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Co-op is finally here with mountains of content, meaningful factional warfare, and the greatest ship-to-ship combat available. Bring your friends, face the armada, conquer the world!


- Face the armada with your crew in the most extreme teamwork based game –

Grab your friends or make new ones as true multi-person vessels to take the sky. Fight and fly across the wasteland on your customized airship, blistering with powerful, as you and three others fly your way to victory. Fly solo or with up to 15 others to face down enemy hordes and giant bosses as you blast your way through blockades and fortifications before you’re overwhelmed or sneak past enemy lines to take them by surprise. .

- Co-Op Action like you’ve never seen before. –

No two matches are the same as you find yourself guessing the Icarus AI Director’s next move. Tension permeates every twist and turn, with each fight being different than the last and the AI constantly learning and countering your strategies.

- Your Ship, millions of customization combinations –

Design your vessel from with 13 ships, 24 guns, 26 tools and 15 special abilities. Electrify and disable your opponents with shocking tesla weapons, while they are stunned, crash the enemy ships together with a singularity fired from your captivation gun. Create your own perfect storm of death and mayhem through being able to fully customize your ship and player loadout as you experiment with unique and never-tried-before builds and crew combinations. Mix and match to find the style that’s perfect for you and your crew.

- Play the Objectives! –

Feel the pressure of sneaking past ships in infiltration mode or the exhilaration of surviving a horde wave in survival. Across 36,000 square meters of terrain, you and your crew will be pushed to your limit as you are forced to assault bases, chase convoys, and sometimes just plain endure. Each time you master a level of play the Icarus AI Director ramps up the tension giving you a new challenge.

- MMO-Risk faction warfare becomes the world’s living history –

Leave your mark on the world, permanently, with your actions in game. Every war season will have heroes and villains, your actions will dictate the way the world remembers you. Be a savage warlord attacking every territory you touch or the true paragon, protecting your faction from invaders. We write the story as our players play based on their battles, alliances, betrayals, and maybe even their public chat logs! Four mighty factions need your strength, and your loyalty will be rewarded with new and weapons, ships, costumes, and more.

Fallen from grace, the Fjord Baronies attempt to reclaim their heritage and fulfill a destiny as prophecy foretold. The Anglean Republic obsessively scours the land for long forgotten technologies to return the world to a fabled and former paradise. Taking advantage of the world’s desperate state, the Mercantile Guild buys and sells anything worth a price to the highest bidder. And as the earth continues to bleed, the Order of Chaladon emerges from their seclusion to stem the flow and repair what has been damaged, no matter what the cost. Choose your faction and shape the future of this world!


Guns of Icarus Alliance - Release Trailer YouTube

Guns of Icarus Alliance - Gameplay YouTube

Guns of Icarus Alliance Prologue  YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie Prize Berlin: Indie Prize Showcase" - 2017
  • "Magfest: Indie Game Showcase" - 2017
  • "Taipei Game Show: Indie Game Award Finalist" - 2017
  • "Intel Level Up: Best 3d Graphics" - 2016
  • "Tokyo Game Show: Indie Area Selection" - 2016
  • "Casual Connect Asia Best Multiplayer Game Finalist" - 2016
  • "Casual Connect Asia Most Promising Game in Development Finalist" - 2016
  • "Kickstarter Ghost Arcade" - 2016
  • "Intel GDC Showcase" - 2016
  • "DevGamm Showcase" - 2016
  • "MAGFest Indie Showcase Selection" - 2016
  • "PAX Prime Best Indie MMO" - 2015


  • "It's going to pull in a whole new batch of players who, like me, have been intrigued by Guns of Icarus but would prefer to focus more on teamwork than competition with real people."
    - Destructoid
  • "It's basically PvE Guns of Icarus and it's pretty dope...they introduced new ships, new guns, new looks for people...I've always said the best part about that game is being like hey gang, want to go blow shit up and be awesome sky pirates?"
    - Jesse Cox

Guns of Icarus Alliance Timeline

- May 2013: Expansion Kickstarter funded with $200K and 4600+ backers.

- Jul 2013: Development commenced (moving beyond concept).

- Aug 2014: Indie Megabooth, Pax Prime.

- Sep 2015: First prototype keys to Kickstarter backers.

- Jul 2016: Entering Alpha.

- Sep 2016: First Open Alpha Test.

- Dec 2016: First Open Beta Test.

- Mar 2017: Guns of Icarus Alliance Releases. .

Guns of Icarus Online Timeline
- Feb 2012: Successful Kickstarter campaign, with 1200+ backers and $35K funding.

- Oct 2012: PC/Mac release on Steam in the eye of Hurricane Sandy.

- Jun 2013: IndieCade selection at E3.

- Aug 2013: Indie Prize Best Desktop Game winner at Casual Connect.

- Sep 2013: Best 3D Visual Experience winner at Unity Awards.

- Nov 2014: First prototype PS4 build.

- Jan 2016: Reached 1M players

- Sep 2015: First prototype keys to Kickstarter backers .

Interesting Facts
- 5.8 Billion shots fired.

- 8.1 Million ships destroyed.

- 1.2 Million matches played.

- 125 thousand hours in production .

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