All the things will be shot!

The Gunner has one job and one job only: locate targets and blow ‘em out of the sky! Gunners combine quick reflexes and sure aim with a thorough knowledge of all the tools of war, from the humble Gatling gun to the larger guns like the deadly Manticore Heavy Hwacha.


Gunner’s Tools


Lochanagar Shot

An extremely deadly and experimental round of ammunition. A single powerful shot loaded with everything and anything that goes boom. Due to the nature of the clip and ammunition, it drastically reduces gun mobility.


Heavy Clip

The added weight of this special ammo clip helps to reduce recoil of any gun. The downside is that since these bullets are heavier, they don’t travel as quickly as their normal counterparts.


Lesmok Rounds

Special ammunition that is packed with unique Lesmok gunpowder that packs an extra punch making your shots travel much faster. Great for weapons that tend to have a significant amount of bullet drop or if you need an extra boost to accuracy.


Greased Rounds

These rounds and clip mechanism have been specially treated so that they exit the gun at a much higher rate than normal. If you need to unleash a barrage of bullets into your enemy before they squeak passed, this is your answer.


Heat Sink Clip

The worst thing that can happen is if your gun catches on fire, rendering your weapon unusable. Don’t worry, load in this special clip and your gun will be able to dissipate heat and protect itself from catching fire.


Incendiary Rounds

Want your bullets to pack an extra spicy kick? Well, don’t hesitate to load these bad boys in your gun and set all the things on fire.


Burst Rounds

Burst rounds pack a less powerful punch as direct damage, but spread destruction over a wider area with an explosive charge.


Charged Rounds

For those with a steady hand, why not use special rounds that deal extra damage? You’ll get fewer bullets and you won’t be able to shoot as fast but these babies sure do the trick if your aim is true..

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