Surprising that Burren, an undistinguished expanse of parched rock and sand comprising the Dunes to the east, the Steppes to the west, and the Crown Mountains in between, should produce such an important figure as the legendary captain Gabriel of Paritus. Slow to join the Age of Air, it took the rest of Burren the better part of a century to recreate his accomplishment and launch its own airships in any significant numbers.

Lacking in natural resources and production facilities, the sparse, hardscrabble towns of Burren are isolated and largely autonomous, focused on their own survival and ignorant of the wider world. The fabled city of Tura, jewel of the Burren, fell to pirates long ago; now the oasis city of Nalm in the Dunes and fortified Anvala in the Crown Mountains mark the pinnacle of civil advancement in the region.

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