A Time of Kings

Anvala, November 16th – Landfall

Anvala is a great city, famous for its trade and its art.  While there I was able to attend a play about The First King.  This is a summary of my favorite scene in the play, the coronation:

A woman kneels, holding a crown.  In the play, she holds a simple copper prop but I imagine it to be gilded and studded with precious gems.  The man she kneels in front of gently asks her to rise.  She stands and places the golden crown atop his dark curls. The king places a large hand on the woman’s shoulder and stares into her eyes.

After a long moment the king extends his gaze to the hundreds gathered beyond, raising his hand against an orange setting sun.  Green hills roll into the distant horizon behind him.  The crowd cheers and they begin chanting for their new king as he leaves the stage.

The lights dim and when they rise again the king is back on stage, sitting on his throne in solitude.  He ponders some weighty issue with furrowed brow, then turns toward the audience and squares his shoulders.


As recorded by Edgar Lusse

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