Fjord Baronies

A desperate time calls for desperate measures, including ways to protect and serve the populace.  Descended from the leadership of an army of the Great War, the lords and protectors of the Fjord Baronies face a daunting challenge.  They’ve successfully watched over their lands and people for many generations but the arrival of the Age of Air threatens their feudal way of life.  With dwindling resources in the Chattering Fjords, the king and his lords realize they must venture farther and claim lands for their growing population.

Though feudal, the Fjord Baronies stand for their people, including newcomers who pledge their fealty and do good work for their lords.  Due to strong leadership and unbent loyalties—a true bond between king, lords, and peasants—the Baronies have been prosperous for a number of years but that comfort is dwindling.  More and more families come to the outskirt hamlets of smaller lords to seek refuge from the ravaged lands and territorial conflict waged by surrounding factions.  With the seas to the east and the tundra to the north, there is little room to move but into disputed territories.

The commoners yearn for Baronies protection but the lords must push and expand to support their own.

Live with honor, die in duty.

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