City of Anvala

The city of Anvala has long been the most prosperous of the Burren. The people of the mountain fortress are secure and well-fed, and jealous of their luxuries. Mistrusting of outsiders, they are slow to open their gates and quick to let loose their weapons. The view from inside is fabulous.

Since the time of Gabriel little has changed in Anvala, save that it has grown some, and it has become slightly more accustomed to the appearance of merchant airships in its skies. Since Tura fell, Anvala has become the last bastion of urban civilization in the Burren — and they’re not inclined to share. When the Turan refugees came to Anvala seeking asylum after their city fell, the gates remained closed.

Their wealth makes them an appealing target for pirates, and Anvala is a city almost constantly under siege. Great gunners come from Anvala, and Anvalan gunsmiths are the finest in the land.

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