Yesha Empire

The Yeshan way is the only way.

The Yeshan way is the only way.

The Yesha Empire was founded on the principles of ambition, discipline and sacrifice.  These virtues have proved themselves valuable as the Yeshans live in comfort in their bustling cities and rolling countrysides.  The citizens of the empire relish their leadership and perform their duties with the utmost respect and dignity.  To be Yeshan is to be proud of who you are, no matter where you are in society.

The Empire is so proud of their progress that they are eager to invite others to join their cause—to change the world by spreading the Yeshan way.  What more could one possibly want other than a roof over a family’s heads and food on the table to feed them?  A soldier performs his duties until all enemies are vanquished.  A farmer seeds the ground and harvests its yield until the land can produce no more.  A courtesan heeds the calls of the masters until there are no more desires to be sated.  Where there is a role in society, there is a citizen.

The Empire stands tall against the setting sun, casting a long shadow on its neighbors, and offers roles to be filled.

There is only one way of life.

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