Manual pg.10

Pilot Tools

Spotting Tools

Spotting enemy vessels communicates their position to your entire team and aids greatly in tactical planning. A spotting tool is highly recommended for non-pilots, due to its utility away from the helm.

Right click to raise and lower the scope, use the mouse wheel to zoom, and left click to spot a target.

A portable telescope used to sight enemy ships at a distance and track them through cover.

Helm Tools

Phoenix Claw
Superstitious pilots swear by this lucky talisman that many claim make a ship more nimble, though the fancy moves take a tool on the engines.

This fuel additive increases thrust, but prolonged use damages engines.

Hydrogen Canister
Adding gas to the balloon increases lift, but also damages the balloon.

Drogue Chute
An emergency parachute that can be deployed to slow descent.

Often brewed aboard airships, this fuel additive radically boosts thrust output while simultaneously tearing engines to pieces. It’s even worse on your insides.

Tar Barrel
Dump tar and grease into the engines to produce a cloud of thick smog in your wake, blocking visibility and damaging any ship caught inside.

Chute Vent
Operate a valve to release gas from the ship’s balloon and rapidly shed altitude.

Impact Bumpers
Brace for impact! Padded bumpers protect the outer hull and absorb damage from collisions.

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