Manual pg.4

Crewmates and Comrades

A ship is only as good as its crew, and to achieve success in the skies it is essential to find crewmates that you can trust and work effectively with. To that end, there are a range of tools you may use to connect and coordinate with your fellow aeronauts.



Following a campaign of battle, you will be afforded the opportunity to issue commendations to your crewmates (and to fellow captains). This is your personal “mark of approval” to bestow upon those who proved themselves valuable and agreeable comrades, helpful mentors, or even worthy opponents. However, to avoid heaping praise on the unworthy, you are advised to withhold your accolades from scoundrels, layabouts, and other ill-mannered ruffians.

You may commend a person once and once only, so content yourself that they are worthy of the honor. As you receive commendations of your own, you will earn badges to display and show to one and all your record of distinguished conduct; by these signs you will also be able to recognize upstanding citizens who have garnered the approval of their fellows.



In addition to granting commendations, you may choose to add a worthy shipmate to your friends list, so as to more easily encounter and serve with them again in the future.

Click on a person’s name in a match list, chat, or social list to summon the context menu, from which you may select “add as friend,” among other actions.


Forming a crew

If you have a group of crewmates who all desire to ship out together, it is best to assemble in private before sallying forth to meet your opponents. To being, select “invite friends to crew.”

Invite crewmates by clicking on their names in your friends or party list and select “invite to match.” If you have a party already formed, you may also use “invite all” to bring along the entire group. Each person you invite will receive a notification and must accept your invitation by clicking on your name and selecting join match.

Once your crews are assembled select play to start searching the matchmaker.

Forming a party

Forming a party is similar to forming crews. To form a party, simply click on the names of each person you wish to add and select “invite to party.” As with crews, they must click on your name and select “join party” to join you.

Parties can communicate across any distance (H for text and Z for voice), and a party will remain together until each member leaves.


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