City of Nalm

An oasis city in the middle of the desert. Once nomads of the Dunes, the present inhabitants of Nalm conquered the city generations ago. They maintain tribal relations with other nomad bands who still wander the Western desert, trading water for food and other goods. These alliances also mean that the relatively small population of Nalm can summon a large war party at short notice.

Nalm has grown as wanderers and refugees from the east gravitated to this green spot in the desert. In fact, it grew too quickly, beyond the ability of the oasis to sustain it. There are now two Nalms: a fortified enclosure where the Nalmese elites live in relative comfort and under heavy guard, and a squalid camp outside the walls where the less fortunate struggle to survive on the water from a single, unreliable, polluted well. Sometimes the walls crack open and a few of the resident underclass are allowed in as laborers, in exchange for a day’s clean drinking water.

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