Hello there! Welcome to the Novice Deck where new players can get a ton of useful information. Check out our own tutorial videos to fan-made guides. Or even get trained in-game by one of our player teachers during a Training Day session!

Tutorial Videos

Need a quick run through of how to play as each of the three classes?  Look no further!  Our own game designer, Eric Chung (awkm), has put together videos of the basics.  Watch the videos and you'll be flying and crewing in no time!

Are you in the mood to create some glorious destruction? Partake in cacophonous battles? Blow airships right out of the sky? Then you've picked the right role! The Gunner is able to bring additional specialized Gunner Ammunition with them to augment the behavior of their guns from increasing projectile speed to reducing recoil. Are your reflexes sharp enough when your pilot brings your guns into line?

Engineering is not for the weak. What happens when the hull armor goes down? Death. What do people scream with your ship catches afire? If you're not paying attention then it'll be "EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE!" If you're smooth and optimized, conducting triage like an experienced field medic, then the engineer is perfect for you. Second-to-second decision making is critical in managing your ship's many components. Chaos is your form of peace.

Responsibility is a double edged sword. As a pilot you're able to bring your airship and team towards victory but one miscalculation can drag everyone crashing into the ground. Line up shots for your gunners, dictate the flow of combat! Don't forget to communicate with your captain and team captains in order to coordinate attacks and gain the positional advantage over your opponents. Sometimes, you will also have to hasten into retreat and learn to fight another day.

Training Days

Our players spend a lot of time in their game playing but also teaching other players! Our in-game teachers hold many classes a week to accomodate our international community.

Hop into the Steam group and check out what's going on!

Fan-Made Guides

      With an extremely dedicated community, our fans have of course written their own guides. Here are some of the best! General Piloting Engineering Gunnery Ship Specific Non-English Tutorials