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Welcome to the skies, Aeronaut!

Whether your chosen profession is Gunner, Engineer, or Pilot, within these pages you will find helpful and valuable instruction to aid in the performance of your duties aboard an airship. You will also find advice regarding the special roles and responsibilities of the airship Captain, who has command of the vessel and her crew.

Practical information is also provided on the various ship classes and their qualities; tools and handheld equipment used in the operation of an airfaring vessel; and the diverse forms of shipboard weaponry employed in aerial warfare.

If you desire to become a reliable and praiseworthy sailor who finds welcome on any crew, it is advised that you study these pages and glean what wisdom you can from them. The success of your vessel, your shipmates, and your voyage may depend on it!

Sealed Lips Sink Ships – Communicate for victory

Text Chat:
Voice Chat:
X-Crew (in Combat), Public (in Lobby)
C- Other Captains on Team (in Combat, only available to Captains), Team (in Lobby)
Z- Party

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