Manual pg.6

Gunnery Tools

Specialty Ammunition

Lochnager Shot
A highly volatile, experimental round that packs extreme power into a single, devastating shot, and also damages the weapon that fires it.

Incendiary Rounds
These rounds have greatly increased chance of igniting fires when they land.

Greased rounds
An extra-large clip of rapid-firing, lower-powered rounds.

Heavy Clip
Weighted clip dampens recoil when firing, increasing accuracy.

Burst Rounds
Engineered to shatter on impact, these rounds spread their damage over a wide area of the target.

Lesmok Rounds
With a higher projectile speed and lift, these rounds travel further and faster to increase effective range.

Heatsink Clip
Special coolant slots built into these clips can not only extinguish some fire, but also negate any future flames.

Charged Rounds
Some shrapnel here, solid fuel shaving there, and voila.

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