Mercantile Guild

The always lies in what is just out of reach.

The answer always lies in what is just out of reach.

The Great War caused an upheaval of climate change where the world entered a period of disorder.  Not only were nations stripped to ruins but the environment was also brought to its knees.  As living standards dropped, disease became common and struck hardest in the pocket of land now called The Vastness, current home of the Mercantile Guild.

A merchant of the guild is always a composed individual, adorned in the richest but simple cuts of fabric with only some jewelry—like a single shining star in an otherwise black night.  A guild merchant moves carefully, speaks meticulously, and is never boisterous like their local town market counterparts.  This is because a guild merchant never forgets how he came to be, how his ancestors afforded him this life of abundance.  The Blight struck The Vastness the hardest and many thousands died.  The early merchants realized they needed to look towards the outside world for help, a cure that constantly slips between their fingers and is carried by the winds.  The same wind that carries the dust that is thought to have brought The Blight to their people.

The Guild has much to offer, but is never satisfied.  There is always more to gain and there is always someone who has it.

Nothing will slip from grasp.


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