Author Topic: PvP with battles (masive battles) With the help of Npcs  (Read 1580 times)

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PvP with battles (masive battles) With the help of Npcs
« on: May 21, 2013, 06:01:34 am »
I'm pretty sure what I am going to say is something pretty imposible but... imagine some epic battles.

When I saw this pic

I was like "WoW I would love to defend that base against raiders/enemy factions" but seriously, think about it in the adventure mode. (This would be imposible in an open world so these should be some kind of "matches")

Imagine a something like 12 vs 12 where the attackers team gets 2 big ships (something bigger and stronger than the galeon, with 6 crew on it) and the defending team get a regular ship with his regular crew and 8 guys on the "Fort" and the sky full of small (or not that small) npc fighters for each team (more air suport for the invaders of course.

This sounds very imposible, yeah I mean... we can't even have a 4vs4 ship battle without everyone lagging like hell but... seriusly

Imagine yourself on a ship, with a broadside of 4 manticores, all shooting at the same time to a Fort full of weapons.

And now imagine yourself in a big defending gun... some kind of weapon REALLY big destroying enemy ships one by one.

The match can be something like the first one to destroy X ships, or something like the invades have to destroy the core of the fort in X time or before they run out of units.

Yeah looks like a dream... but I'm a dreamer. But well it May be posible somehow there are epic battles like these on Guild Wars and WoW
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