Do you have what it takes to be a Captain?

Pilot, strategist, and commander, the Captain flies the ship, scopes out the battlefield, chooses engagements, and communicates priorities to keep the crew working as a cohesive unit. A good Captain has a keen eye, a quick mind, and a sure hand on the wheel.


Pilot’s Tools



With this handy tool the Captain can sight enemies at a distance, keep track of them through cloud cover, and mark targets for the crew to focus their fire on. Spotting indicators are visible for the whole team, and spotted enemies also appear on the map.

See Spotting.


Lucky Phoenix Claw

Shipgoing folk are a superstitious breed, and airship captains are no exception. With a wave of this lucky talisman, a Captain gains the confidence to pull off hotshot piloting maneuvers that temporarily improve a ship’s turn speed… or so they believe. These tricky moves can take their toll on the engines, however.



This fuel additive can be used to provide a short-term boost to engine output. That extra speed comes at a cost, causing engine damage over time.



This special formula is brewed aboard ship according to a secret recipe and kept around for emergencies. Turns out it also makes a pretty impressive engine fuel, although engineers tend not to be too happy with the havoc it wreaks with the engines.


Hydrogen Canister

This highly flammable lifting gas increases upward acceleration, but brings with it a greater risk of fire to the balloon.


Chute Vent

Activates vents to release gas from the balloon, increasing downward acceleration for rapid drops.


Tar Barrel

Dump this gunk into the engines and they begin to spew a thick cloud of black smog, useful for confusing pursuers and making a quick getaway. Sustained use clogs up and causes damage to engines.


Drogue Chute

An emergency parachute that can be deployed to counter momentum and rapidly slow forward motion.


Impact Bumpers

Deploys a protective barrier around the ship and reduces engine output to lessen the force of impact and reduce collision damage.

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