Anglean Republic

Buried beneath the snow is an old world perfectly preserved.  The Angleans have made the structures of past civilizations their homes, reveling at mysterious murals and objects that scatter the landscape and float in a case of crystalline ice.  They have even managed to revive some of the found machines and reverse engineer crude automatons to do their work.  Realizing the power of the black smoke that their ancestral machines produce, the Republic hunts down relics from the past in an attempt to restore the world to its former glory.

The northern wastelands are a dearth of undiscovered technologies but the Angleans know that there is more to be found.  The harsh realities of living in the arctic drive them to be resourceful, but most importantly unforgiving and ferocious, when it comes to finding hospitable lands.  A show of their mighty airships and smoking contraptions is usually enough but the Republic isn’t just about show either.  The Angleans take what they seek.

A magnificent way of life is hidden away in the rusted technology.  To truly understand the machine is to unlock wealth and resources for everyone—to finally melt the ice.

Unlock the past, ensure the future.

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