Manual pg.5



Gunners operate the various weaponry aboard an airship to neutralize threats, combining quick reflexes and sure aim with a thorough knowledge of all the tools of war.

While a Gunner may be called upon to help spot enemies or even aid in repairs, most every ship benefits from a dedicated gunner who moves from gun to gun, always engaging the enemy. A Gunner who can attend to the weapons and keep them in prime firing condition can also be a boon to the engineers, relieving them to concentrate on core systems.

Every Gunner ought to know…
E: Mount/dismount a weapon
Left Click: Fire
Right Click: Zoom
R: reload
#1: load default ammo (while on gun)
#2 through #4: Load specialty Ammo (while on gun)

Loading your weapon

While mounted on a gun, press R to reload a new clip of the current ammunition, or press a numerical key to select and begin loading a new ammunition type. The weapon will also automatically begin reloading the currently selected ammunition when the clip is exhausted.

The bullet icon in the bottom right of the screen indicates the progress of the reloading cycle. A reload of ordinary rounds may be initiated and left to complete unattended. When loading specialty ammunition, however, you must remain until the cycle is complete or the operation will not succeed.

Gunner Stamina

By activating and holding down the stamina button (default key SHIFT) while on a gun Gunners are able to reload faster, move the gun slightly out of arc, and move the gun quicker even if the weapon is damaged.


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