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Maintaining ship components, making critical repairs, and putting out fires in the heat of battle, Engineers keep the ship flying when everything is falling apart.

While they may take a turn at the weapons, engineers should always remain vigilant and never allow themselves to be distracted from ensuring that the vessel remains functional and intact. The majority of an engineer’s time will be spent engaged in one of the following tasks:

Every Engineer Ought to Know…
Left Click: Use Tool
#1-3: Select Tool


With a repair tool equipped, hit a damaged component once to repair it. A cooldown period follows, during which no other repairs can take place. The amount of HP restored and length of the cooldown vary.


To rebuild a destroyed component, hit it repeatedly with a repair tool until the meter fills up to completion. Some repair tools will rebuild swiftly, while others will require greater exertion. Take note: unlike repairs, rebuilds can be accomplished in less time by multiple crew members working in concert!


Fires deal a constant amount of damage to ignited components depending on the number of fire “Charges” present. Fire-Fighting tools vary in effectiveness and may require repeated applications to completely extinguish an ignited component. Take note: guns with 8 stacks of fire are completely inoperable until extinguished, so keep those fires tamped down and don’t leave your Gunners in the lurch.


When circumstances permit you to turn your attention from imminent destruction and make preparations for the future, you can enhance shipboard components by repeated application of a buff tool. Once the buff meter has been filled to completion, the component thus buffed will gain a temporary boost to one of its attributes as follows

Gun Buff: Increased Damage Output
Engine Buff: Increased Thrust Output
Balloon Buff: Increased Lift
Hull Buff: Increased Armor Strength

Remember- Keep it together!

The ship will lose altitude as long as the balloon is down, eventually colliding with the ground to disastrous effect!

The hull armor indicates a ships armor which is repairable. In the bottom right corner is Ship Integrity , which once compromised cannot be repaired in flight. The integrity is exposed to permanent damage once the armor is stripped, so keep that armor up!

Engineer Stamina

By activating and holding down the stamina button (default key SHIFT) as an engineer you will be able to run faster and jump higher.

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