Town of Fallow

The old town of Faull is long gone, its people having succumbed to some combination of disease, famine, or warfare before Gabriel arrived there generations ago. The industrial site that stands today rose in its place when Sylka weaponsmiths, tiring of the endless war and scarce food, fled south and discovered the ruin, which by some confusion of its old name and the wild, untended fields that surrounded it, they called “Fallow.” There they set up a new trade in its abandoned factories manufacturing machine parts and ammunition, which they continue to sell to Sylka.

Fallow is far from the front lines and peaceful enough, and with even their limited agricultural knowledge the Sylkan émigrés are able to eke out a living from the sandy soil. That combined with the food they receive in trade for manufactured goods is enough to keep Fallow going. More recently, Fallow has become a popular destination for airships in need of upgrades and repairs, and Fallowan engineers are much in demand for their skills.

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