting mission, taking his ship and a small crew out to check ruins that had high potential for the discovery of old relics.

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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #7 on: June 10, 2015, 02:32:00 am »
Name: Isaac Spades

Age: 20

Race: human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Detective/Captain.

Faction: Fjord Baronies Royal Law Force.

always wears a mask (avas demon)and never shows his face. has dark black trim proper hair.he wears a black and white war room suit with a symbol of a raven on it. he also wears a brown captains hat with a metal Fjord Baronies Law Enforcement Detective Raven symbol.
he has a swept rapier on him along with a sleep dart gun on his belt.

Personality:Proper and kind. doesnt get stressed out and usually cracks a joke during times of distress. always willing to help. he can sometimes be neutral. he has a strong sense of justice and a unbeliveable hatred for murderers.

bio: Isaac Spades was born in the territory of the fjord baronies. he was born into a blood line filled with captains.his father was a very prestigious captain and won many battles. he made a group called "The Death Cards". however one day while his father was out on patrol for the kingdom a group of pirates ambushed his father and killed him. a survey group was dispatched to find Isaacs father....but all they brought back was his mask. isaac swore that he would find the pirates who killed his father and would wear the same mask one day...when he became older he decided to join the Royal Law Enforcements. he grew in the ranks with his skills of being a slueth gaining him reputation. he one day got a lead on his desk about a smuggling route carrying illegal contraband. he lead a dispatch of airships and found the smugglers...they were the same pirate band who killed his father. he took down the ships one by one and got to the final ship where he found the pirate captain. he drawed his rapier and killed the pirate king but before he could get off a keg of black powder blew up next to his face. after the battle he wore the mask of his father to hide his scars...but the only scars he had was a single nick across his cheek....

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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #8 on: June 10, 2015, 03:41:56 am »
Name: The Mann (Real Name Unknown)

Age: Unknown

Race: human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Commander and Captain.

Faction: Unknown - Possibly Fjord Baronies.

A man of great mystery. With a long white coat, A pink jumper adorning a white bird, jeans with all tools necessary to repair a crew-less ship. A white hat masking the mystery knowledge of a commander known to assault and annihilate all who oppose. Such knowledge needs to be protected with some pink dynamite. Legends surround the outer borders of the Fjords of lonesome travelers speaking of an unknown, fabulous captain effortlessly taking out galleons and spires in the skies.

Personality:Unusual. Kind, knowledgeable and caring with a passion to help all who wish to claim the skies. Other times, mad as a puppy singing unknown tunes and drinking moonshine as the ships in front turn to ashes.

bio: During a routine assault on the borders of the Fjords, the Baronies lied out numbered until a strange vessel rose from the clouds below. It was big, wide and appears almost useless in battle with barely any noticeable weapons until, the first shots were fired, Yeshan Galleons became disabled, with no weapons, the Baronies became more defensive and destroyed all galleons. The Unknown vessel was red, and equipped with long range Artemis and Mercuries. Without such power the Baronies would have lost a key location, the Northern Fjords. The Ships gathered, upon the request of a name from the Baronies, The only reply was, The Mann. After this, a drogue vent opened and the vessel fell into the clouds and was not seen thereof. The Mann, is a captain of great mystery. Some say, he is the guardian who watches from the Great Lighthouse of the Fjords. Others say, he is a mercenary looking for treasures among the great relics of past futures. All we know is, the name.
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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #9 on: June 10, 2015, 02:07:06 pm »
Name: Alister Carn aka Carn

Age: Suspected to be in his early 20s though no definitive proof can be gained

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: Mercenary/Bounty Hunter

Faction: Originally of Anglea, though now roams. However he still retains his loyalty to the Republic, and will not raise arms against it.

Appearance: Big. Bigger then most airmen. Standing a few inches over six feet tall, and weighing almost 250 lbs stark naked. Often wears his thigh length black flak jacket, though does not always pull up his hood. In combat he wears his armadillo helmet, and the rare sand devil mask, providing ample protection to his cranium. The thing that stand out most about the way he fights, is that while he is right handed and is a demon with his sabre, he always shoots left handed, whether it be his pistol or rifle. He is also an accomplished demolitions expert, and is known for sinister grenades with unusual and dangerous effects.

Personality: Intelligent, and antisocial, at least that's what newcomers perceive. He can actually be quite amiable to his friends, and downright protective of them. Not many people have seen this side though, so most believe him to be a gruff and surly mercenary. But beware, beneath these layers lie and burning rage, ready to be brought out in combat.

Bio: When he was sixteen he enlisted into the Anglean military. During basic training, he showed great promise, and so was recruited into the Marauders. The elite special forces of the Republic. Over the next few years, he demonstrated great skill and courage. In particular, during the battle of The Chill Sea, when Yesha tried to invade Anglea. During that battle, Carn leaped from the squid he was on, as the rest of the crew had been killed, and it was in no shape to fly. Landing onto the deck of a Yesahn galleon, he quickly dispatched of its crew, then proceeded to ram into every Yeshan vessel he could, until the battle was over. A few years latter, he got on the bad side of a senator, and left due to his increasing hatred of bureaucracy.   

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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #10 on: June 12, 2015, 06:03:43 pm »

(Apologies, this is the only picture of me that I have. Credit goes to the talented Miss Nicce.)

Name: Koali

Age: Unknown

Race: Kirby

Gender: Male

Occupation: Varies

Faction: None

Personality: Chaotic

Secrets: If I posted them here, they wouldn't be secrets anymore, would they?

Bio: This little fella has a ridiculous amount of power, but can't always use it. Nobody knows where he came from. He's also not a fan of long speeches, and would rather have people get to know him as the story progresses instead of knowing everything from the start. On the other hand, he's happy to mention his personal armory (as in, he has a friggin' Hwacha in his mouth) and his invulnerability.
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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #11 on: June 17, 2015, 05:58:22 pm »
Name:  Sectoidor

Age:  Unknkown

Race:  Martian

Gender:  Both

Occupation:  Prober

Faction:  Mars

Personality:  Amorous

Secrets:  I do not come in peace

Bio:  Long has Sectoidor waited for epic battles in the Earthlings' skies.  Long has he/she abducted and probed.  Not anymore.  Sectoidor shall fly, plunder, and probe some more.  I, come, in, peace.

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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #12 on: June 17, 2015, 05:59:46 pm »
Aaaaaaannnnnnd that won't get into any and all canonical thread.

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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #13 on: June 18, 2015, 02:38:36 am »
Seriously, is it just a natural thing to start a landslide whenever I show up as a Kirby?

With clever writing, my presence can be explained, but a Martian?

I swear, eccentricity is hard to pull off.

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Re: Character Bio List
« Reply #14 on: June 18, 2015, 02:39:35 am »
Aaaaaaannnnnnd that won't get into any and all canonical thread.

Already did...  :P