Manual pg.3

Captains and Crew

Captaining an airship is a special responsibility, not to be undertaken lightly. A captain chooses and outfits the vessel, directs overall strategy, engagement, and moment-to-moment tactics.  In addition to piloting skills a Captain should have a thorough grounding in both gunnery and engineering, as well as an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the various ship classes and combat strategies.

It is said that a vessel’s captain is a law unto himself; some certainly perfer to maintain strict discipline, while others are of a more open and democratic bent. Most are agreed that the very best crews are unified under the coordination and leadership of an active, engaged commander, while ships where silence discover reigns are the first to fall in battle. As a crew member you would do well to attend to any word from your captain and follow orders the best you are able. Do not be afraid to admit novice status and request guidance from your seniors – most times you will find it gladly given!

Should you captain your own ship one day, think back and remember your own crewing days and emulate the commanders you most admired and enjoyed serving with.  Communicate your intentions and orders clearly, have compassion for your crew, and share your knowledge where you can. Should you find yourself with a careless or ill-mannered sailor on your vessel, carry on as you must, and in the future seek out those crew members who have distinguished themselves by their bearing and conduct.

Every Captain outght to know…
F1: Set AI Condition Normal
F2: Set AI Condition Offense
F3: Set AI Condition Repair
M: View Map

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