Gears and Cogs

Bitter wind and snow make Kian an unlikely target for pirate raids. This small measure of protection draws some of the Burren’s greatest minds to the city. The technicians there are recovering and rebuilding the knowledge that was lost to us over the centuries. The town center is little more than an excavation site flanked by a series of laboratories. One of their engineers, Yorick, gave me his account of our shared technological history:

Hundreds of annums past, a group not unlike ourselves sought to master the world around them, discarding the preconceived notions of what was possible.  Many thought these philosophers had lost their minds, mixing fire with dangerous solutions and substances, building machines capable of precise calculation, even defying the heavens by ascending into the atmosphere to advance their knowledge of natural history.

Through these experiments they realized how to harness tremendous powers: fire, lightning, metals, and the gas. With mastery of these powers came great technological advances. Only some of their texts remain, many are lost, some are simply written in languages we don’t understand.

There are those who insist this knowledge brought the apocalypse, I say it was the human soul—is the world truly better off now, without the wonders of technology? Already the steam engine has enabled trade and clean water to flow throughout the Burren. I suppose we tinkerers will always be looked upon with fear.

Some of what we find in the dig sites is difficult to disassemble and replicate.  With our current understanding and technology, it’s clear we cannot work our metals to the level of precision achieved by our ancestors.  Many of the techniques have been lost, but we’ve taken the basic concepts and shapes of these advanced engines and created simpler ones.  Probably similar to the first that were ever created.


As recorded by Edgar Lusse

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